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Chapter 147: The Heart-Broken Lingxiu Xu

Chapter 147: The Heart-Broken Lingxiu Xu

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What? This bamboo teapot is a proposal gift for Lingxiu Xu? Qingfeng was speechless.

He finally understood why Lingxiu Xu was so upset when he questioned the authenticity of the teapot. It was a proposal gift to her.

Qingfeng suddenly felt bad for the beauty. The proposal gift was not only fake, it contained harmful chemicals which harmed her grandfather. She must be heartbroken.

As expected, Lingxiu Xu’s face was pale and she looked sad.

Shuqing Song’s grandson, Sitao Song, grew up with her. They were very close. She did not expect him to give her a fake teapot as a proposal gift. She wanted to yell at him.

"I’m sorry, I misunderstood you just now. I apologize."

Lingxiu Xu suppressed her sadness and suddenly bowed and apologized towards Qingfeng.

Her words were blunt because she had a bad impression towards Qingfeng and thought he was a pervert. Furthermore, he claimed that the teapot was fake and smashed it to pieces.

Now that Lingxiu Xu knew that the teapot was indeed fake and that Qingfeng had saved grandfather life by smashing the teapot, she was both grateful and apologetic.

Faced with Lingxiu Xu’s apology, Qingfeng smiled lightly and looked at the beauty with admiration.

It’s okay to make a mistake as long as one knows to correct themselves.

Even though Lingxiu Xu was displeased at Qingfeng previously, it was because she did not know him. He admired how she could realize her mistake and apologize to him.

"It’s okay, as long as you don’t ask me to pay for the broken teapot."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and joked. His words made Lingxiu Xu flustered and lessened the sadness in her heart.

Lingxiu Xu had said that the teapot was a priceless antique from the Qing Dynasty and that Qingfeng would not be able to repay it if he smashed it. She did not expect the teapot to be fake and worthless.

Yunchang Xu stroked his beard with relief when he saw that Lingxiu Xu had become happier.

He was worried that his granddaughter would be upset. He did not expect her to relax after Qingfeng’s joke.

Yunchang Xu was becoming to like Qingfeng more by the second.

Cough Cough!

Yunchang Xu suddenly coughed and said with a smile, "The two of you are apologizing here. Have you forgotten me?"

"Grandfather, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault that the chilly air accumulated in your body and caused your shoulders and arm to hurt for such a long time."

Lingxiu Xu’s egg-shaped face was filled with guilt. She felt extremely guilty.

She knew that it was all because of Shuqing Song’s proposal which caused her grandfather to suffer.

"Foolish girl, it’s not your fault. Even I didn’t expect this bamboo teapot to be fake."

Yunchang Xu rubbed Lingxiu Xu’s head and comforted her.

He knew that Lingxiu Xu was not to be blamed. It was all because of the bamboo teapot. They still needed to investigate if the person who gifted the bamboo teapot knew it was fake.

Perhaps Shuqing Song did not know that the teapot was fake and obtained it from someone else. Perhaps he knew it was fake and intentionally gifted it to him.

No matter what the case was, a seed of doubt was planted in Yunchang Xu’s heart.

"Qingfeng, thank you for curing my illness and helping me find discover the harmful teapot."

"There’s no need to thank me, President Xu. It’s what I should do."

"Yes, you have done me a huge favor. There’s not much I will say. Let’s go to the Ice Snow Corporation."

Yunchang Xu smiled lightly and said.

He knew that Qingfeng came here today to invite him to be a jewelry designer for the Ice Snow Corporation. Now that everything had been resolved, he naturally needed to go to Ice Snow Corporation.

"That’s great. Thank you, President Xu." Qingfeng thanked heartfeltly. If Yunchang Xu could become a jewelry designer for the Ice Snow Corporation, he would accomplish his mission from Xue Lin.

Yunchang Xu is the President of the Eastern Sea City Antique Association and highly respected. Many large companies wanted to invite him but they were all unsuccessful. Qingfeng was the first person who was successful in inviting Yunchang Xu.

Lingxiu Xu drove Qingfeng and Yunchang Xu towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

On the way, Qingfeng called Xue Lin and asked her to meet them at the entrance of the company.

Yunchang Xu was the President of the antique association. Even though he was coming to work at the Ice Snow Corporation, they still needed to respect him.

Lingxiu Xu drove the red BMW and arrived at the entrance of Ice Snow Corporation in half an hour.

Xue Lin wore a blue suit. She stood at the entrance of the Ice Snow Corporation and stared intently ahead.

Qingfeng had called her and said that Yunchang Xu would arrive soon so she came to the entrance to personally welcome him.

Xue Lin’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger when she saw Lingxiu Xu and Qingfeng getting off the car.

Xue Lin did not know Lingxiu Xu. She asked Qingfeng to invite Yunchang Xu. Why did he invite a beauty?

"Qingfeng, why did you bring a woman here?" Xue Lin asked with displeasure.

"Huh?" Qingfeng knew that Xue Lin had misunderstood something when he saw her furious expression.

President Lin was so suspicious nowadays. It made him speechless and troubled.

"President, her name is Lingxiu Xu. She is the granddaughter of Yunchang Xu." Qingfeng introduced Lingxiu Xu to Xue Lin with a smile.

Xue Lin looked at Lingxiu Xu with surprise when she heard Qingfeng’s introduction. She had naturally heard of Lingxiu Xu’s name but it was the first time she met her.

"I asked you to invite President Yunchang Xu. Why did you invite his granddaughter?" Xue Lin thought Qingfeng’s actions were weird.

She needed Yunchang Xu, not his granddaughter.

"President, President Xu is in the backseat. He will be here shortly."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and pointed at the backseat of the card.


Yunchang Xu opened the car door and got off the car. He walked with vigor and energy since he had recovered from his illness.

"President Xu, welcome to the Ice Snow Corporation."

Xue Lin’s face became pretty and she said towards Yunchang Xu.

"President Lin, we meet again." Yunchang Xu chuckled and said to Xue Lin.

The two had met once at the Charity Banquet.

"Yes, I am honored that President Xu can come to Ice Snow Corporation. Please come in." Xue Lin smiled charmingly and invited Yunchang Xu into the office.

Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu walked in the front while Xue Lin and Qingfeng walked at the back.

"Wife, I have invited Yunchang Xu to the company. I don’t need to kneel on the washing board tonight, right?"

Qingfeng walked next to Xue Lin and asked in a low voice.