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Chapter 151: Listening to Ruyan Liu

Chapter 151: Listening to Ruyan Liu

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What the heck?

What is happening?

The yellow-haired gangster was totally shocked. Brother Qiang was his most reliable figurehead, but now, his reliant figurehead was calling this young man 'brother'.

The yellow-haired gangster felt like he was losing his sight. He could subtly feel that he seemed to have messed with a powerful person.

"Brat, you said you wanted to punish Big brother Li?" Brother Qiang was glaring at the yellow-haired gangster aggressively.

The yellow-haired gangster opened his mouth wide without knowing what to say after hearing Brother Qiang. He was freaked out at the moment.


Brother Qiang reached out his palm and slapped the blonde harshly which made him spin three times to the ground with a dizzy head and swollen face.

"Brother Qiang, why are you hitting me?" The yellow-haired gangster was touching his face and couldn’t believe what was happening.

"You f*cker even dare to mess around with my big brother Li, I’ll beat the shit out of you." Brother Qiang got more mad after he recalled that the blonde guy asked him to punish Qingfeng.

Who is Qingfeng Li? He was a superhuman that could even smash Biao Hu. Why the heck didn’t you mess with someone else but not him? Brother Qiang was getting more furious while mumbling in his mind.


Brother Qiang kept slapping the yellow-haired gangster that had a swollen ball for a face and even knocked out of some of his teeth

But he thought it wasn’t enough, so he kicked into the yellow-haired gangster’s stomach and launched him far away.

"Everybody listen, this is Big brother Li. Nobody is going to mess around with him from now on, understand?" Brother Qiang yelled at his ten minions.

He knew the guy in front of him was a horrifying devil with tremendous power. He tried to warn his minions not to mess around with him in case it gets him into trouble too.

"Hello, Big brother Li." The ten minions started to greet Qingfeng loudly.

These minions trusted Brother Qiang a lot. If even Brother Qiang was scared of this young man, he must be some sort of powerful existence. Therefore, it makes sense to call him big brother Li.

For those who had been gangsters for a while, they tended to have a sharp insight. They could tell how strong Qingfeng was based on the attitude from Brother Qiang.

"Didn’t know even the head of the gangsters called you big brother." Ruyan was shocked while looking at Qingfeng strangely.

This guy had so many hidden secrets that made Ruyan want to explore his story.

"I’m a bit hungry, let’s grab something to eat." Qingfeng smiled without explaining much.

He used to live in a battlefield and had to face different types of dangers overseas. He didn’t want to remind himself of those past memories again.

"Let’s go to my house, I’ll cook for you." Ruyan smiled and said with a weird facial expression.

"Sure." Qingfeng smiled and left with Ruyan.

He didn’t notice the expression on her face, otherwise, he would’ve saw something’s off and be suspicious.

Ruyan seemed so weird today since she not only watched a movie with Qingfeng but also went into his arms in the movie theatre and even let him touch all over her body.

All in all, Ruyan seemed like a completely different person today.

Those gangsters were gone under the lead of Brother Qiang. None of them wanted to mess with this devil.

Ruyan drove Qingfeng in her Maserati and arrived at her home soon.

Villa Unit 14.

After they arrived at home, Ruyan asked Qingfeng to sit in the living room and she went to get changed.

Soon, she walked out with a red lace dress. She looked charming with her fair skin and starry eyes that she kept blinking.

Her big chest, firm butt and long legs were partially hidden under her dress which made a perfect S-Shape. Her body was a mixture of seduction and charm.


Qingfeng started to bleed from his nose once he saw Ruyan’s body.

This chick didn’t even put on her underwear. How could Qingfeng not bleed from his nose?

Ruyan was charming and pretty enough to make Qingfeng bleed from his nose just with that.

Qingfeng could even see her tits and the shadow at the bottom, you know what it is.

Is this chick seducing me?

Qingfeng knew that Ruyan definitely dressed like this intentionally. This chick must have been out of her mind today and was literally seducing him.

"Do you know why I invited you to the movies today?" Ruyan walked up to Qingfeng while asking him seductively.

"I don’t." Qingfeng shook his head.

"Because it’s my birthday today, that’s why I wanted you to watch a movie with me." Ruyan smiled yet showed an unexplainable expression on her face.

"Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Otherwise, I could have brought you a gift." Qingfeng smiled while rubbing Ruyan’s face.

"You’re the best gift. Let’s drink for my birthday." Ruyan was pouring wine for Qingfeng and herself and they both started to drink.

*Cough *Cough

Ruyan started to cough when she just had the first sip. She drank so fast that she already finished it in several sips.

"Drink slower," Qingfeng told Ruyan after seeing her choking.

He could tell Ruyan must have been through something, otherwise, she wouldn’t dress like this and drink.

In Qingfeng’s opinion, Ruyan was definitely not that type of easy girl. He knew medical skills and could tell that she was still a virgin. It must be something else that made her become like this.

"Today is my birthday, let’s get drunk! Cheers." Ruyan poured and drank again after she finished the first glass of wine.

Seeing Ruyan drinking like crazy, Qingfeng then decided to drink with her.

Both of them kept drinking and finished more and more bottles of wine. At the end, Ruyan thought the wine was not strong enough and even got her liquor and started to take shots.

Red wine mixed with shots made them drunk faster.

Soon, two people became drunk due to the large consumption of alcohol.

Qingfeng doesn’t usually get drunk, but he felt a bit tipsy since he had never drank this much.

"Do you think I’m pretty?" Ruyan asked drowsily while touching Qingfeng’s face.

"Of course, You are pretty. You’re the most beautiful woman." Qingfeng took one more shot and said tipsily.

Ruyan looked extraordinarily beautiful today. Her little blushing cheeks were as red as apples, her watery eyes were as sparkling as littles stars in the sky, and her wiggling chest looked as tasty as honeydew.

"If you think I’m pretty, then what are you waiting for, bring me to bed." Ruyan said while smiling.