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Chapter 160: A Date with Ruyan Liu

Chapter 160: A Date with Ruyan Liu

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The weather was gloomy the next day. It had snowed for the entire night and the ground was covered in white.

There was snow on the trees, houses and roads. The entire world was covered with snow.

Qingfeng woke up very early. After cleaning himself and eating breakfast, he prepared to go to work.

Even though he woke up early, Xue Lin was up earlier than him and had already left for work.


Just as Qingfeng was prepared to leave, his phone rang. He took out his phone and discovered that it was Ruyan Liu.

"Gan-sister, what’s up?" He said, after picking up.

"Don’t go to work today, come hiking with me." Ruyan Liu’s voice could be heard from the phone.

"Okay, I will ask for a day off from work." Qingfeng nodded and agreed to Ruyan Liu’s request.

He could not turn her down since he had just slept with her. Since she wanted to look at the snow, he naturally had to accompany her.

Qingfeng called Xiaoyue Zhang and asked for a day off as he was not feeling well today.

Xiaoyue Zhang was filled with concern when she heard that Qingfeng was sick. She inquired about his health but her questions were dodged by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng then walked towards villa #14 where Ruyan Liu was waiting for him.

Since it had snowed and the weather was cold, Ruyan Liu wore a white down jacket. Her seductive face was like a rose and her skin was snow-shite. Her eyes were like pools of water and glimmered like stars. Her figure was as thin as a willow.

She was like a winter fairy --seductive, beautiful and charming. No matter the time or occasion, she always emitted her own unique presence.

The seductive presence was unique to Ruyan Liu. It was a stunning type of seductive beauty.

Qingfeng was enchanted by Ruyan Liu at first sight. Ruyan Liu was always gorgeous, but after his nourishment, she has become even more pretty. She had a new mature charm.

"Gan-sister, you are so pretty today." Qingfeng praised with a heated gaze.

"Don’t call me gan-sister."

"What should I call you then?"

"Call me Ruyan."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively. She asked Qingfeng to call her Ruyan because Ruyan was more intimate than gan-sister. Only couples would refer to each other with such intimate names.

"Ruyan, where do you want to today?" Qingfeng asked lightly and held onto Ruyan Liu’s hand.

"Let’s go to Green Peak Mountain." At first, Ruyan was not used to Qingfeng holding onto her hand. But when she thought that he had already claimed her body, it seemed normal to hold hands too.

"Okay, let’s go to Green Peak Mountain." Qingfeng smiled lightly and walked out while holding onto Ruyan Liu’s small hand.

Qingfeng drove the car and Ruyan Liu sat in the passenger seat. The Maserati roared and headed towards Green Peak Mountain.

In a moment, they arrived at Green Peak Mountain which was located in a scenic tourist area.

Today was the first snow of the season. The scenic entire area was covered in white. Even the Green Peak Mountain was covered in white.

Many tourists had come to Green Peak Mountain to look at the snow.

The path to the peak of the mountain was a narrow trail. The trail was slippery because of the snow. Thus, the hikers were moving slowly towards the top.

"There are so many people." Ruyan Liu exclaimed when she saw the crowd.

"Today is the first snow of the season, naturally there would be a lot of people here to see the snow." Qingfeng lightly said while nodding.

The two chatted while hiking towards the top. There were many people on the narrow trail so everyone moved slowly.

Qingfeng held onto Ruyan Liu’s small hand and warmed her hand. The surrounding people all exclaimed and looked at Ruyan Liu with heated eyes when they saw how beautiful she was.

There were many female hikers but Ruyan Liu was definitely the most beautiful woman among them. She had a seductive and beautiful presence which attracted the gaze of everyone.

There was a pavilion at the halfway mark of the mountain. There were four rows of chairs for the tourists to rest on.

Qingfeng held on to Ruyan Liu’s hand and sat on the last row of chairs.

"Ruyan, your brows are furrowed and you seem melancholic, is there something on your mind?" Qingfeng asked, as he stroked Ruyan Liu’s small hand.

Ruyan Liu’s face became flustered. Her small hand was itchy. She glared playfully at Qingfeng and said, "No, I don’t have anything on my mind."

"Ruyan, if you have anything on your mind, I will definitely help you resolve it." Qingfeng held onto Ruyan Liu’s cold hand and slowly rubbed it.

He was the Wolf King and the number one King of the underworld. There was nothing he could not resolve.

"Don’t worry, I don’t have any troubles." Ruyan Liu smiled seductively, but did not speak.

Ruyan Liu was troubled that her father was forcing her to marry a man. In a month, she would have to leave Eastern Sea City and marry Shaoyang Wang in Beijing.

Of course, Ruyan Liu would never mention her marriage with Shaoyang Wang to Qingfeng.

She only wished to spend this last month with Qingfeng. She wanted to be in a relationship with him and make great memories.

Suddenly, two thugs with yellow-hair arrived at the pavilion and walked towards the back.

"What a beautiful woman." The tall thug on the left suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared intently at Ruyan Liu.

He had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life. She was even more beautiful than the celebrities on television.

"Brother Egg, this woman is so hot. Why don’t we play with her?" The thin thug on the left said to the tall thug.

"Skinny, of course we have to play with her. I want her to suck my d**k." The tall thug chuckled wickedly.

The woman ahead of them was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Of course, they needed to play with her. He swayed and walked towards Ruyan Liu.

"Friend, step aside." The tall thug said and walked in front of Qingfeng.

His voice was extremely arrogant and commanding.

Qingfeng turned and looked at the tall thug. His frowned and a look of displeasure flashed across his eyes. He said, "There’s no empty seats here, why don’t you go somewhere else."

"Friend, of course there are no empty seats here. That’s why I asked you to move and make room for me."

The tall thug said unhappily to Qingfeng while looking down at him.

This fellow was so insensible. Couldn’t he see that I’m a thug? Shouldn’t ordinary people be fearful when they see a thug?

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