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Chapter 150: The Woman Inside the Theatre

Chapter 150: The Woman Inside the Theatre

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"What should we do now, let’s just call the cops."

Ruyan tried to take out her phone and call the police worriedly when she saw the yellow-haired gangster take out his army knife.

She started to regret asking Qingfeng out for a movie at the moment. She would feel guilty for the rest of her life if anything were to happen to Qingfeng.

"Don’t call the police, dealing with this punk is a piece of cake." Qingfeng held Ruyan’s hand and signaled her.

This gangster wasn’t even a threat to him. He could kick his ass by moving only one leg.

"Brat, you're calling me a piece of cake? You want to die?" The yellow-haired gangster changed his face furiously after he heard what Qingfeng called him.

The yellow-haired gangster then shoved his knife toward Qingfeng while roaring.

This deadly knife seemed dangerous since it might cause some dangerous levels of injury once it hits Qingfeng.


Qingfeng suddenly reached out his right leg rapidly like lighting and kicked right at the yellow-haired gangster’s stomach. He was pushed a few meters away and dropped to the ground harshly.

*Hack *Hack

The yellow-hair gang spat out a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

"Wow!" Ruyan was impressed by Qingfeng and looked at him in surprise.

This young man was not simple! The people around were all shocked and looked at Qingfeng with their mouth opened.

Honestly, this yellow-haired punk was a notorious street gangster and was known by everyone who frequented this movie theatre.

He had fought with so many people and none of them were his equal. Now, he was actually kicked by Qingfeng and even lost consciousness. Everyone was at ease because he finally received the punishment he deserved.

"The movie has started, let’s sit down and watch." Qingfeng held Ruyan’s and led her to the seat.

Ruyan had soft little hands that were really comfortable to hold. Qingfeng was really down for this.

Ruyan seemed a bit strange today since she was being nice to Qingfeng and even let him hold her hand.

The movie was called "Zombie From the Mountain". It was about several people calling out a spirit while they were camping outside and being haunted in the wild.

Men usually preferred watching horror movies since it seemed to be more thrilling. On the other hand, girls tended not to like this type of movie since they would be scared.


Ruyan suddenly screamed when she saw the ghost on the screen. Her face turned pale and she leaned into Qingfeng’s arms.

"I’m scared," Ruyan said yet she still kept her eyes on the screen.

Women will be women. They wouldn’t stop watching horror movies even though they knew it would be scary.

"Don’t be scared, I’m right here." Qingfeng smiled while holding Ruyan in his arms.

He liked movies, especially horror movies since women would hide into his arms instinctively.

It smelt so nice and it felt so soft!

Qingfeng was enjoying smelling the scent from Ruyan and holding her soft little waist.

Her body was so soft as if she is made out of water, which was very pleasant to touch.

Ruyan seemed a bit strange today since although she knew that Qingfeng was taking advantage of her, she still let him do what he wanted and wasn’t mad at all.

Qingfeng, therefore, was pleased after seeing Ruyan made no resistance. He moved his hand down from her back to her hip.

Ruyan had a soft and smooth butt, which Qingfeng enjoyed touching.

Qingfeng kept moving his hand on Ruyan’s body. Ruyan also seemed to have a reaction. She slightly opened her lips and kept breathing heavily while sweating on her delicate face.

The two of them were flirting in the movie theatre while everyone focused on the movie and didn’t discover what they were doing at the moment.

"Dude, how dare you hit me, you’re dead." The yellow-haired gang suddenly woke up and glared at Qingfeng when he saw he was flirting with Ruyan.

He knew he couldn’t fight against Qingfeng and decided to ask his boss to punish him.

If a man went to the movie theatre with his girl, they were more often there to do dirty things instead of watching movies.

This was exactly what Qingfeng and Ruyan were doing. Some people were even more open that they had already started to have sex somewhere in the corner.

The society nowadays was too open. The movie theatre had become a great place for couples.

Two hours later.

After the movie was finished, Qingfeng had also taken full advantage of Ruyan. He has touched everywhere on her body.

I’m a gentleman, nobody forced you to come into my arms. Qingfeng found an excuse for himself.


Had the movie already finished?

Ruyan still wanted to watch more, but since many people started to leave, she began walking out.

She knew exactly what Qingfeng had done to her even though she wouldn’t admitt it, since women were usually more shy about this and she let Qingfeng take advantage of her on her own accord.


Ruyan ‘s stomach started to growl. She touched her stomach while frowning.

"I’m so hungry, let’s get something to eat." Ruyan said gently to Qingfeng while holding his arm.

"Sure." Qingfeng also felt a bit hungry. They both then walked to the diner beside them.

However, they were blocked by a group of gangsters when they had just headed out.

The leader of the group was a big masculine guy. The one standing beside him was the yellow-hair gangster, who was sent flying away by Qingfeng in the movie theatre. Besides him, there were ten more minions behind the big guy.

"Brother Qiang, he is the one who beat me! You have to take revenge for me!" The yellow-haired gangster complained tearfully while pointing at Qingfeng.

Brother Qiang frowned his brows and glared after hearing what the yellow-haired gangster said.

While Brother Qiang was approaching forward, he suddenly froze with fear when he saw Qingfeng.

The devil!

This devil again!

Brother Qiang started to shiver since he would never forget that his head Biao Hu had the shit beaten out of him by this man right in front of them.

Biao Hu was the head of the Zero-Degree Bar and Brother Qiang was his minion. When they were fighting with Qingfeng before, they were all knocked down by him alone.

"Big… big brother, I didn’t know you are actually here, I’m so sorry!"

Brother Qiang walked up to Qingfeng and started to stutter while bending down his body.

He said in a really polite manner which sounded like flattering since he didn’t want to get Qingfeng mad.

"Huh, your minion said he’s going to find someone to punish me, is that you?"

Qingfeng smiled sarcastically while looking at Brother Qiang.

"Big brother, it’s my fault that I didn't teach him well."

Brother Qiang was so frightened that his face turned pale and he kept apologizing to Qingfeng when he heard what he said.

He knew how scary Qingfeng was. Not to mention himself, even all his men combined wouldn’t be a threat to Qingfeng.