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Chapter 162: Curing Ruyan Liu

Chapter 162: Curing Ruyan Liu

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"Jianwei Yang? I’ve never heard of you. Go away." Qingfeng waved and asked the fellow to leave.

This fellow deserved a beating. He wanted to give Ruyan Liu a massage. If he dared to give Ruyan Liu a massage, Qingfeng dared to chop off his hands.

Ruyan Liu was Qingfeng’s woman. He was the only one who could touch her. No one else could touch her.

"Sir, I am an internal medicine doctor at the Central Hospital. I am highly skilled. Please believe me. If I give this lady a massage, her pain will be gone very soon." Jianwei Yang righteously said but he was very emotional internally.

The lady ahead was so beautiful. Her face was seductive, her skin was snow-white, and her eyes were like pools of water. She had a mature and seductive presence.

All men loved beautiful women. Jianwei Yang was no exception. His favorite type was this kind of seductive woman.

To be honest, Jianwei Yang was enchanted by Ruyan Liu when he first entered the pavilion. He had encountered countless women but the seductive woman ahead was the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

After Jianwei Yang saw Ruyan Liu, he was seeking an opportunity to strike up a conversation with her. But Qingfeng was always by her side so he had no opportunity to talk to her.

But now, Jianwei Yang felt that his opportunity was here.

He was an internal medicine doctor at Central Hospital. If he could cure this pretty woman, she would be grateful and leave him her phone number. They would be able to contact each other often. Perhaps they could even become a couple. Jianwei Yang had already started daydreaming.

"I will treat her stomach pain. You are not needed here. Go away!"

Qingfeng had lost his patience and directly asked the fellow ahead to leave.

"Do you know what’s wrong with the beauty? Who are you to treat her?" Jianwei Yang smiled coldly with disdain.

In his eyes, this young man ahead was just boasting and did not have any medical skills. He was just boasting and pretending to be skilled.

"She is experiencing menstrual cramps. Her face is pale and she has cold sweats. I can cure her and I don’t need you. Go away.

Qingfeng glared coldly at Jianwei Yang. An intimidating presence radiated off him which caused Jianwei Yang to fearfully take a few steps back.

The gaze of the young man ahead was too frightening. Jianwei Yang’s heart skipped a beat and was filled with fear. The murderous intent in Qingfeng’s eyes made him fear.

"Ruyan, I’ll give you a massage. You’ll be okay in a little bit."

Qingfeng ignored Jianwei Yang and started to massage Ruyan Liu’s Hegu point, TaiChong point, AhShi point, and Three YinJiao Point.

Following Qingfeng’s massage, Ruyan Liu felt a hot stream flowing through her body. The pain in her stomach quickly disappeared.

After two minutes, Ruyan Liu’s pale skin became radiant again. The pain in her stomach had completely disappeared.

"You’re so strong. My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore." Qingfeng seductively said to Qingfeng while giving him a thumbs-up.

She did not expect Qingfeng’s massage to be so effective. It cured her menstrual cramps in a moment.

Her menstrual cramps always lasted a long time in the past.

"It’s good that you are okay now. Remember not to eat cold foods in the future. You must’ve eaten a chilled dish this morning..." Qingfeng asked while rubbing her small hand.

"Okay." Ruyan Liu nodded to showed that she understood.

She had eaten cold foods this morning and rested poorly last night which triggered her menstrual cramps.

"This fellow really has medical skills?" Jianwei Yang was filled with disbelief when he saw that Qingfeng had healed the beauty with his massage.

Even if he were to give the beauty a massage, it would require more than 10 minutes for the pain to be relieved.

But the young man ahead only used two minutes to cure the beauty. This made him gloomy.

"This young man’s medical skills are so good. He cured the beauty’s pain with only his massage."

"Yes. How extraordinary! My shoulder hurts…I wonder if he can cure it."

"Why don’t you ask the young man for help."

"Okay, let me try."

A fifty-year-old woman walked towards Qingfeng and said, "Young fellow, your girlfriend is so beautiful. My shoulder hurts. Could you heal it for me?"

The woman had a sweet mouth and immediately praised Qingfeng’s girlfriend when she spoke. To be honest, initially, Qingfeng did not want to help her. But when he heard the woman refer to Ruyan Liu as his girlfriend, he decided to help her.

As the saying goes, "A good word could be used as money. Those who have a sweet mouth will reap benefits."

"Aunty, you have rheumatic shoulder pain. Your shoulder is painful because the weather is cold. It’ll be okay after I massage it for you."

Qingfeng pressed his palm against the aunty’s shoulder. He then massaged the pressure points to clear the pathways.

The aunty felt that her shoulder was warm and comfortable. It had never been so comfortable. After a while, the pain in her shoulder was gone.

"Young man, you are a magical doctor! My shoulder does not hurt anymore." The aunty thanked Qingfeng with gratitude.

When the people within the pavilion saw that the aunty’s shoulder pain had been cured, they were all excited. Those who had small problems all walked towards Qingfeng and asked for his help.

Qingfeng did a massage on all of them and cured them of their pains. He received another round of praise.

Jianwei Yang was unhappy and bitter when he saw that the people in the pavilion were cured by Qingfeng. He knew that the young man ahead was even more skilled in healing than he was. He was only going to embarrass himself by staying here.

"You are so skilled." Ruyan Liu praised when she saw the many people who were healed by Qingfeng.

"I’m okay, just number one in the world." Qingfeng said narcissistically with a smile.

"You’re so narcissistic." Ruyan Liu glared playfully at Qingfeng in disbelief.

There were millions of doctors in the world and countless experts. How could Qingfeng be number 1? Neither Ruyan Liu nor the people around them believed Qingfeng’s words.

"I realized you have many secrets. Other than medical skills? What else do you know?" Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and said to Qingfeng.

The more she interacted with Qingfeng, the more she realized how extraordinary he was. The man had numerous secrets which attracted her and made her want to investigate.

"Ruyan, let me tell you. Other than medical skills and antiques, I also know how to fly an airplane and operate a tank. To put it simply, I’m an all-rounded person."

"Fly a plane, operate a tank? Stop lying~" Ruyan Liu smiled seductively, she did not believe that Qingfeng could really fly planes but her instincts told her that his words were true.

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