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Chapter 139: Fruit Salad Competition

Chapter 139: Fruit Salad Competition

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"I’m going to make the vitamin C king fruit salad. What fruit salad are you planning on making?" Yang Chen smiled faintly and asked.

His best dish at the French restaurant was the vitamin c king fruit salad. This salad was a popular dish among customers, contained high amounts of vitamin and nourished the skin.

"I’m also going to make a vitamin C king salad." Qingfeng nodded and prepared to make the salad.

If Qingfeng were to make any other fruit salad, the winner would be hard to determine since everyone’s taste is different. But if they made the same dish, it would be apparent which dish was more delicious.

"Haha, if I make the best vitamin C king salad, you’re going to lose for sure."

Yang Chen laughed when he heard that Qingfeng was going to make the same fruit salad as him. His face was filled with joy. It was as if he could already see his victory.

When Yang Chen worked at the French restaurant, the dish he learned was the vitamin c king salad. His salad was rated five stars and was very popular among customers.

"Who knows who is going to win. You can start first." Qingfeng held his hands behind his back and didn’t care much about Yang Chen’s confident manner.

No one could surpass Qingfeng in cooking. No matter for fruit salad or any other dish.

"Ok, I’ll make it first."

Yang Chen smiled confidently and asked the short-haired server to bring the required ingredients.

He was going to make the fruit salad in front of everyone to make Qingfeng admit his defeat.

The ingredients required to make a Vitamin C King fruit salad were honeydew, grapes, dragon fruit, orange, kiwis, and yogurt.

It looked easy to make but it was actually very difficult. One needed to cut the apples to carve the apples into different pictures, remove the seeds from the cherries and cut the lemon into equal pieces.

The most important thing in cooking was knife skills. Only with exquisite knife skills could one make beautiful dishes.

Yang Chen picked up a white fruit knife and first peeled the apple. Then he cut it from the top, bottom, left, right into four slices. There was a flower pattern carved onto each apple slice. The flower looked real and beautiful.

After carving the apple, he took out the cherry and used a toothpick to remove the seed from the cherry. Finally, he sliced the lemon into four pieces. He looked very skillful.

From Yang Chen’s skills, it was apparent that he was very good at making fruit salads.

There are two components in making a fruit salad. The first was the fruits, and the second was the salad dressing. The salad dressing was very important because it was an important seasoning.

The fruits required to make a fruit salad dressing were honeydew, grapes, dragon fruit, orange, kiwi, and yogurt.

Yang Chen smiled lightly. He took out his fruit knife to cut the honeydew in half. He removed the seeds then cut it into small pieces. Then, he chopped up the grapes and used a scooper to scoop the meat out of the dragon fruit.

In a moment, the salad dressing was ready. It was white in appearance and looked pretty good.

Yang Chen poured the salad dressing onto the salad and said, "My vitamin C King Salad is ready. Please sample it."

The bet between Qingfeng and Yang Chen was food and required testers to determine which fruit salad was better. The surrounding people naturally became the testers. Their judgment would also be most fair.

The surrounding people were all drawn in by the fruit salad. It looked delicious. They all picked up a piece and sampled it.

"Delicious. This fruit salad is delicious. The apple is fresh and fragrant. The drawing is also exquisite."

"Manager Chen is indeed a chef who has studied in France. This is so delicious. I love this cherry. The seed has already been removed."

"I like the salad dressing. The dressing is both sweet and sour. It’s so good."

Everyone who tasted Yang Chen’s fruit salad was full of praise.

Yang Chen was very happy to hear the praise of the surrounding people. He looked provocatively at Qingfeng. You are going to lose for sure.

As a taster, Xue Lin naturally sampled Yang Chen’s fruit salad as well. She needed to taste both fruit salads to determine which fruit salad tasted better.

Even though Xue Lin despised Yang Chen, but she had to admit that Yang Chen’s fruit salad tasted pretty good.

"Are you confident in winning?" A flash of worry appeared on Xue Lin’s face. She looked at Qingfeng with worry.

She had discovered that Yang Chen’s fruit salad was very good so she was worried that Qingfeng will lose.

"No worries. My fruit salad will definitely be more delicious than the one he made." Qingfeng patted Xue Lin on the shoulder and confidently said.

Qingfeng was the King of Delicacies. It was very easy for him to make a fruit salad.

"Boaster, if you can do it. Make one for me. You probably don’t even know how to make a fruit salad."

Yang Chen smiled coldly and was certain that Qingfeng was boasting.

A fruit salad seemed easy to make. But it was extremely difficult to make a good one. It was impossible to make a good fruit salad without a few years of practice.

"You’ve seen nothing. I’ll show you what a real Vitamin C King fruit salad looks like."

Qingfeng proudly smiled and took great strides towards the ingredients.

He moved his left finger and rotated it in his hand.

His knife skills greatly impressed the surrounding people.

Only a master chef who was highly skilled could rotate the fruit knife on their finger.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Qingfeng quickly sliced the apples. In an instant, the apple was sliced into 12 slices. Each apple slice had two flowers carved into it.

The apples slices he made was triple the amount that Yang Chen made. The flowers carved were also double that of Yang Chen. Without a doubt, Qingfeng had already beat Yang Chen in terms of knife skills.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Qingfeng’s magical knife skills. Their eyes were filled with shock.

It was extremely difficult to slice an apple into 12 slices and carve two flowers onto each tiny apple slice. Yang Chen would not be able to do it.

"Hmph, the most important in a fruit salad is the taste. So what if your knife skills are good?"

Yang Chen’s face darkened and he jealously said when he saw how impressed everyone were with Qingfeng’s knife skills.

"Well, I will make you admit defeat."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and placed four cherries on the table. He lightly patted it and the cherry seeds were removed from the cherries.

The cherries were still intact after he removed the seeds.

"Wow, such skills. It’s much more impressive than how Manager Chen removed the seeds with a toothpick." The surrounding people were once again surprised by Qingfeng’s magical skills.

After Qingfeng removed the cherry seeds, he sliced the lemons into 12 pieces, and removed the seeds from strawberries. He then poured the yogurt over it.

Lastly, Qingfeng squeezed the honeydew, grape, dragon fruit, orange, kiwi into juice. This type of fruit dressing looked the best and tasted the best.

His lightly poured the salad dressing over the fruits.

Qingfeng’s fruit salad had a fragrant and sweet scent.

"What a beautiful, fragrant and sweet fruit salad."

A flash of surprise appeared in their eyes when they saw the salad and smelt the fragrant scent. Xue Lin and the surrounding people were all enchanted by the beautiful fruit salad.

The highest level of delicacy was beautifully presented, fragrant and delicious. A dish with all three was the signature of a master chef.

Qingfeng’s fruit salad was already beautifully presented and fragrant. It was already much better than Yang Chen’s fruit salad. If it also tasted delicious, Qingfeng would be a master chef.

Xue Lin and the surrounding people were all excited to try this beautiful fruit salad.