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Chapter 153: Ruyan“s Fiancée

voice on the phone was slightly warning Ruyan.

"Father, what do you mean?"

"What I mean is simple. Stay away from Qingfeng Li, otherwise, he’ll get into trouble."

"Father, you can’t do anything to him. Third Grandpa has told me that he has an extraordinary background that it’s better for us not bother him."

Ruyan suddenly changed her face and brought up her third grandpa when she heard her father was warning Qingfeng.

Her third grandpa knew some mysterious secrets since he used to work as a commander in a military region.

However, the man on the phone started to burst into laughter and said without taking it seriously, "Extraordinary background? I have done my research, Qingfeng Li is the grandson of the Jing Capital’s Li Family."

"What? Did you just say he was the grandson of the Jing Capital’s Li Family?" Ruyan was surprised when she heard what her father said.

She knew the Li Family was one of the four noble families that was also the top family in China. It was a powerful existence like the Liu Family and Wang Family.

Then, it would totally make sense for her third grandpa to take care of Qingfeng if he was the grandson of the Li Family.

"But father, aren’t we suppose to get along with him instead of stay away from him if he is the grandson of the Li Family?" Ruyan asked curiously.

"He was an abandoned son in his family. His parents died at their young age and he was disliked by the current owner of the Li Family. That being said, he has no force in his family. If we want to get along with the Li Family, we have to get along with their core grandsons instead," the voice on the phone explained slowly.

Ruyan started to doubt after hearing what her father said. Is it true though? Why would third grandpa still favour Qingfeng if he was abandoned by the Li Family.

Did someone who was abandoned deserve her third grandpa, who had worked as a commander in the military branch of the government, to keep repeating his importance to her? She knew that her third grandpa loved her so much that he even showed more affections to her than to her own father.

How could someone who was favoured by third grandpa be that simple?

"Ruyan, just cut all the contact with Qingfeng Li no matter what and come back to Jing Capital in a month," the man on the phone hung up right when he finished.

"Father, you don’t even know that I have already given my virginity to Qingfeng," Ruyan started to murmur while listening to the beeping sounds on the phone.

A month... Ruyan looked somehow depressed. She definitely wouldn’t listen to her father and decided to have fun for the rest of her time here in Eastern Sea City.

To be honest, Ruyan had never been dating in her life. She decided to date someone for the rest of this month.

Speaking of the dating partner, that would definitely be Qingfeng.


At this moment, Qingfeng was heading to Ice Snow Corporation in a taxi.

Looking at those skyscrapers, he was still frustrated about how he could explain to Xue Lin about Ruyan’s voice being heard on the phone

Many people were wondering why Qingfeng was so scared of his wife. He wasn't scared of his wife. Instead, he loved his wife.

Xue Lin and him had experienced two assassinations before, and Xue Lin was almost dead because of Qingfeng's enemy. Qingfeng was therefore always feeling guilty to her and tried to let her show her attitudes towards himself.

Qingfeng had arrived at the third floor from the first floor in a second.

In the office.

Xue Lin looked stunning with her quiet and magnificent face, her fair skin, and her perfect body figure shaped by her chest and hips. She was, indeed, a natural beauty without any make-up.

Qingfeng would be impressed by her extraordinary beauty every single time he saw her.