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Chapter 154: Wife Got a Cold

Chapter 154: Wife Got a Cold

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"You still know to come back?" Seeing Qingfeng Li come in, Xue Lin’s cold yet elegant face showed a touch of anger.

"Honey, this is the company, of course I have to come back to work." Qingfeng Li grinned, and said happily.

He knew that when Xue Lin was angry, putting a smile on his face was the best method. As the saying went, arm don’t stretch to hit the laughing face.

"Let me ask you, why did I hear Ruyan Liu's voice on the phone?" thinking about the sound just now, Xue Lin was furious.

She hated vixens like Ruyan Liu the most because that bitch was always trying to seduce her husband. Unexpectedly, her husband was actually messing around with Ruyan Liu. How could she not get angry?

She was angry, very angry, very very angry.

Facing Xue Lin’s questioning, Qingfeng Li turned his eyes and quickly thought of a strategy.

"Honey, Ruyan Liu is framing me. Don’t forget, you and her are enemies. Hearing you call me, she deliberately said that." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said.

"Is that so. But why were you with her?" Xue Lin frowned a bit, and was still suspicious.

"Honey, I met her when I walked out of the neighborhood this morning. Have you forgotten that she was living at Villa 14, right behind our house."

The excuse Qingfeng Li made up was too great, directly getting Xue Lin to trust him more. Because Ruyan Liu’s villa was really behind Xue Lin’s.

Thinking about that bitch Ruyan Liu. She was really cunning and would really speak intentionally to make her angry. Xue Lin had begun to trust Qingfeng Li’s words.


Xue Lin opened her red lips and suddenly sneezed.

"Honey, do you have a cold?" Qingfeng Li’s handsome face was full of concern.

His honey had been always healthy. Unexpectedly, she got a cold. So what the weather forecast said about the temperature getting cooler was real.

"Yes. I didn’t sleep well last night." Xue Lin nodded, then she sneezed again.

She got up several times last night. She really had a cold. Now she had a stuffy nose, a dizzy head and was constantly sneezing.

"Honey, I'll give you a massage for a while." Qingfeng Li quickly walked behind Xue Lin. He smiled and said.

His massage technique was really good, reaching plenty of acupuncture points. It could cure plenty of diseases.

"Massaging can cure a cold?"

"Yes, massages can dispel the chill in the body, spreading it out. You’ll get well soon."

"Well, then massage."

Xue Lin smiled coldly and elegantly, and said to Qingfeng Li. She knew that Qingfeng had great massaging technique. Last time he massaged her shoulder and it got well shortly after the massage.

Qingfeng Li came to Xue Lin’s back, stretched out his hands and started to massage from the acupuncture points on the head, then followed the head, the neck, shoulder and back.

Xue Lin had a great body shape. Her clavicle was crystal like jade and the curve of her back was perfect. Her skin was smooth and delicate. Putting his palm on it, it felt as if he was touching the finest silk, feeling extremely comfortable.

Qingfeng Li pressed Xue Lin's pressure points on his back and expelled the chill within her body, driving out the chill and moisture inside.

With Qingfeng Li’s massage, Xue Lin felt her body get warm and that her nose wasn’t blocked any more. She felt the circulation of her blood became smoother.

"You actually cured my cold?" Xue Lin felt the unobstructed nose. Her cold yet elegant face showed a hint of satisfaction.

It didn’t occur to her that Qingfeng Li actually cured her cold. So this guy really had some talents.

"Honey, how about some more massage?" Qingfeng Li smiled gently, touching Xue Lin’s smooth back, and said, grinning.

Xue Lin’s skin was too good and felt like the finest silk. It was extremely comfortable that one couldn’t stop touching it.

"No. it’s time for work. Hurry up to the sales department." Xue Li directly hit off Qingfeng Li’s dirty hands and asked him to go to work quickly.

Of course, the reason why Xue Lin was anxiously asking Qingfeng Li to go was because she was afraid people would find out.

She didn’t want anyone to find out about their relationship. As the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation, she had to keep her dignity and mysteriousness.

"Well, honey, I’m going." Qingfeng Li smiled, turned around and left, walking towards the sales department.

"Big brother Li, you’re finally here for work." The sound of a surprise came.

Qingfeng Li turned around and found it was Xiaoyue Zhang who was talking. She was beautiful and her big eyes were like stars in the sky. It was extremely attractive when they blinked. Her skin was like that of porcelain dolls that people couldn’t help to bite.

She wore a light blue suit today, accentuating her huge papaya-like breasts, as if they were popping out. Her body curve was also extremely eye-catching.

"Sister Xiaoyue, long time no see. You became more beautiful." Qingfeng Li grinned and flirted.

"Big brother Li, you are still as flattering as always." Hearing Qingfeng Li’s praise, Xiaoyue Zhang’s face showed a hint of blush.

Of course, others praised Xiaoyue Zhang like that too. But she ignored them directly.

"Big brother Li, where have you been these two days?"

"Sister Xiaoyue, I’ve got things to do recently. So I didn’t go to work. Didn’t someone ask a leave for me?"

"Big brother Li, it was the president who gave you the leave. Tell me, are you and the president acquaintances?"

Xiaoyue Zhang’s beautiful face showed a touch of curiosity. Her eyelashes blinked, feeling that the big brother Li that was in front of her must know the president.

Why did she ask? Because the CEO had never helped give leave for somebody else. Qingfeng Li was the first one she helped.

"Ohh, then I need to thank my wife." Qingfeng Li grinned and said, smiling.

What? Honey? You called the CEO "wife"?

Xiaoyue Zhang’s face was full of confusion, with golden little stars flashing in her eyes. Then she thought this was impossible. CEO Xue Lin is the number one beauty in Eastern Sea City. Why would she be Qingfeng Li’s wife.

"Liar, big brother Li, you are such a liar. The president isn’t married. How could she be your honey?" Xiaoyue Zhang shook her beautiful little head, her face full of doubts.

She felt that Qingfeng Li was a big liar. Saying president was your honey is no better than saying I’m your honey.

"Sister Xiaoyue, you’re so smart. I just can’t deceive you." Qingfeng Li wiped the sweat on his forehead, his face full of fear.

He spilt the beans just now and actually said that the CEO was his wife. Luckily Xiaoyue didn’t believe it. Otherwise, he would be screwed.

Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t believe the president was his wife. Though Qingfeng Li got away with it, he was a little bit depressed in the heart. Do I look too ugly to deserve the president?

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