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Chapter 140: You Lost. Time to Run Around Naked

Chapter 140: You Lost. Time to Run Around Naked

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"This is the fruit salad I made. Everyone should come have a taste." Qingfeng smiled lightly as he presented the fruit salad for everyone to sample.

The first to sample was Xue Lin. She was his wife and naturally, the first to taste the delicacy.

After tasting the cherry, Xue Lin was enchanted. She was stunned because the fruit salad was so delicious.

"My dear is the best. The fruit salad he makes is so good." Xue Lin thought. She was completely enchanted.

"The apple is even more delicious than the one Manager Chen made."

"Yes. This cherry is great too. It’s smooth and intact without a seed. It is so delicious."

"The salad dressing is fragrant and sweet. It is made from the juice of fruits. This is the best fruit salad I’ve ever tasted."

The surrounding people were all enchanted after tasting Qingfeng’s fruit salad. They were full of praise and captivated like Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s gorgeous face was filled with smiles. She gave a thumbs-up to Qingfeng. The fruit salad her husband made tasted so good. It was much more delicious than the one Yang Chen made.

The audience was the best taster and judge. Everyone thought that Qingfeng’s fruit salad tasted much better. The winner was Qingfeng without a doubt.

Yang Chen could not believe it and picked up a piece of fruit salad to taste.

After tasting the salad, Yang Chen was also stunned. The fruit salad Qingfeng made was so delicious. It was more delicious than his fruit salad and even more delicious than the one his teacher in France made.

"Lost…I lost." Yang Chen was dazed and depressed.

His was most proud of the fruit salad he made. He became the CEO of Tian Hua Mall because of the delicious fruit salad he made, and his relationship with Tian-Hua Chen.

But now, the fruit salad that he took most pride in was defeated by Qingfeng. This made him depressed.

"You lost, time to run naked," Qingfeng said with his hands behind his back.

The two had made a bet that whoever lost would run naked. Now that Yang Chen had lost, he naturally had to run naked.

"I refuse to admit defeat." Yang Chen said loudly as his expression changed.

He didn’t want to run around naked. If he did that, there would be no way he could continue to work at Tian Hua Mall, it would be too embarrassing.

Thus, even though Yang Chen knew that his fruit salad was not as delicious as Qingfeng, he still refused to admit defeat.

"You refuse to admit defeat but you already lost. The loser should admit defeat. Why do you refuse to admit defeat?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly with disdain.

He looked down upon people like Yang Chen. This fellow was so shameless. He refused to run naked even though he had lost.

"A fruit salad not only needs to be delicious, it also needs to be nutritious. I peeled the fruits but you didn’t. I didn’t lose." Yang Chen furrowed his brows and loudly protested.

"Idiot. You’re a chef but you don’t know the most nutritious part of the apple is its skin?" Qingfeng smiled coldly with disdain.

Most people removed the skin of the apple before eating it because they don’t know that the skin contains the highest nutrition content. It was extremely wasteful to peel the skin.

Furthermore, apple skin contains lots of pectins. Pectin cleanses the gut. It was also beneficial for weight loss and the skin.

"You lost, the loser should admit defeat. Go and run naked, don’t make us look down upon you even more."

Qingfeng said with his hands behind his back.

A loud voice was heard, "Sir, it is only a joke. Can you let it go for me?"

Then, a forty-year-old man slightly fat man who wore a suit appeared.

The man held his head high and walked in domineeringly. He was clearly the big boss.

"Why should I give you face? Who are you?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly and did not care for the middle-aged man.

He was determined to make Yang Chen run naked today. This was the punishment for pursuing his wife. No one could change his decision.

"Sir, you might not know who I am. Let me introduce myself, my name is Tianhua Chen. I am the boss of this mall."

The middle-aged man smiled with pride.

He was the boss of Tian-Hua mall with a net worth of a hundred million. Many people sucked up to him when they saw him.

"Sorry. This is a bet between Yang Chen and I. The loser must admit defeat. He must run naked today."

"You refuse to give me face?"

"Is your face worth a lot of money?

Qingfeng smiled lightly without a care.

Everyone sucked up to Tian-Hua Chen, and were even fearful of him. But Qingfeng was not scared of him.

"Young man, a rich man like me have connections underground. You can’t afford to anger someone like me. "

Tian-Hua Chen threatened and a flash of anger appeared in his eyes.

He arrived and started working in Eastern Sea City when he was a teen. After tens of years, he finally became a multi-millionaire. He not only depended on his intelligence but also his underground connections.

"You don’t deserve to compare wealth with me." Qingfeng smiled lightly with disdain.

He had 150 million yuan in his bank account right now. He could buy the entire mall.

If Tianhua Chen was not sensible, he would teach him a lesson too.

"Young man, from your clothes, I can tell you’re poor. You claim to be richer than me. You are boasting."

Tian-Hua Chen smiled coldly and looked with Qingfeng with contempt.

Qingfeng’s clothes were at most worth 20 yuan. How could someone like him be richer than him? What a joke.

"Why don’t we make a bet. If I have more money in my bank account than you, you’ll agree to let Yang Chen run naked. If my money is less than yours, I’ll give you face. Yang Chen doesn’t have to run naked."

Qingfeng made his bet and smiled lightly.

He didn’t want to bet but Tianhua Chen was too irritating so he wanted to use money to face-slap him.

"Okay, I’ll make a bet with you."

Tian-Hua Chen proudly smiled and asked the server to bring a laptop.

He entered his bank account information into the laptop and said to Qingfeng, "Look, I have 20 million yuan in my bank account."

Tian-Hua Chen’s net worth was 120 million yuan but he only had 20 million in his bank account. The remaining 100 million yuan were fixed assets in Tian-Hua Mall.

That was to say, if he sold Tian-Hua Mall, it would be worth 100 million yuan. But the mall was fixed capital and could not be used as cash.

"Is 20 million yuan a lot? It’s nothing." Qingfeng smiled faintly without a care.

He had 150 million yuan in his account from the sale of the Emperor Jade. Tian-Hua Chen was embarrassing himself by boasting in front of Qingfeng.