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Chapter 159: Little Xue Xue was Shy

Chapter 159: Little Xue Xue was Shy

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"Wei Hu, let me ask you, who ordered you to pour the gasoline?" Qingfeng Li frowned and coldly asked.

Wei Hu's eyes flickered around on his bruised face, sometimes flickering towards Jianjun Hu.

"Wei Hu, let me tell you this. What you've done today was incredibly dangerous for the general public here. The penalty for pouring gasoline is incredibly severe. As soon the police arrive, you will be sent to jail. We have 45 employees here. Based on this severity, you will be sentenced to death." Qingfeng Li coldly smiled at him as he threatened.

Of course, the penalty was going to be severe, but only severe to the point of going to jail, not to the point of being sentenced to death. Qingfeng Li just said it to scare Wei Hu.

As expected, upon hearing death, Wei Hu became scared.

He loudly yelled out, "I confess I confess! I did it all because of the Vice President. He told me to wait outside the waiting room and pour gasoline there in order to burn everybody inside it."

"Wei Hu, you're speaking nonsense. When did I ever order you to set things on fire." Jianjun Hu's yelled back, he was not happy.

Ordering arson was a huge crime. Of course Jianjun Hu was not going to admit it. If he did, he would have to go to jail.

"This is the text message that you sent it me, it is you that ordered me to do it." Wei Hu pulled out the phone in his pocket and waved it in the air.

When he saw the phone, Jianjun Hu turned paled. After all the planning, he forgot all about the text messages. In order to not be overheard, he decided against calling and sent text messages instead. He did not expect it to come back to bite him.

Jianjun Dashed towards Wei Hu, wanting to take the phone out of his hand and smash it. His only chance of remaining safe was to smash the phone so there would be no evidence.

But just as he grabbed the phone and raised his hand to smash it, his right hand was grabbed by another hand. Jianjun Hu turned his head to see Qingfeng Li standing right behind him, having a firm grip on his hand.

"You want to destroy evidence?" Qingfeng Li took the phone away from him and with a kick, he sent Jianjun Hu sprawling onto the floor.

Qingfeng Li took the phone and scrolled through the messages and as he expected, he found the messages sent from Jianjun Hu. The orders of pouring the gasoline.

A huge crisis, under Qingfeng Li's lightning-fast actions, was very nicely resolved. After a scare, everybody was very thankful for Qingfeng Li. They knew that if not for Qingfeng Li, it would have been a disaster.

At once, everybody gave thankful and appreciative glances to Qingfeng Li. Females from different departments looked at Qingfeng Li with sparkling eyes, all with a face of adoration for him.

Soon after, the police arrived and handcuffed both Jianjun Hu and Wei Hu. What awaited them was trial and punishment. Their faces were pale as they were taken out.

Of course, after such an event, they were both fired from their positions as well. The company did not want people like them.

The New Years Banquet finally ended, it was 9 pm at night.

Even though it was only 9 pm, it was already dark outside. The Winter weather made it incredibly cold outdoors. There was even a small amount of snow at the moment.

The snowflakes slowly drifted towards the floor. It was the first snowfall of the year.

The employees of Ice Snow Corporation started leaving for home. As they left, most of what they talked about was Qingfeng Li. Even though he was only a small employee of the Sales Department, his popularity in the company was no worse than Xue Lin.

Xue Lin drove home herself, Qingfeng Li naturally did not go with her. In order for people to not find out about their relationship, he took the taxi home.

Villa Number 13.

Inside the living room, Xue Lin changed into a set of white sleeping attire. Her figure, with the complement of the white attire, was even more exquisite. Her body accompanied with her flushed face made Qingfeng Li unable to take his eyes off.

"Dear, thank you for today." Xue Lin shyly smiled at Qingfeng Li as she thanked him.

Not only did Qingfeng Li save the company but also dedicated a song to her. The lyrics were about a man's undying love to a woman, it touched Xue Lin.

"Wife, no need to thank me. I want a reward."

"What reward do you want?"

"I want a kiss."

Qingfeng Li smiled as his eyes shone brightly.

As the saying went, strike while the iron's hot. In a single day, he had done a lot of things to make her feel a sense of gratitude towards him. It was the best time to do things that normally wouldn't have been done.

Or else if he waited until Xue Lin turned back into an ice queen, it would have been more difficult to demand things like kisses from her.

When she heard what he wanted, she showed a face of discomfort.

Xue Lin was a little bit germ phobic, she's always hated touching people ever since she was small. She didn't like to have much contact with men, thus resulting in her cold personality.

At this moment her husband wanted to kiss her and she didn't know how to respond. But since he had done so much for her today, she couldn't just refuse.

My husband wants to kiss me. What should I do? Her face grew redder as her heart started thumping faster.

"My wife, here I come." Qingfeng Li gave an evil smile and grasped his hands around her waist. He gave her a French kiss, the most romantic thing between French couples.

Wuuuu, bad guy, bully. Xue Lin's body shook a little. She was blushing and her eyes had a look of embarrassment.

While basking in Qingfeng Li's manly presence, she indulged herself.

The French kiss lasted for half an hour. Her lips afterwards, all flushed red.

"Per-vert." Her blush did not diminish as she said with embarrassed anger.


Little Xue Xue, that was your first kiss. You maintained it for 24 years and now it's gone. She didn't know how to feel.


To her, even though she rejected it on the surface, she secretly really enjoyed it.


"Honey, do you want another one." When he saw her plumped lips, he smacked his own lips together, wanting another kiss.


Her lips were very sweet, like honeydew, it felt very comfortable against his.

"No, my lips are all swollen. I want to rest a bit." Xue Lin hid her little head between her legs, too embarrassed to lift her head.

The president of Ice Snow Corporation, to see the petite fragile side of her would have made any of the men in Eastern Sea City feel heartbroken.

When he saw the slightly swollen lips of Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li did not want to force her anymore. He got her first kiss after all. It was a step towards getting all of her.

He believed that through his hard work, before long, they would eventually be able to go all the way.

"Dear, I need to go rest now." She said shyly and ran towards the second floor, her heart pounding.

"I'm your husband, not some mean bad wolf. What's there to be scared of?" Qingfeng Li smiled as he looked at Xue Lin who ran away.

Of course, he knew that it was because she was very shy. It was her first kiss after all.