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Chapter 143: Beauty Lingxue Xu

Chapter 143: Beauty Lingxue Xu

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"Beauty, open the door." Qingfeng Li shouted at the villa.

He shouted a dozen times, but no response came from inside. As for the door, naturally, it was closed. There were no signs of it opening.

How old was this beauty? She's just like my cold wife. Qingfeng Li was speechless.

He shouted until his throat felt hoarse. But the white dress girl inside didn’t respond at all, which made him a bit depressed.

Qingfeng Li stretched out his foot, ready to kick the door open. He had been irritated by this white dress girl and was ready to break in.

"Huh, what are you doing here?" Suddenly, a startled voice came.

An old man in a Tang outfit was standing right behind Qingfeng Li and looked at him in astonishment.

This old man had gray hair and a slight hunchback. But his face was ruddy and well-maintained. He was none other than the president of the Antique Association.

"What are you doing out here, President Xu?" seeing Yunchang Xu behind him, Qingfeng Li’s eyes flashed a shade of surprise.

"Oh, I got up at six in the morning, went out for a walk and exercised my body." Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and explained.

He got old and had deficient blood circulation. Some body and viscera functions were also degenerating a bit so he would get up early every morning and exercise in nearby parks.

Strenuous sports like basketball and football were not suitable for elders as they got old.

Now a lot of elderly paid attention to health. Tai Chi, going for a walk in the mornings and public square dancing were very good for one's health.

"President Xu, I came to visit you today. This is an American ginseng I bought to supplement your body." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and handed over the American ginseng.

As the saying goes, people don’t complain about gifts. Yunchang Xu, as the head of Antique Association naturally had no lack of money, what he lacked was friendship. Good thoughts outweighed the gift.

"Thank you. Why didn’t you go in? There’re people in the villa." Yunchang Xu took over the ginseng, face full of confusion.

He knew that Qingfeng Li had come earlier from the footprints on the ground. But why didn’t the opposing party go inside?

"President Xu, I knocked on the door, but a white skirt beauty directly shut me out." Talking about the encounter just now, Qingfeng Li was a bit depressed.

He, the Wolf King, was shut out. If he wasn’t going to ask for something from Yunchang Xu, he would have broken in.

"I'm sorry, she didn't know you were the guest I invited. Come on in."

Yunchang Xu showed an apologetic smile, took out the key, inserted

it into the keyhole and opened the door, walking in directly.

Qingfeng Li followed behind and walked in. Just entering inside, he found that white dress beauty was watering flowers.

The white dress girl was very beautiful. She had an oval face like jade, smooth and soft skin. She showed a delicate and graceful aura. When she stooped, her breasts moved slightly and were extremely eye-catching.

She held a green watering can in her hand and was watering the daffodils in a pot.

"Who let you in?" Seeing Qingfeng Li coming in, the white dress girl slightly frowned. Her crystal eyes flashed a sign of shock and dissatisfaction.

"Why can’t I come in?" Qingfeng Li was a bit dissatisfied. What is that look? Dissatisfied with me? I didn’t provoke you.

To be sure, this was Yunchang Xu’s home, and I’m the guest invited by President Xu. Why don’t you let me in?

"Strangers are not welcome here, please leave. " The white dress girl smiled coldly, extremely dissatisfied with Qingfeng Li.

The reason for her dissatisfaction was very simple. It was because Qingfeng Li looked at her with a stunned look, which made her a bit uncomfortable.

"Lingxiu, why are you speaking like that. He’s the guest I invited."

Seeing the white dress beauty’s dissatisfaction towards Qingfeng Li, Yunchang Lee frowned a little, opening his mouth and said.

"Grandpa, is this guy really your guest?" The white dress beauty knitted her beautiful brows, and asked faintly.

"Yes, his name is Qingfeng Li, the sales member of Ice Snow Corporation." Yunchang Xu smiled gently and briefly introduced Qingfeng Li.

Grandpa. This white dress beauty called Yunchang Xu "grandpa". So she would be his granddaughter. Qingfeng Li was surprised.

After all the fuss, this white dress beauty was actually Yunchang Xu’s granddaughter. No wonder she would be in his house.

"President Xu, she’s your granddaughter?" Qingfeng Li pointed at the beauty, opened his mouth and asked.

Although he had guessed the answer, he still needed to ask for confirmation.

"Yes, her name is Lingxiu Xu, my granddaughter." Yunchang Xu nodded, a smile all over his face.

Qingfeng Li had seen lots of beauties. Xue Lin was cold yet elegant, Ruyan Liu was charming and attractive, and this Lingxiu Xu was delicate and ethereal.

However, Lingxiu Xu seemed to be not interested in Qingfeng Li and had some misunderstanding towards him.

"Go, come inside and have a look." Yunchang Xu smiled gently and invited Qingfeng Li to the living room.

The living room was very large, with more than 100 square meters. There were a large number of vases, porcelain, and antiques. A variety of calligraphy and painting, landscape paintings, and also character landscape painting hanging on the walls ...

Coming here was as if he was going to an antique exhibition.

As the president of the Antique Association, Yunchang Xu had an abundant collection of a variety of antiques, jades, calligraphy, and paintings by celebrities. It was dazzling for all sorts of people.

"Lingxiu, pour us a cup of tea." Yunchang Xu sat on the chair and said to Lingxiu Xu.

Hearing this, Lingxiu’s eyes blinked, then she turned around and left. To be honest, she didn’t like the guy in front of her and didn’t want to interact with him. But grandpa spoke, so she had to pour the tea for this annoying guy.

"Lingxiu is still young and is unsophisticated. I hope you don’t take offense." Yunchang Xu smiled gently and said to Qingfeng Li.

He naturally knew that his own granddaughter was famous for her coldness. She gave all others a cold look, excluding himself.

He was afraid that Qingfeng Li would misunderstand, so he explained.

"President Xu is being too polite. I think miss Lingxiu is great." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and praised. As for whether he was being sincere, no one knows.

Nevertheless, hearing Qingfeng Li’s praise his granddaughter, Yunchang Xu laughed, appearing to be very happy.

He really loved his granddaughter, so he felt extremely comfortable hearing Qingfeng Li’s praise.

"Right, thank you for the highest grade Emperor Jade yesterday."

Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and said thank you to Qingfeng Li.

He knew that the young man in front of him had hidden talents and was not a nobody. Qingfeng could identify the Emperor Jade when it was hidden in a stone club, and was sensible and intelligent, knowing to keep a bit for this old man.

"President Xu, you are being polite. You are the well-respected president of the Antique Association. It’s reasonable for me to pay my respects." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and flattered, making Yunchang Xu extremely satisfied.