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Chapter 145: The Beauty Came to Seek Trouble

Chapter 145: The Beauty Came to Seek Trouble

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"My shoulder and arms don’t hurt anymore." Yunchang Xu was filled with joy and excitement.

He did not believe that Qingfeng could cure him and only tried half-heartedly. He did not expect Qingfeng to give him a surprise.

Yunchang Xu was tortured by the stubborn frozen shoulder for a long time. He did not expect Qingfeng to be able to cure his stubborn frozen shoulder.

Yunchang Xu felt that not only was his shoulder relaxed, his entire body was relaxed and comfortable. He felt like he had become a few years younger and his entire body was filled with strength.

"Thank you. I did not expect you to be so skilled."

Yunchang Xu thanked Qingfeng with admiration in his eyes.

The young man ahead of him was not ordinary. He was young but his medical skills were even better than doctors in their forties or fifties.

He had gone to many hospitals in Eastern Sea City and had seen many different types of doctors. Doctors who practiced western medicine prescribed him pills and IV drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors gave him massages and diathermy. Nothing could cure his frozen shoulder. He did not expect the young man ahead to be able to cure him.

"I have only temporarily relieved your pain. But there is still cold air in your body. You need to use Silvery wormwood to bake pressure points on your shoulder to completely cure it."

Qingfeng removed the needle and explained to Yunchang Xu a few ways to cure and take care of his shoulder.

The chilly air had accumulated for a long time inside his body. He had only released the chilly air which Yunchang Xu has recently accumulated. There was still a substantial amount of chilly air in his body which required long-term care.

"Yes, I will be careful." Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and put on his clothes. He felt that his entire body was relaxed.

"President Xu, I’ve cured your stubborn frozen shoulder. Do you agree to be the head jewelry designer for the Ice Snow Corporation?"

Qingfeng smiled and struck while the iron while it was still hot.

There were many exquisitely designed jewelry displayed within the living room which were all designed by Yunchang Xu. If he became the head designer of Ice Snow Corporation, the company would become stronger.

"Sure, there is no rush. You’ve been here for a while and I haven’t entertained you properly. Let’s drink some tea and then go to the Ice Snow Corporation." Yunchang Xu smiled and said.

The young man ahead had come to see him early in the morning and brought western ginseng as a gift. As the host, he should entertain his guest.

"Lingxiu, the tea is cold. Use the bamboo teapot and make some tea." Yunchang Xu said happily to Lingxiu Xu.

What? Use the bamboo teapot to make tea?

Lingxiu Xu’s lips parted and a flash of surprise appeared in her eyes. The bamboo teapot was gifted to her grandfather by a master antique collector. That thing itself was a precious antique.

Tea brewed with the bamboo teapot had a light fragrant bamboo scent and refreshed the body.

Her grandfather deeply valued the bamboo teapot and refused to even let her use it.

Lingxiu Xue was slightly upset that her grandfather wanted to use the bamboo teapot to entertain Qingfeng.

She felt that her grandfather was biased and treated Qingfeng better than her. "Even if this fellow cured your frozen shoulder, you don’t have to thank him like this," thought Lingxiu Xu.

Lingxiu Xu was unwilling but since grandfather had instructed her, she walked into the room next door, took out the bamboo teapot and poured a cup of tea for Qingfeng.

"Try it, the tea made from bamboo teapot has a light bamboo fragrance." Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and invited Qingfeng to try the tea.

He often used the bamboo teapot to brew tea and felt comfortable after drinking the tea.

"What a beautiful and exquisite teapot." Qingfeng looked at the bamboo teapot and discovered that it was very pretty.

The teapot was pure white. The lid was also white. It looked like a pure white jade without a single flaw. The craft was also exquisite. On the surface of the teapot, there were a few bamboo shoots. The shoots were green, upright and very beautiful.

The teapot made one relaxed and happy just by looking at it.

"Bumpkin, you must’ve never seen such a beautiful teapot."

Lingxiu Xu mockingly said when she saw Qingfeng glancing at the teapot.

Qingfeng frowned when he heard Lingxiu Xu calling him a bumpkin.

The beauty was finding trouble with him. He felt that Lingxiu Xu was always targeting him and disliked him. This made him gloomy.

If it was any other woman, Qingfeng would have lost his temper and taught her a lesson. But Lingxiu Xu was the granddaughter of Yunchang Xu. He couldn’t reprimand Lingxiu Xu in front of Yunchang Xu.

"Lingxiu, what are you saying. Apologize now." Yunchang Xu said unhappily and glared at Lingxiu Xu.

Even though he doted on this granddaughter, but Lingxiu Xu words placed him in an awkward position.

Lingxiu Xu did not know how strong Qingfeng was but Yunchang Xu was clear as day. Qingfeng discovered the Emperor Jade, how could he be a bumpkin.

If Qingfeng was a bumpkin, then I am worse than a bumpkin.

"Grandfather, why do you ask me to apologize. I’m not going to apologize. You refuse to even let me drink the tea brewed from the bamboo teapot. Why can he drink it? You’re biased."Lingxiu Xu said with displeasure.

What? You dislike me because I drank from the bamboo teapot? Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was speechless.

He felt that it was ridiculous. What was a bamboo teapot? He had even drunk tea from Tang Tai Song’s teapot.

"I’m sorry. My granddaughter is stubborn and her words are blunt. I apologize, please don’t blame her."

Yunchang Xu knew that his granddaughter was envious. There was no way she would apologize to Qingfeng so he apologized for her.

"President Xu, please don’t apologize. I am very happy you can brew me tea with the bamboo teapot. Miss Lingxiu means no harm, she only spoke bluntly."

Qingfeng waved his hand. He dared not make Yunchang Xu apologize.

Yunchang Xu was the President of the antique association of Eastern Sea City. He was an expert in the field of antiques.

Furthermore, he could not let a seventy-year-old senior apologize to him.

"Try it, the tea brewed from the bamboo teapot is extremely fragrant."

Yunchang Xu smiled lightly and invited Qingfeng to taste the tea again.

"Ok, let me try it." Qingfeng smiled faintly and took a sip.

His mouth was instantly filled with the fragrant of bamboo. The fragrant bamboo scent slipped through his throat and into his body.

Even though the tea has been ingested, but the fragrance of the bamboo lingered on the tongue and refreshed the body.

The bamboo teapot was famous because of its fragrance.

The tea was great, the teapot was great but after drinking it, Qingfeng’s expression changed.

"Is there something wrong with the teapot?"

Qingfeng frowned lightly and felt that there was something fishy with the tea brewed from the teapot.

"What’s wrong? Does the tea not taste good?" Yunchang Xu asked when he saw Qingfeng’s strange expression.

"There’s nothing wrong with the tea but there seems to be something wrong with the teapot." Qingfeng said softly with a frown.

"What nonsense are you sprouting? This bamboo teapot is given by an antique master to my grandfather. What could be wrong with it?"

A flash of anger appeared on Lingxiu Xu’s face when she heard Qingfeng’s words.