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Chapter 152: Lingering Night

Chapter 152: Lingering Night

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"Bring me to the bed." What Ruyan just said turned Qingfeng on immediately. His hormone levels started to rise up in his body.

Every man would get the signal as soon as they heard a woman say this. It meant that a woman had fallen, at least emotionally, for this man.

A woman would never say "Bring me to bed" if she disliked this man.

Ruyan liked me? Qingfeng was still a bit shocked and couldn’t believe himself.

"Dork, what are you waiting for? Hurry up," Ruyan complained with a seductive smile when she saw Qingfeng’s surprised look at her, which seemed quite charming.

"Alright." Qingfeng would definitely not let this chance go away if it was offered by a beauty.

He felt so dizzy right now since Ruyan was so seductive and charming in front of him, which had completely turned him on.

Qingfeng then lifted up Ruyan while walking towards the bedroom, and put her down on the bed.

A big, pink bed.

Both Qingfeng and Ruyan were aroused. Ruyan looked very tipsy with her blushing face while she felt she was surrounded by a strong heat. She was light-headed since she drank too much alcohol.

Under the influence of alcohol, they were both dizzy and started to rip apart each other’s clothes with their human instinct.

The pink room was then mingled by intense hormones while clothes were spread out everywhere on the floor.

Qingfeng felt like he was having a stunning dream. He saw a spectacular snow mountain and he tried to climb up by grabbing the edge with his hands. It felt so tender and soft while mingling a sweets sense of fragrance around him.

Ruyan suddenly felt an intense sense of pain. She wrinkled her face while frowning with struggle. Drops of blood had been left on the bed sheet.

She had become a woman.

The intense pain was then followed by a sense of pleasure which Ruyan enjoyed as she kept asking for more greedily.

These two people had such a great intimacy. They moved from the bedroom to the balcony, and eventually moved to the kitchen…...

The next day, the sunlight shone through the window to the floor and left a few light dots as the sun rose up.

The whole room was surrounded by warmth and laziness.

Ruyan opened her eyes and looked at the man sleeping beside her. She had an unexplainable feeling now since her first time was taken away by this man, but she knew that this was what she wanted too. They both had a great time the whole night.

She had a more mixed feeling when she saw the blood spots on the bed sheet. She trimmed off the part of the sheet where the blood spots were with her painful body and put it away carefully.

After all, this was her first time, she wanted to keep it as a memory.

When Ruyan put the sheet blood spot piece away and turned back, she found Qingfeng was staring at her greedily.

"Ahh! Pervert, what are you looking at," Ruyan changed her face while screaming out loud since she suddenly realized she was entirely naked.

"Gan-sister, we have already slept together. What are you worried about, huh," Qingfeng looked at her erotically while smiling.

"Pervert, what do you want," Ruyan said sacredly while stepping backwards when she saw Qingfeng’s gaze.

"What do I want? Of course the thing we did last night," Qingfeng smiled while rushing up to Ruyan. He then held her up and threw her on the bed.

Qingfeng went on top of Ruyan like a starving tiger, right when he was about to start, the phone suddenly rang, which made him upset.

Whoever was calling was such a pest. Why did they have to call at this moment?

Qingfeng took out his phone and tried to hang up, yet he accidentally pressed the pick up button.

"Where are you now," Xue Lin asked skeptically on the other side on the phone

Qingfeng shivered terrifyingly once he heard Xue Lin’s voice. His boner disappeared immediately.

Jesus Christ! This was a call from his wife!

"Boss, What do you need me for," Qingfeng was holding his phone and asked quietly in the corner.

Qingfeng didn’t have the balls to call his boss his wife directly on the phone since Ruyan was there. He would get into trouble if Ruyan found out.

"Why didn’t you come back home last night," Xue Lin asked suspiciously with a cold tone.

Xue Lin lived with Qingfeng since she was his wife. She knew he didn’t come back home since she didn’t see him in the house since this morning.

Since they were married, Qingfeng had always been sleeping at home even during the time they fought and were going to divorce before.

Xue Lin felt like something was weird and empty since it was the first time Qingfeng didn’t return home and sleep last night.

"Boss, I drank too much last night and just slept in a hotel," Qingfeng made an excuse while frowning.

"What a bad excuse," Ruyan twisted her lips while looking at him with disdain.

"Seems like I heard a woman’s voice, did you sleep with another woman last night?" Xue Lin had sensitive ears and caught the voice of Ruyan even if she was just murmuring.

"Boss, it would never happen. I am a gentleman of honor. How could I sleep with other women?" Qingfeng hushed at Ruyan and signaled her not to speak.

However, Ruyan sneered and popped out some tricky ideas when she heard Xue Lin was on the phone.

Since Xue Lin was her enemy, she definitely had to do something if Xue Lin was calling Qingfeng now.

"Ouch, Qingfeng, you hurt me," Ruyan screamed. Her voice was tender enough to turn people on.

"Qingfeng Li, you bastard dare to sleep with other women," Xue Lin said furiously after she heard the voice of Ruyan.

"President, listen to me, it’s not what you’re thinking right now," Qingfeng changed his face and explained worriedly.

"Come to the company right now! Otherwise, you’ll know what will happen," Xue Lin hung up the phone when she finished speaking. Qingfeng was still hearing the beeping sounds.

Damn, my wife is mad. Qingfeng was getting worried and frustrated.

It’s all because of this little tricky chick. Qingfeng glared at Ruyan while frowning.

He would definitely sleep with her for several days and nights if Xue Lin didn’t tell him to go to the company right now.

"Aw, what is that gaze? Didn’t somebody just say they wanted to sleep with me for several days and nights," Ruyan said seductively while smiling.

"Little vixen, I will leave you alone this time, but I’ll punish you in the future."

Qingfeng walked out of the room and headed towards the company after he glared at Ruyan angrily.