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Chapter 158: Gala Over, Danger Arrives

Chapter 158: Gala Over, Danger Arrives

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Qingfeng Li, as expected, won first place in the singing competition and got the Sales Department a good ranking. Soon after, Xiaoyue Zhang also got first, in the piano competition.

After receiving first place for 2 competitions, the Sales Department ended up getting first place at the end of the New Years Banquet.

When the banquet ended, the vice president and the logistics director started scheming up something.

"Wei Hu, is the gasoline oil ready yet?" The vice president sent a text message to Wei Hu.

He didn't dare make a call, being too scared of anybody overhearing their conversation.

"Vice President, everything is ready." Wei Hu replied him with a text.

"Good, pour the gasoline into the waiting room and surrounding area. Wait for all the participants of the competition, including Qingfeng Li, to be in it, and light it on fire. We'll burn him." Jianjun Hu ordered through texting.

In the corner of the waiting room, Wei Hu was hugging a bucket of gasoline. He had a concerned look on his face.

In all honesty, he did not want to set the fire. He knew that if he did, there are bound to be casualties. Inside that room were 45 employees.

On the other hand, he also knew that if he didn't set it on fire, the Vice President would expose all of his wrongdoings and that wouldn't end well with him.

"Just set it on fire. As soon as I light it, I will run and nobody will find out." Wei Hu gritted his teeth and finally convinced himself to set it on fire.

Wei Hu poured the entire bucket outside the waiting room's door and took out his lighter, ready to set it on fire.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and a few other participants of the competition were all inside the waiting room. Some were taking off makeup while others were resting.

"Brother Li, you sang very well." Xiaoyue Zhang spoke to Qingfeng Li, her eyelashes fluttering, and her eyes glistering with admiration.

Everybody around them nodded their heads, agreeing with Xiaoyue Zhang. They were all enchanted with Qingfeng Li's singing.

"Little Yue, your piano skills were very good too." Qingfeng Li replied with a smile.

Inside the waiting room, a lot of employees from other departments went up to Qingfeng Li to talk to him, wanting to get to know him more.

"Something is wrong, there is a gasoline smell." Qingfeng Li's facial expression suddenly changed. He was very sensitive to the smell of gasoline because he used to live in the Wolf Continent and back there, he often came into contact with such a scent.

But here was the Ice Snow Corporation. The company sold mainly jewelry and had nothing to do with gasoline.

As soon as he smelt the scent, there was only one possibility that he came up with, somebody was pouring gasoline outside.

In a flash, he moved to the door and pulled it open, a wave of gasoline scent hit him dead on.

With the door opening, everybody else started smelling the gasoline too. They all looked towards the door. And upon seeing gasoline soaking every corner of the corridor outside, everybody was startled.

At the end of the corridor not too far away, Wei Hu had opened up his lighter, ready to throw it into the gasoline.

Oh Shit, Everybody's facial expressions changed. They knew that as soon as Wei Hu set the gasoline on fire, everybody in the room was doomed.

But they were too far from Wei Hu, they were at least dozens of meters away from him. It was too late to stop him.

When Wei Hu saw Qingfeng Li opening the door, his face changed immediately. He originally wanted to leave as soon as he set the gasoline on fire. But before he could do it, the door opened.

How they did find out about me, Wei Hu was very shocked.

Because he was so startled, his hands trembled and the lighter fell towards the ground. It fell right towards the puddle of gasoline that he just poured.

Everybody was in a dire situation. As soon as that lighter hits the ground, nobody would survive.


A few people's faces grew pale and out came several shrieks.

"Let me borrow your buttons." Qingfeng Li used his hand and plucked a button off of Xiaoyue Zhang's shirt. He took the button and threw it at the lighter.

"Pervert." Her huge breasts came popping out like papayas as the buttons became unbuttoned. She quickly used her hands to block the front of her chest in an attempt to block the view.


The lighter was directly hit by the button that Qingfeng Li threw and it flew across the floor, the danger was disarmed.

Of course, as the culprit, Qingfeng Li was not going to let Wei Hu go.

In an instant, Qingfeng Li was in front of Wei Hu. He gave his stomach a good quick kick.

In front of the culprit that almost killed everybody, Qingfeng Li was not going to let him go that easily.


Wei Hu's body flew across the corridor and collided into the wall. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as his body collapsed to the floor.

The huge commotion caused the president to come running down the corridor. She was followed after by the vice president and various other department directors.

When she saw the gasoline on the floor, her face became pale. As the president of the corporation, she knew very well what gasoline meant.

She knew that once lit, everybody inside that waiting room would be dead. Whoever wanted to kill them was very despicable.

"What happened here?" She frighteningly asked Qingfeng Li.

"President, Wei Hu wanted to set the gasoline on fire but I was able to stop him in time." Qingfeng Li pointed towards Wei Hu who was still on the floor.

"President, Wei Hu is indeed abominable, to have wanted us dead."

"Call the police, let the police deal with him. He just committed a huge crime."

"Calling the police is too easy for him. We should beat him up first."

Everybody who was in the waiting room were very vocal with their opinions. After all, they were almost killed inside that room, they all had pent up anger.

Bang Bang Bang...

Everybody went up to him and started punching and kicking at Wei Hu. In no time, he was bruised all over the place, giving out painful cries.

"Stop for a second, I still have some things to ask." Qingfeng Li soon stopped the crowd and walked towards Wei Hu.

"Wei Hu, answer me, why did you want to set the waiting room on fire?" Qingfeng Li questioned him.

Wei Hu looked at Qingfeng Li, then at Jianjun Hu. His lips moved slightly but he didn't say anything upon Qingfeng Li's inquiry.

When he saw Wei Hu's eye movement, he followed along with it and instantly understood when he traced it to Jianjun Hu.

He knew that Wei Hu was the Logistics Director of the company, that was a very good position. An easy position to easily swallow company money by reporting a higher budget than the actual cost of supplies he purchases.

Doing something as setting the company on fire was not going to be dealt with only a simple expulsion from the company if he was found out. It could be as serious as going into jail. Qingfeng Li did not believe for one second that Wei Hu would not care for his own future and do something as stupid as setting the company on fire. There was only one possibility, that somebody told him to do it.

Wei Hu was already a Director, his title was high even amongst other directors. There weren't many people who could order him. Only president or vice president-level people could.

Xue Lin, obviously, wouldn't order him to set the company on fire. So evidently, the person behind the scenes was the vice president Jianjun Hu.

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