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Chapter 146: The Teapot is a Fake

Chapter 146: The Teapot is a Fake

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Qingfeng smiled unconcernedly when he saw Lingxiu Xu’s furious face.

He was the honorary President of the World Antique Auction and was very familiar with antiques. The bamboo teapot looked beautiful but there were flaws if one inspected carefully.

"Do you know who this green bamboo is from? It’s a gift from the antique master Shuqing Song to my grandfather. You are questioning an antique master."

Lingxiu Xu’s face was filled with anger and displeased towards Qingfeng’s questioning.

Shuqing Song was a master in the Eastern Sea City antique world and a longtime friend of her grandfather. How could there be anything wrong with the bamboo teapot he gifted her grandfather?

Furthermore, Shuqing Song was very nice to Lingxiu Xu. She was naturally angry to hear Qingfeng question the teapot Shuqing Song gifted.

"President Xu, it seems like you don’t believe my words." Qingfeng smiled faintly and said.

"It’s not that I don’t believe you. But there shouldn’t be a problem with the teapot."

Yunchang Xu and Shuqing Song were longtime friends. He did not believe that there would be anything wrong with the teapot Shuqing Song gifted him.

Yunchang Xu still believed in the character of his long-time friend.

"President Xu, this should be a matter between you and your friend. But since it concerns your illness, I have to be frank with you."

"How is this bamboo teapot related to my illness?"

"Let me ask you before you used this bamboo teapot, did you have a frozen shoulder?"

Qingfeng smiled faintly and questioned Yunchang Xu.

Yunchang Xu frowned slightly when he heard the question. He thought carefully and discovered that before he started using the bamboo teapot, he did not have a frozen shoulder.

His stubborn frozen shoulder only started when he used the bamboo teapot. His shoulder and arm hurt so much that he was unable to continue verifying antiques and designing jewelry.

Could there be something wrong with the bamboo teapot?

Yunchang Xu brows were knitted together. He did not want to believe that there was something wrong with the bamboo teapot. After all, it was gifted to him by his good friend Shuqing Song.

"President Xu, to tell you truthfully. This bamboo teapot is a flawed product, more commonly known as a fake. There is a harmful substance in it that would become chilly air when ingested into the body. The chilly air accumulated in the body which is why your frozen shoulder could not be cured."

Qingfeng saw that Yunchang Xu did not believe him so he revealed the etiology of his illness.

"Nonsense. This bamboo teapot is a work of the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of a hundred years. Who can it be fake?"

Lingxiu Xu shook her beautiful head in disbelief.

"You don’t believe that this bamboo teapot is fake?" Qingfeng glanced at Lingxiu Xu and lightly said.

"There’s no way it is fake." Lingxiu Xu clenched her teeth and refused to believe the teapot is fake.

"Miss Ling Xiu, what if I prove that it is fake?"

"Hmph, if you can prove that the bamboo teapot is fake, I will apologize to you."

"Okay, I look forward to your apology."

Qingfeng also had a temper which has been ignited by Lingxiu Xu.

You don’t believe that it’s fake? I’ll prove it to you.


Qingfeng lifted the bamboo teacup and smashed it onto the ground. The teacup broken into a million pieces.

"Ahhh, bastard. That’s a bamboo teacup from the Qing Dynasty. It is a priceless treasure but you smashed it!"

Lingxiu Xu’s eyes were wide with anger when she saw the broken teapot.

She was so mad at this fellow. The teapot was extremely precious and would be considered a treasure even in the Qing Dynasty. It was priceless.

Yunchang Xu stood up abruptly in shock when he saw the broken teacup.

He felt that Qingfeng was too rash. No matter if the teacup was fake, the bamboo teapot was a treasure. How could he break it?

"Please calm down and look at the breakage at the bottom of the teapot."

Qingfeng did not look at the faces of the two angered people. He picked up a broken piece of the bottom of the teapot and showed it to the two of them.

"The breakage is white. That’s normal." Lingxiu Xu frowned slightly and could not see what was wrong.

She learned about antiques since she was a kid from her grandfather and was also knowledgeable about antiques. Isn’t it normal for the breakage at the bottom of the teapot to be white?

"The breakage at the bottom of the teapot is white. That’s correct. But it’s too white, it looks like its bleached by chemicals."

Qingfeng smiled and said. His words had an explosive impact and shocked the two people.

"Yes, you’re right. The breakage at the bottom of the teapot should not be this white for a hundred-year-old porcelain."

Yunchang Xu’s face changed and finally realized that there was something wrong with the teapot.

He was the President of the Antique Association. He naturally knew that the breakage of a hundred-year-old porcelain would turn yellow after so many years.

The problem was very apparent. It was unnatural for the breakage to be so white.

After Qingfeng Li and Yunchang Xu’s reminder, Lingxiu Xue took a careful look and also noticed the problem.

"Could there really be something wrong with the bamboo teapot?"

Lingxiu Xu’s egg-shaped face was slightly pale with disbelief but the evidence reminded her that there was something wrong with the teapot.

"Miss Lingxiu, now you know why I had to smash the teapot. We can only discover the problem with the breakage of the teacup if we smash it." Qingfeng smiled confidently.

Lingxiu Xu did not give up after hearing Qingfeng’s words. She ran to the kitchen and got a lighter. She lit the breakage of the bamboo teapot. After the breakage was lit on fire, it melted into a white liquid.

The white liquid was a chemical substance that was harmful to the body. The white chemical substance would dissolve into the tea when the teapot was used to brew tea.

Of course, the white chemical substance would also emit a faint bamboo-like fragrance. The fragrance attracted one to drink from the teapot again and thus, increased the harm to the body.

The chilly air inside Yunchang Xu body accumulated because he often used the teapot to drink tea.

"Fake, this teapot is actually a fake and it contains harmful substances."

Lingxiu Xu’s face became pale. Her bright eyes also dimmed.

Qingfeng was slightly confused. It’s only a fake, why did you react so strongly?

Yunchang Xu seemed to have seen Qingfeng’s confusion. He broke into a wry smile and said, "This bamboo teacup is a gift from Shuqing Song. It is a marriage proposal gift for his grandson and my granddaughter."

Shuqing Song had a grandson who liked Lingxiu Xu. He gifted this bamboo teapot as a proposal gift to Yunchang Xu.

How could Lingxiu Xu not be sad to know that the teapot is fake?