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Chapter 157:

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"Caixia Lu, I can't believe you actually got Meilian Wang to sing on stage."

Wanqiu Xia frowned and glared at Caixia Lu. She despised the woman whom let Meilian Wang sing on stage just so she could get the Honorable Director title.

Meilian Wang went overseas to do field work only the day before yesterday. And yet in order to win, Caixia Lu actually called back Meilian Wang from abroad. It was a very cunning move.

"Wanqiu Xia, I've already told you, this year's Honorable Director title is bound to be mine. Your sales department is going to lose." Caixia Lu flung back her bangs and with proud eyes, condescendingly looked at Wanqiu Xia.

As long as she got the title, she could climb further up on the corporate ladder and achieve a better position.

"Meilian Wang, we love you."

"Good luck Meilian Wang."

"We want to hear the song 'The River Upstream'."

A mass of workers stood up and yelled out Meilian Wang's name, some also wanting her to sing "The River Upstream".

Meilian Wang stood in the middle of the stage with a huge smile. She was pretty. With rouge lipstick and revealing clothes, she had a flair of seductiveness. Her presence attracted many of the single men in the crowd.

"My name is Meilian Wang, and as a representative of the Public Relations Department, I will sing "The River Upstream."

She smiled as she picked up her microphone, took a deep breath, and started singing.

"What does the mottled night say, who can tell me how to choose. Whenever I think of the time of separation, my sadness flows upstream into a river. Whom do you give your warmth to? And whom will care for me..."

Since Meilian Wang graduated from a music school, she had exceptional singing abilities. The song "The Upstream River" was sang incredibly well by her, it was beautiful to everybody.

Clap Clap Clap...

The audience gave out deafening claps and loud cheers telling Meilian Wang how well she sang.

Upon seeing that Meilian Wang's song was well received by the audience, Caixia Lu showed a face of happiness. On the other hand, Wanqiu Xia, who was sitting right beside her, had a face of gloominess. She could only hope that Qingfeng Li will do well.

Wanqiu Xia herself have never heard him sing before so she doesn't know of his singing abilities. It was only through Xiaoyue Zhang, whom went to a KTV with Qingfeng Li before, that she heard that Qingfeng Li had good singing abilities.

"Next up is Qingfeng Li from the Sales Department. He will also be singing a song to us. Let us all welcome him."

The host, through the microphone, announced the next guest and his song.

Qingfeng Li tidied his shirt, put on a handsome posture, and walked towards the stage. On his way, he bumped into Meilian Wang who was just getting off the stage.

"Qingfeng Li, in terms of singing abilities, you are no match to me." Meilian Wang coldly laughed and mockingly looked at Qingfeng Li.

Meilian Wang despised Qingfeng Li. He had insulted her not too long ago, and called her ugly.

All women loved beauty and they loved to be called pretty. So because Qingfeng Li called her ugly, she was very angry.

"A frog at the bottom of the well, not knowing how big the sky really is."

"Qingfeng Li, you dare call me the frog at the bottom of the well?"

"You're not just the frog at the bottom of the well, but also a frog that can't even sing."

"Qingfeng Li, boasting is all you can do. You think I sing bad? Why don't you show off your singing skills then."

"I will let you know, what singing really is. What a man's love to a woman really is."

Qingfeng Li cockily replied and paid no more attention to her as he continued onwards to the stage.

"I'm Qingfeng Li from the Sales Department and I will be singing 'Farewell My Concubine'. I am dedicating this song to our boss Xue Lin."

Qingfeng Li smiled as he decided to dedicate his song to Xue Lin. Today was New Years, of course he had to give his wife a present.

"Who is this guy, he dares to dedicate the song to our boss?"

"He said he's Qingfeng Li from Sales Department. Looks like he's got some guts, to have the courage to sing to the boss. Don't tell me he wants to date our boss."

"Damn, how come I didn't think of singing to our boss."

"You? Don't even think about it. If you dare sing to our boss, you'll be fired by tomorrow."

The crowd started whispering to each other, all surprised that he dedicated the song to their boss. It was a very brave move.

But Meilian Wang had just sang, it was a disadvantage to sing right after her, as she sang beautifully. Nobody thought that Qingfeng Li would be able to win.

Qingfeng Li, even on stage, could hear the whisperings of the crowd. "The Upstream River" was good, but he knew, was nowhere close to "Farewell My Concubine".

A love story of the ages, the infatuated couple. The song "Farewell My Concubine" required the singer to put in real emotions. It is only then will the song move the audience.

Qingfeng Li lifted the microphone in hand, took a deep breath, and started his performance.

"I stand amidst the wind. Hate cannot sway my throbbing heart. As I stare up at the clouds, sword in hand, I want to ask who is the hero of us all. There are millions in the world, but I only love you, the kind of...."

Qingfeng Li was singing soulfully. Xiang Yu, until the moment of his suicide, loved Yu Ji to death.

The entire banquet hall was silent. Everybody was immersed in the poignant love story.

The willingness to die for their loved one, there was no love greater than that.

Xue Lin, with her lush jade hands, covered her mouth. Her beautiful eyes had traces of tears. She was very touched.

She knew the song was a present from Qingfeng Li to her, and she was very fond of it.

Husband, in fact, I actually like you too. Xue Lin quietly whispered, her eyes still haven't moved from Qingfeng Li on stage.

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...

The hall exploded with applause. Everybody gave a standing ovation to Qingfeng Li because of how well he sang. He was able to express the love of a man towards a woman so vividly through his song.

"'Farewell My Concubine' is so good, even better than 'The Upstream River'."

"I think so too, that was such a touching song."

"I think in this singing competition, Qingfeng Li is the sure winner."

All around, the audience started expressing their opinions. They looked at Qingfeng Li with a face of excitement, some female employees even screamed "Qingfeng Li we love you."

Qingfeng Li's popularity at the Ice Snow Corporation rose rapidly. His reputation, was not much different from that of the boss, Xue Lin.

At the rostrum, many of the senior management staff looked at Qingfeng Li with appreciation. He sang the song so well he even moved them.

"Caixia Lu, your Public Relations Department is going to lose." Wanqiu Lu, fixed her bangs as she spoke out, her face filled with excitement.

She knew the song "Farewell My Concubine" was bound to win.

Caixia Lu's expression changed upon hearing her words. She wanted to rebut, but decided against it as she heard everybody around her saying how good Qingfeng Li was.

Damn that Qingfeng Li. Where did he even come from, to be able to sing a song so well. Caixia Lu was very annoyed.