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Chapter 141: The Stunned Wife

Chapter 141: The Stunned Wife

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"Fellow, show me how much money is in your bank account if you dare to." Tianhua Chen said with disdain as he twitched his lips.

He thought the young man ahead was boasting. He had 20 million yuan in his bank account but the young man said that it was very little. Young people nowadays were so arrogant.

"If you want to see, I’ll show it to you." Qingfeng smiled lightly and entered his bank information into the laptop.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the money inside Qingfeng’s bank account.

The trailing digits of the bank account stung their eyes. Most people had never seen such a large amount of money in their lives.

Some people rubbed their eyes and thought they were dreaming or their eyes were blurry. But the number was real and glaring to the eyes.

"Wow, 150 million yuan." Tianhua Chen’s mouth was agape when he saw the amount of money in the bank account. He was stunned.

150 million yuan. This was a huge amount of money! It was enough to buy Tian Hua Mall!

He has worked hard for so many years and was already in his forties, but he was not as rich as a young man. This was a huge blow to him.

Tianhua Chen’s face became pale and cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Someone with 150 million yuan in their bank account must come from a super-rich family or have strong connections.

He knew that no matter which kind of person the young man was, he was not someone he could mess with.

"Dear, how do you have so much money?" Xue Lin’s pretty face was filled with shock. Her mouth was agape when she saw the money in Qingfeng’s bank account.

She was Qingfeng’s wife and had a good understanding of Qingfeng. The other day, Qingfeng had asked to borrow money from her to buy food. How did he get so much money in such a short time?

She could not figure it out and was filled with questions.

"You have no objections if I ask Yang Chen to run naked now, do you?" Qingfeng said while glancing at Tianhua Chen.

"Alright. Since Yang Chen has lost, he naturally had to run naked." Tianhua Chen nodded and backed down.

Tianhua Chen started off as a trash collector in the countryside and became the big boss of Tian Hua Mall. He was a smart man and knew that he could not mess with the young man ahead. He instinctively chose to back down.

Tianhua Chen was the big boss of Tian Hua Mall. Everyone was stunned that he would back down in front of Qingfeng.

There were stars in the eyes of some women. They wanted to pounce on Qingfeng. This was a real rich man. Yang Chen was nothing compared to Qingfeng.

A wolf who pretended to be a sheep. Yang Chen suddenly thought of this phrase and his face became pale. He knew that the young man ahead was no ordinary man.

"Yang Chen, the loser must admit defeat. Go and run naked." Qingfeng said as he glanced coldly at Yang Chen.

Bro, you are so rich. You just casually took out a bank card and there’s 150 million yuan in it. Why are you toying with me? Yang Chen’s face was pale and a flash of regret appeared in his eyes. He deeply regretted his actions.

"The fruit salad you made is delicious and there is so much money in your bank account. How are poor people like us going to live?" thought Yang Chen, depressed.

"It turns out that I am the real broke man." Yang Chen was so embarrassed. He initially wanted to boast in front of Qingfeng but he did not expect to be refuted by Qingfeng.

His entire net worth was a few million yuan. How could he compare to Qingfeng? It was too embarrassing.

There was no way he could deny the bet since it was made in public.

Yang Chen took off his clothes and amidst the mockings of everyone, started to run laps around the mall.

Everyone in the mall looked at Yang Chen with disdain.

Everyone who worked in the mall disliked Yang Chen. This fellow often flirted with the beauties of the mall, including the wives of many of the employees. But everyone was too scared to complain because he was the nephew of the big boss.

But today, Yang Chen was forced by Qingfeng to run naked. Many people were delighted.

"Let’s go."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and left the fruit salad store with Xue Lin. He left behind a bunch of people with looks of admiration on their faces.

Qingfeng knew that after today, Yang Chen’s reputation within the mall would be ruined. He would never be able to lift his head again. It was very likely that his uncle would fire him because the mall did not need someone who ran naked. It would affect the reputation of the mall.

Xue Lin drove the car and the two soon arrived at home.

Inside the living room.

Xue Lin sat on the sofa and her eyes darted around. She opened her mouth a few times and looked as if she had questions to ask.

"Wife, you can ask your questions if you want." Qingfeng smiled and said.

"Dear, how do you have 150 million yuan in your bank account?" Xue Lin was stunned and her eyes were filled with confusion.

The Ice Snow Corporation was at most worth 300 million yuan but Qingfeng had 150 million yuan in his bank account. That was half the value of the company. How could she not be shocked?

Furthermore, a large amount of the Ice Snow Company’s worth was fixed capital such as the office building, the raw jade materials, office tables. These things were worth 200 million yuan.

There was only 100 million Yuan of liquid assets in the company’s bank account.

Qingfeng had more liquid assets than even the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Wife, I got the money from finding an Emperor Jade at the gambling market. I sold it for 150 million Yuan." Qingfeng smiled and retold the events.

Xue Lin was his wife. He had nothing to hide.

"What, you found an emperor jade from gambling rock?" Xue Lin’s eyes widened with shock.

The Ice Snow Corporation worked in the jewelry business. As the CEO of the company, Xue Lin naturally knew the value of Emperor Jade. It was the king of all jades and rare even in the entire nation.

Xue Lin’s lashes fluttered. Her beautiful eyes looked at Qingfeng with splendor.

Emperor Jade, my dear found an Emperor Jade. My husband is so great. Xue Lin felt that she was about to faint from happiness.

Wait, no. Xue Lin suddenly realized that Qingfeng said that he had sold the Emperor Jade.

"Dear, who did you sell the Emperor Jade to?" Xue Lin’s face became anxious and she quickly asked who he sold the Emperor Jade to.

Emperor Jade was the best kind of jade. It was the favorite among jewelry companies and collectors. If Xue Lin’s company could obtain this piece of jade, the company’s reputation and strength would improve by a lot.

"I sold it to Ruyan Liu." Qingfeng smiled lightly without a care.

Even though the Emperor Jade was precious, but he did not care much about it. It was only a piece of jade.

"You..you..you make me so mad. That’s Emperor Jade, the king of all jades." Xue Lin lifted her finger and pointed at Qingfeng. Her entire body trembled with rage.

Because she was so angry, Xue Lin’s breasts trembled and bounced in an attractive manner. Qingfeng’s gaze became heated. He wanted to grope them.

Xue Lin’s face became flustered when she saw Qingfeng’s gaze. Her breasts itched at Qingfeng’s gaze.

"Don’t look. You gave the Emperor Jade to that vixen, Ruyan Liu. I’m so angry. Go and kneel on the washing board."

Xue Lin answered angrily while covering her chest with her hand. Her pretty face was filled with anger.