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Chapter 144: Treating Frozen Shoulder

Chapter 144: Treating Frozen Shoulder

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"President Xu, I have something to ask for help for today." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said.

He promised Xue Lin to ask Yunchang Xu to be the jewelry designer for the Ice Snow Corporation. This was an important issue so, of course, he wouldn’t forget.

"What is the matter? Go ahead." Yunchang Xu stroked the beard on his chin and said, smiling.

He greatly appreciated the young man in front of him since Qingfeng was a genius with great luck.

"I would like to invite you to the Ice Snow Corporation to take on the position of jewelry designer. What do you think?" Qingfeng Li smiled gently and spoke out his thought.

"No. My grandpa won’t go to the Ice Snow Corporation." Before Yunchang Xu spoke, Lingxiu Xu said loudly, her red lips curling up.

She came in with the tea and heard Qingfeng Li’s invitation to her grandpa, directly rejecting it.

"Lady Lingxiu, I’m inviting your grandpa to be a jewelry designer, not for free. We’ll give him ten million annually." Qingfeng Li slightly frowned and was a bit confused about Lingxiu Xu’s huge reaction.

"Even if it’s 50 million or 100 million, my grandpa won’t go. Let alone 10 million."

Lingxiu Xu slightly curled up her pretty nose and rejected directly. A thorough rejection.

Her words had been very clear. It was not a matter of money, but that he would not want to go at all.

"Miss Lingxiu, could you tell me why you won’t let your grandpa go?" Qingfeng Li frowned a bit and asked.

He thought he had shown enough respect to Yunchang Xu. He didn’t understand why Lingxiu Xu would reject him with so little room for discussion.

"Not going is not going. There are not so many reasons."

Lingxiu Xu glared at Qingfeng Li in dissatisfaction and choked him with a sentence.

It seemed that Lingxiu Xu had a strong opinion of Qingfeng Li and spoke aggressively, which made Qingfeng Li very depressed.

"Qingfeng Li, Lingxiu spoke bluntly. Don’t take offense. She is acting for my good by not allowing me to go to Ice Snow Corporation."

Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and said to Qingfeng Li, afraid that he was dissatisfied.

"President Xu, I want to know why you don't want to go to the Ice Snow Corporation?"

"To tell you the truth, you gave me the Emperor Jade Pendant. Normally I should go, but I really can't. I can’t be a jewelry designer."

"President Xu, could you tell me why? I really want you to go to the company."

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were sincere and he invited Yunchang Xu whole-heartedly.

Inviting Yunchang Xu to the Ice Snow Corporation was the task Xue Lin gave. Qingfeng Li naturally wanted to finish it.

"In fact, I have a little problem with my body. My frozen shoulder is quite stubborn. I always feel pains in my arms and shoulders. Designing jewelry takes a lot of time. I can’t finish it."

Yunchang Xu didn’t want Qingfeng Li to misunderstand so he talked about his problem.

His frozen shoulder was an old problem of his. He had gone to quite a lot of hospitals for it. Though it may heal temporarily, it relapses after a while.

The chronic frozen shoulder was recurring and stubborn. It was very difficult to cure completely.

"President Xu, I can help you cure the frozen shoulder completely. Would you like to be the jewelry designer in our company?" Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said.

He had great medical techniques. Though frozen shoulder was a chronic and stubborn disease, through acupuncture treatment, he could cure it thoroughly.

"Can you really cure my chronic frozen shoulder?" Yunchang Xu’s beard curled up and he asked, his face full of doubts.

To be sure, his frozen shoulder was a chronic disease that lots of doctors and experts couldn’t cure. Can the guy in front of him do it? He was very doubtful in his heart.

"Bullshit, my grandpa’s disease is stubborn. Even the dean of the Chinese hospital couldn’t heal it. How can you cure it?"

Hearing Qingfeng Li could heal his grandpa’s disease, Lingxiu Xu’s red lips curled up. Her bright eyes were full of disbelief.

This was such a nonsense. Lingxiu Xu hated this guy even more.

Facing the two people’s suspicion, Qingfeng Li just smiled gently, knowing that he had to show some real skills.

"Frozen shoulder is the inflammation around the shoulder joint. The muscles around the shoulder, the tendons, the synovial sac and the joint capsule and other tissue lesions cause shoulder pain and the arms cannot be raised ..."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently and talked about the pathogenesis.

"Hmm, what you said is the same as the doctors. You really know how to treat diseases?"

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s explanation, Yunchang Xu’s eyes brightened up. Because he found that the opposing party said the same thing as doctors in hospitals about the etiology of frozen shoulder.

However, it doesn’t show anything. It only meant that Qingfeng Li really knows medical science, and was not saying nonsense.

"President Xu, I’ve learned traditional Chinese medicine from my teacher. Chinese medicine talks about observing, listening, inquiring, and feeling the pulse. I notice that though your face is ruddy, it shows a hint of dark color in the redness. Your ears are slightly darkened, which means that you lack energy and blood, and have a strong chill in your body."

"The chill gathers in your body and keeps converging to your arms and shoulders. So your frozen shoulder can’t be fully cured. To totally heal it, you must remove the chill in your body and circulate the blood."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently and spoke all out the reason why Yunchang Xu’s disease was not healed, and the treatment for it.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Yunchang Xu’s eyes showed a hint of brightness. He felt what Qingfeng Li said made sense, and was even more specific and professional compared to those doctors.

"If you really can heal my stubborn frozen shoulder, I promise to go to the Ice Snow Corporation and be their jewelry designer." Yunchang Xu smiled gently and said.

He had been tortured by the frozen shoulder for long. His arms and shoulders were so painful that he couldn’t do a lot of the work. Sometimes it was even hard for him to eat.

If Qingfeng Li really could heal his stubborn frozen shoulder, he would be able to work. Being a jewelry designer at Ice Snow Corporation is also feasible.

"Rest assured, I’ll be able to cure you. Take off your shirt. I will treat it using acupuncture." Qingfeng Li took out nine needles and said gently.

Since he chose to believe Qingfeng Li, naturally Yunchang Xu took off his shirt. Luckily there was air conditioning in the living room so he didn’t feel cold.

Swish, swish, swish…

Qingfeng Li moved like lightning, sticking nine needles into acupuncture points around the shoulder region.

When the acupuncture needled into the points, he asked Yunchang Xu to sit up straight. Then he got some Artemisia leaf, lit it with fire and smoked around Yunchang Xu’s feet, back and shoulders points.

The function of acupuncture was to gather all the chilling energy to the acupuncture points. Smoking it with the leaf was to discharge the chilling energy, and let it flow out of the body.

Yunchang Xu felt comfortable in the body. The chill in his body continuously gathered towards his back and shoulders, and eventually transformed into white mist and was gone into the air.

As the body's chill discharged, Yunchang Xu’s sore shoulder didn’t hurt anymore, and his back and shoulders felt warm and very comfortable.