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Chapter 148: A Massage for the Wife

Chapter 148: A Massage for the Wife

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"You don’t need to kneel on the washing board tonight since your performance was good." Xue Lin praised with a smile.

To be honest, Xue Lin did not expect that Qingfeng would be able to invite Yunchang Xu to the office.

Xue Lin began to look up to her husband more and more now.

"President Xu, from now on, this will be your office." Xue Lin said to Yunchang Xu, while pointing to a huge office on the third floor.

Yunchang Xu was the President of the Antique Association and of high importance. It was necessary to give him special treatment. His office was even bigger than Xue Lin’s office.

"I don’t need such a big office. I’m okay with a smaller one. If you have any special requirements for jewelry, feel free to find me."

Yunchang Xu said to Xue Lin and smiled slightly. He had heard of the strong woman in front of him.

"President Xu, this is the contract the company wishes to sign with you. The salary would be 10 million Yuan per year. Please have a look and see if you are satisfied."

"I don’t need to look at it. I’m here at Ice Snow Corporation because of Qingfeng. It doesn’t matter how much money you give me, but you have to reward Qingfeng."

"Rest assured President Xu, I will reward Qingfeng." Xue Lin said and charmingly smiled.

Xue Lin was slightly confused. She did not understand why Yunchang Xu would value Qingfeng so highly.

Xue Lin had heard last month that the Chen Corporation had invited Yunchang Xu but was rejected directly by him. The Chen Corporation was worth more than one billion yuan and was several times bigger than the Ice Snow Corporation.

She knew that in his heart, Yunchang Xu valued Qingfeng more than the CEO of Chen Corporation.

Xue Lin and Yunchang Xu left after discussing the job and the contract details.

Lingxiu Xu needed to take care of her grandfather and left with him as well.

Before Xue Lin left, she asked Qingfeng to follow her.

She had promised Yunchang Xu that she would reward Qingfeng so she naturally called him to her office.

CEO office.

At the moment, there were only two people in the office – Qingfeng and Xue Lin. Even the secretary had been dismissed by Xue Lin.

"Dear, thank you for inviting Yunchang Xu to our office." Xue Lin’s gorgeous face was slightly flustered. She looked at Qingfeng with splendor in her eyes.

She knew that once Yunchang Xu comes to Ice Snow Corporation, the reputation of the company will increase exponentially. His fans would also follow him and purchase jewelry from the company.

"You are my wife, who would I help if I don’t help you?" Qingfeng said and smiled faintly.

"Dear, what reward would you like?"

"Wife, I would like to make love with you."

"Uh…I’m not ready yet. Can you give me a little more time?"

Xue Lin’s long lashes fluttered. Her beautiful face was flustered.

She naturally resisted men. Even though she had started to accept Qingfeng, but she was still resistant to the thought of making love.

Qingfeng was disheartened when he heard Xue Lin’s answer. They have been married for so long but have not slept together. How could he not be unhappy?

But he knew that Xue Lin had sexual apathy. She required time and can’t be rushed.

At least Xue Lin was willing to call him Dear now and wear pajamas/lingerie in front of him at night. It was already an improvement.

"Wife, you couldn’t sleep again last night?"

"How did you know?"

"You have dark circles and you look tired. Those are the signs of insomnia. Let me massage your face for you."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and walked behind Xue Lin.

"It’s okay, you don’t have to." Xue Lin quickly gestured with her hand when she saw Qingfeng standing behind her.

They were in the office. If anyone saw Qingfeng giving her a massage, they’ll be done for.

"It’s my responsibility to service my wife. Come on." Qingfeng said with a look of justice while placing his hands on her shoulders.

Xue Lin had a great body. Her shoulder blades were pale like jade and without a single flaw. Her neck was white and long. The curves on her back were also beautiful.

Qingfeng found the pressure point and started massaging for Xue Lin. It felt extremely good to touch her snow-white back. Her skin was soft and silky as if he was touching silk.

The purpose of the massage was to improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

"It feels so good." Xue Lin wanted to refuse the massage but the fatigue within her body was instantly reduced by Qingfeng’s hands. It felt comfortable so she allowed Qingfeng to continue the massage.

Qingfeng’s hands massaged her soft back. Just as he was prepared to continue massaging her entire body, the phone started to ring. Qingfeng was very unhappy.

Who’s calling? Why are they calling now? How irritating.

He took out the phone and his expression changed when he discovered that it was Ruyan Liu calling.

"Dear, go answer your phone. You don’t have to give me a massage." Xue Lin quickly asked Qingfeng to go and pick up the call.

It was too dangerous for Qingfeng to give her a massage at the office. Xue Lin was scared that they would be discovered so she was eager for him to leave the office.

Of course, Xue Lin did not know that it was Ruyan Liu on the phone or she would not have asked Qingfeng to answer the call.

Qingfeng was also afraid to be discovered by Xue Lin so he quickly walked out.

"Gan-sister, what’s up?" Qingfeng said in low voice and walked to a corner.

"I miss you, come watch a movie with me. I’m at Oscar Cinema." Ruyan Liu said seductively.

"I’m busy now. How about another day?" Qingfeng wanted to continue the massage for Xue Lin so it was inconvenient for him to go to the cinema.


"I’ll give you 20 minutes. You’ll have to accept the consequences if you don’t come." Ruyan Liu said and hanged up. Qingfeng was met with the beeping sound of the phone.

F**k..can you hang up after we finish talking? Qingfeng was speechless and gloomy.

But he knew that he had to watch a movie with Ruyan Liu today because he had already angered her last time. She would be furious if he doesn’t show up today.

Oscar Cinema was located at the Tian Hua City Stadium. It was the same place where Qingfeng and Xue Lin ate the fruit salad.

Qingfeng asked for the day off from Xiaoyue Zhang, and took a taxi towards Oscar Cinema.

"Gan-sister, I’ve arrived." Qingfeng arrived at Oscar Cinema and immediately saw Ruyan Liu who stood out among the people.

Ruyan Liu wore a red dress. Her skin was snow-white; her face was seductive and her body was sexy. She stood at the entrance of the cinema like a red rose and attracted countless looks.

"You’re late by 10 minutes, how should I punish you?" A wicked smile appeared on Ruyan Liu’s sexy face. Her face was filled with bad intentions.

She did it on purpose. It took at least 30 minutes to get to Oscar Cinema from Ice Snow Corporation. It was impossible to arrive in 20 minutes.

Ruyan Liu intentionally asked Qingfeng to arrive in 20 minutes to deliberately make things difficult for him.