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Chapter 161: Ruyan Liu“s Harasser

Chapter 161: Ruyan Liu's Harasser

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"Are you blind? Can’t you see that there’s no seats here?" Qingfeng furrowed his brows and the displeasure grew in his eyes.

Anyone who had met Wolf King would know that this expression meant that Qingfeng was mad and about to fly into a rage.

"I know that there’s no seats here. That’s why I asked you to move. Don’t you understand the human language? I will beat you up." The tall thug threatened as he raised his fist.

"Beat me up? How could a weakling like you beat me up? Go back to your mom’s womb and practice for a few years."

Qingfeng looked at the tall thug with disdain.

"Brother Egg, he called you a weakling." The skinny thug said to the tall thug.

"Shut up. I heard him. You don’t need to repeat it." The tall thug asked the skinny thug to shut up and slapped him on the head.

He was already embarrassed to be insulted by Qingfeng. Now that the skinny thugs had repeated Qingfeng’s words, he was even more embarrassed. This made him displeased with the skinny thug too.

"You are quite an arrogant fellow. Why don’t you go and ask who I am? At Green Peak Mountain, anyone who sees me, Brother Egg, will back away."

"Brother Egg? Are you a chicken egg, duck egg or dog egg?" Qingfeng insulted with a smile.

"Fellow, you are looking to die." The tall thug was furious when he heard Qingfeng comparing him to a chicken egg, duck egg and dog egg.


The tall thug let out a shout and his right fist pummeled towards Qingfeng’s head.

"Too slow." Qingfeng said with a faint smile. His right hand appeared like a flash of lightning and grabbed his fist. No matter how hard the tall thug tried to move his hand, he could not move it a single inch.

"Let me go. You bastard!" The tall thug said darkly in an unfriendly tone.


Qingfeng released his right hand and slapped the tall thug’s face. The tall thug’s face became swollen like a bun.

"I said you are a weakling but you didn’t believe me. You have to believe me now, right?" Qingfeng said with disdain.

"Skinny, let’s beat him up together." The tall thug’s face was filled with resentment as he held onto his swollen face.

He knew that he was no match for Qingfeng so he invited the skinny thug to attack Qingfeng together with him.

The tall and skinny thugs both let out a shout and waved their fists towards Qingfeng.

Pang Pang!

Qingfeng’s right leg appeared in a flash like a lightning. He heavily kicked them in the stomach and sent them flying out. They landed heavily on the ground with multiple bruises.

"See, I said you guys are weaklings." Qingfeng coldly said as he stepped on the back of the two thugs with the back of his feet.

"Yes, we believe it. Brother, we are weaklings. Please let us go." The two thugs pleaded on the ground. They were both in immense pain.

"Don’t let me see you guys again or I’ll beat you guys up every time I see you. Scram." Qingfeng coldly said and removed his feet from their backs.

"Yes, we will leave immediately." The tall thug said and stood up. The two thugs supported each other and limped away.

When they walked to a corner, the tall thug darkly said, "I will teach that shithead couple a good lesson."

"Brother Egg, the guy is too strong. We are no match for him." The skinny thug said with a wince.

"He is strong but don’t forget that we still have dozens of men at the mountain top. When they reach the mountain top, I’ll ask Brother Leopard to teach them a lesson."

"Yes, Brother Leopard is an expert at Tae Kwon Do. He can definitely defeat this fellow." The skinny thug agreed. He was confident in Brother Leopard’s power.

"Brother Egg, can we still play with the pretty women when she reaches the mountain top?" The skinny thug asked.

"Idiot, of course we can. But Brother Leopard will have the first dibs. After Brother Leopard is done with her, then we will play with her. Everyone will play with her and make her so happy she’ll die of pleasure."

"You’re strong eh. You sent the two thugs running." Ruyan Liu said to Qingfeng with a look of splendor.

She knew that the two thugs came to harass her. Thankfully, Qingfeng fought then off or else she would be in trouble.

Ruyan Liu felt that Qingfeng could not simply be the heir to the Li Family. How could the heir have such strong combat skills or discover the Emperor Jade within the rock?

Qingfeng had many secrets on him which Ruyan Liu wanted to explore.

When a woman started to become curious towards a man, it meant that she has started to fall for him.

"Of course, those two weaklings cannot be compared to me. I am the strongest man in the world." Qingfeng said with pride.

"You’re so narcissistic." Ruyan Liu glared playfully at him.

"Ah, my stomach hurts." Ruyan Liu suddenly held onto her stomach. Her seductive face was filled with pain.

"Ruyan, how are you?" Qingfeng asked with concern.

"My stomach hurts so much. It’s like there’s needles stabbing on it." Ruyan Liu curled up into a ball and beads of sweat dripped from her forehead.

"Ruyan, could you be pregnant?" Qingfeng joked.

"You are the pregnant one. I just *** 2 days ago, how could I be pregnant?" Ruyan Liu glared fiercely at Qingfeng.

This wicked fellow just took her virginity and dared to say she was pregnant now. How wicked!

"Okay, you’re not pregnant. You have menstrual cramps. Your face is pale and you are breaking cold sweat. These are all symptoms of menstrual cramps." Qingfeng said after looking carefully at Ruyan Liu’s face.

"This lady is experiencing menstrual cramps. I can help treat her." Suddenly, a young man with glasses ran over and volunteered.

"Who are you? Do I know you?" Qingfeng looked at the young man unhappily.

"My name is Jianwei Yang. I am an internal medicine doctor at Central Hospital. This lady symptoms are typical of menstrual cramps. She’ll be alright after I give her a massage." Jianwei Yang said with an upright expression. Internally, he was delighted.

This beauty was so beautiful. He had noticed her when he first entered the pavilion. Unfortunately, Qingfeng was by her side so he had no opportunity to talk to her.

Now that the beauty was sick, his opportunity was here. Jianwei Yang was extremely happy.

The main techniques to treat a person in ancient Chinese medicine were: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, cupping therapy and scrapping therapy.

Jianwei Yang chose to specialize in massage so that he could touch women’s body and take advantage of them in broad daylight.