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Chapter 155: Company New Year Gala

Chapter 155: Company New Year Gala

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"Right, big brother Li. Today is New Year’s Eve, the company is arranging a party. What do you want to perform?" Xiaoyue Zhang grinned, blinking her beautiful big eyes and said.

Ah, today’s New Year’s Eve. Qingfeng Li let out an "ugh", exclaiming that time really passed fast. New year’s eve meant that another year has passed. Of course, China’s New Year’s Eve was the Spring festival. There was still some time until then.

New Year’s Eve was an important festival. Whether it be the companies, schools or corporations, they would all hold a party to celebrate the arrival of a new year.

The Ice Snow Corporation holds a New Year’s Eve party every year. Each department will send several people to participate.

Xiaoyue Zhang is the team leader of the sales department, and was in charge of the participation of this competition within the department.

"Sister Xiaoyue, I’d better not go. I don’t like taking part in competitions like this." Qingfeng Li shook his head, indicating that he didn’t want to participate.

"Big brother Li, every department has to present three performances in the New Year’s Eve party. I already nominated you." Xiaoyue Zhang held Qingfeng Li’s arms, curling up her cherry little mouth, and said, acting childishly.

Her cheeks are white and soft, skin smooth and delicate. She was very attractive when she acted like a child.

"Xiaoyue Sister, why can't you put others’ names, instead of mine?" Qingfeng Li scratched Xiaoyue Zhang’s palm. His good-looking noise slightly wrinkled.

He liked to keep a low profile and disliked the spotlight.

"Big brother Li! There are 15 departments in the company, with 45 performances in total. Please help."

Xiaoyue Zhang, as the leader of the sales department, naturally wanted honor for the sales department. She knew that Qingfeng Li is quite capable. To get him to appear in the New Year’s Eve performance, she had to act like a child.

"Sure I can help you. But only if you give me a kiss." Qingfeng Li saw her attractive little lips and said, grinning.


In order to get Qingfeng Li to participate in the show, Xiaoyue Zhang stuck out her little lips and kissed him, then she went back to her seat, her face full of guilt. She was afraid that others would find out.

Damn Qingfeng Li, bad Qingfeng Li, only knows how to embarrass me in front of others. Xiaoyue Zhang’s pretty face turned red. She was seen by a colleague when she kissed Qingfeng Li, which frightened her to hide under the desk, covering her head with documents. She dared not to look up.

"Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang, Li Lee. Come to the office for a moment."

Wanqiu Xia wore a purple dress. Her face was elegant and pretty, and she called Qingfeng Li and the others to the office.

Lee Li was also a sales department staff which just got hired recently. Her face was comely and she was skinny. Though not very beautiful, her look was very engaging, very suitable for dancing.

It is said that she graduated from the dance school and her dance was particularly good. So she signed up for a dance performance.

"The three shows of our sales department for the New Year’s Eve party this time will be on you three. Do you have the confidence to win first place?" Wanqiu Xia sat on the chair, her eyelashes blinked and asked them.

The sales department reported three performances this time: Qingfeng Li sings, Xiaoyue Zhang plays the piano and Li Lee dances.



Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Lee both said they had the confidence to win the first place. As members of the sales department, naturally they wanted to strive for glory for the sales department.

"Qingfeng Li, and you?" Wanqiu Xia’a beautiful eyes blinked. Her look towards Qingfeng Li was full of strange feelings.

Wanqiu Xia knew that the relationship between Qingfeng Li and her was not simple, but with a layer of hazy feelings.

Of course, she didn’t dare to break the boundary, nor did she dare to take that first step.

"Director Xia, of course I have."

Qingfeng Li patted on his chest, his face full of confidence. Xiaoyue Zhang was standing beside. He didn’t dare to call Wanqiu Xia "Sister Xia".

"Great. If you can win the first place at the New Year's Party, I'll invite you to dinner." Wanqiu Xia encouraged the three, then waved, asking them to leave.

But before Qingfeng Li left, he touched Wanqiu Xia’s pink little hand, which made her pretty face blushed. She glared at Qingfeng Li, afraid that Xiaoyue Zhang would find out.

When the sales department was preparing for the show, another 14 departments were also in preparation. Some directors were cheering up their people and encouraging them to strive for number one.

Every department sent the best performers for the theatrical performances to win first place.

The competition must be really fierce. Qingfeng Li’s competitors were also very capable.

At this point, at the vice president's office.

Vice President Jianjun Hu sat on the chair, his face gloomy and eyes flashing coldness.

Standing in front of him was a pale and chubby middle-aged man wearing glasses. This middle-aged man was called Wei Hu, the Director of the Logistics Department in the Ice Snow Corporation and the organizer of the New Year’s Eve party.

"Wei Hu, did Qingfeng Li sign up for the New Year’s Eve show?"

Jianjun Hu frowned a bit and asked in a cold voice.

"Vice president, he did. He will participate representing the sales department. He will be singing." Wei Hu smiled respectfully and said.

He was promoted by Jianjun Hu, and was a distant relative of him. Naturally, he listened to Jianjun Hu.

"Wei Hu, say, if there’s a fire in the party, it will burn quite a lot of people right." Jianjun Hu smiled coldly. What he said was frightening.

What, fire? Setting a fire on New Year’s Eve?

Wei Hu’s facial expression changed. His eyes showed a bit of hesitance. From what he heard of the vice president’s words, he seemed to want to set fire at the New Year’s Eve gala.

To be sure, the president, directors, team leaders, and all the employees in Ice Snow Corporation will attend the New Year’s Eve gala. Once the gala catches fire, it will cause injuries and deaths, huge losses.

"Vice president, you want to set the New Year’s Eve party on fire?" Wei Hu asked, a bit afraid. He was afraid to hear yes.

However, he heard what he was afraid of.

"Wei Hu, you are the director of the New Year’s Eve gala. I will prepare some gasoline. When the gala is over, light it. It’s the best if you do it near Qingfeng Li. Light it and burn him to death." Jianjun Hu said viciously, his tone full of murderous intent.

What? Set fire after the gala, and burn Qingfeng Li to death?

Hearing the words of the vice president, Wei Hu was in shock, after which he was deeply frightened.

He knew that there would be several hundred people attending the gala. Once it’s lit, it will kill people.

"Wei Hu, you dare not do it?" Jianjun Hu laughed coldly, and said in a cold voice.

"Vice president, setting fire will kill people. Why are you doing this?" Wei Hu’s eyes were full of confusion and puzzlement.

"Why, my son Qiang Hu was beaten by Qingfeng Li and got a serious injury. He was taken away by the police, and is facing years of imprisonment. I want to avenge him." Jianjun Hu’s face was gloomy and he said viciously.

Seeing the miserable look of his son in prison, Jianjun Hu had made up his mind to get revenge. Of course, he not only hated Qingfeng Li now but also the CEO Xue Lin.

If president Xue Lin didn’t protect Qingfeng Li, he would have kicked Qingfeng Li out of the company. So Jianjun Hu wanted to get revenge on Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin.

Jianjun Hu had been looking for an opportunity. He finally found one this time, that is, the New Year’s Eve Gala. He wanted to set fire on the gala and take revenge on Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin.

"Wei Hu, don’t forget, you embezzled 10 million Yuan from the company, got a mistress outside, and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old teenage girl. If I said these things out loud, what do you think will happen to you?"

Jianjun Hu smiled coldly, and said, his face full of threats.

"Vice president, you can’t say this out loud. I’ll listen to you and set fire to the gala."

Hearing Jianjun Hu’s words, Wei Hu shivered, his eyes full of terror and said hurriedly.

He knew that if Jianjun Hu said the bad things he had done, he would be in prison, with tens of years in sentences. In order to stay out of the jail, he had to listen to the vice president.