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Chapter 149: Movie Date With Ruyan

Chapter 149: Movie Date With Ruyan

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"So how are you going to punish me?" Qingfeng was a little scared.

Yet, he was just pretending to be scared. He was certainly not scared of Ruyan at all, only a bit annoyed at her slyness.

He caused a big misunderstanding last time since he was caught buying sanitary pads and sending them to the women’s washroom for her by Xue Lin.

Therefore, Qingfeng didn’t know what to do when he heard Ruyan was going to punish him.

Qingfeng decided to turn the table around and take the initiative.

"Gan-sister, if you are really mad, you can hit my bottom to release your frustration, but you have to be really gentle." Qingfeng said while bending down.

He decided to give his first time to her to sate her anger.

"Huh! Jerk!" Ruyan flushed her face.

She had wanted to punish him yet now she was the one being teased. Instead of her plan before, she just wanted to beat him up now.

"I will pinch the heck out of you!" To release her anger, Ruyan reached out her fingers to Qingfeng’s shoulder and started to pinch him,

"Help! Murder!" Qingfeng ran ahead while yelling.

"Asshole! You stay there! I’m going to kill you." Ruyan was chasing him from behind with her charming body.

They were teasing and chasing each other in front of the cinema like a sweet couple which caught the attention of others.

No matter where it was, a beauty and a handsome guy would definitely catch all of the attention.

Qingfeng bought two movie tickets with a hundred Yuan. The seat number was 8 and 9 in the first row.

Seats in the first row were the best since they were the closest to the screen. Besides, seats 8 and 9 were also located in the centre which were the best seats in the house.

The movie was packed with people at the moment, which meant the movie is about to start.

"Umm, someone is sitting in our seats?"

Qingfeng and Ruyan found out their seats were taken by a yellow-haired gangster when they arrived.

This gangster had dyed his hair yellow and had ear piercings and tattoos on his shoulder.

"Excuse me, buddy, this is my seat," Qingfeng said to the yellow-hair-hair gang sitting on his left.

"Dude, don’t you know that I’m the big boss in the Oscar Cinema here? I’m showing you respect by taking your seat." The Yellow-hair-hair gangster stared at Qingfeng with disdain, not taking him seriously.

This yellow-hair dude was a bully in the cinema. Many people were bullied by him and all tried to avoid him since he was a gangster.

Wow! What a beauty!

While lifting his head up, the yellow-hair-hair gang started to drool when he saw Ruyan.

"These are our seats, please switch away since the movie is going to start."

Ruyan glared at the yellow-hair angrily.

She was getting really mad and annoyed with this yellow-hair gangster.

"Beauty, I have a seat for you here, come here."

The yellow-hair gang smiled to Ruyan and pointed at the seat beside him while staring at her.

This chick is so beautiful! I’m so lucky today! The yellow-hair gangster thought in his mind. Teasing beauties and bullying pimps were his two favorite things. He was a jerk.

"Yellow-haired bastard, I'll say it one more time. This is my seat, please leave now." Qingfeng said coldly to the gangster while frowning his brows.

Qingfeng was mad since this yellow-hair gang not only took his seat but was also teasing Ruyan.

Qingfeng had his rule, he never bullied even if he was powerful enough.

As long as people don’t invade my personal zone, I wouldn’t care much, this was his principle. He decided to give the yellow-haired gangster a chance before punishing him.

"Dude, me taking your seat is giving you face. Leave the girl here and f*ck off."

The yellow-hair gangster stood up from the seat and walked toward Qingfeng while sneering.

People started to step back once they realized a fight was going to start. This yellow-haired gangster was notorious around this cinema and everyone was terrified of him.

"Let’s just not watch it today, let’s leave."

Ruyan started getting nervous and said to Qingfeng since she was worried that he would get beaten up.

"Don’t worry, he’s just a punk, I can handle this," Qingfeng said slowly without taking the yellow-hair seriously.

F*ck! How dare you tease me right to my face! The yellow-haired gangster got mad that he was being humiliated by Qingfeng to his face.


The yellow-haired gangster reached out his fist and tried to slap Qingfeng while roaring.

"Watch out!" Ruyan yelled to Qingfeng while changing her face when she saw the yellow-hair was going to punch him.

Although she was always fighting with Qingfeng, she still cared about him and didn’t want him to get hurt.

While Qingfeng was still facing and smiling at Ruyan, he grabbed the yellow-haired gangster’s wrist.

"Dude, leave my hand alone!" The yellow-haired gangster said aggressively after his wrist was grabbed by Qingfeng.

"Did you just try to slap me?" Qingfeng smiled while slightly twisting the yellow-haired gangster’s wrist, driving him insane.

"Brat! Leave me alone and let me slap you. Otherwise, you are gonna be so dead." The yellow-haired gangster started to threaten Qingfeng furiously.

Still saying shit to me!

Still trying to threaten me!

Qingfeng started to laugh at the yellow-haired gangster in the moment since he found him not knowing what he was doing.


Qingfeng slapped the gangster in his face, even smashing some of his teeth out.

"F*ck! You hit me!?" The gangster glared at Qingfeng with fury while holding his swollen face.

He was the gangster that was well-known for bulling in this area. He would lose his title if he didn’t reclaim it back once he was beaten by someone else.

In addition to power, one's reputation was the next most important thing to be able to mingle in this society.


The gangster took out an army knife. A twenty-cm long blade was popped out by a simple press with his finger.

The sharp blade shined under the light, flashing terrifying cold light.

This type of knife could lead to a painful death once it got into a human's crucial organs like the heart.

"Brother, please put down your hands for the sake of me."

The security guy came up to the gangster and started to speak to him nicely.

Although this security guy was around 5 feet 11, he still talked to the gangster in a nice manner.

He is not scared of the gangster at all. What he was terrified of was the background behind him. He dared not to get him into that trouble.

"Fuck off!" The gangster yelled at the security guy while glaring at him.

As the gangster in this area, he would definitely not even care what a security guy says.

"Brother, you can beat him but I would lose my job if you kill him with this knife. Let’s just let it go, for me! Today’s movie is on me!"

The security guy started to persuade the gangster since he knew he couldn’t let anyone die in the cinema.

"If you dare to stop me, I’ll stab you first. How about that, huh?" The gangster raised his knife to the security guy while saying coldly.

The security guy was frightened and stepped back a few steps after hearing what the gangster said. He stopped caring what he was going to do, his own life mattered more.

"Brat, how dare you slap me! I’m going to kill you today!" the gangster gang started to approach Qingfeng with his army knife.