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Chapter 163: Girlfriend for a Month

Chapter 163: Girlfriend for a Month

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"Ruyan, let’s keep climbing." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, holding Ruyan Liu’s pink little hand and climbing towards the mountaintop.

Ruyan Liu’s little hand was soft and tender and felt very comfortable, as if he was touching the finest jade. The main goal today was to see the snow. The snow scene on the mountaintop certainly was the most beautiful.

The more they climbed towards the mountaintop, the lower the temperature became. Ruyan Liu’s lovely face and pink little hands were frozen and turned red. Her pink nose tip was like a cherry, very adorable.

Qingfeng Li held Ruyan Liu’s little hands and kept rubbing, warming her up. Slowly, Ruyan Liu’s little hands warmed up. The two climbed to the mountaintop hand in hand.

Half an hour later, the two finally climbed to the top of the mountain. The peak was a dozen square meters off the cliff. Standing at the mountaintop, you could overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire Eastern Sea City, all snow-wrapped.

"Ruyan, you are really beautiful." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said to Ruyan Liu beside her.

"Since I am beautiful, let me be your girlfriend for one month." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, like blooming flowers.

She was so very attractive, which amazed Qingfeng Li. What, girlfriend for a month? Qingfeng Li showed happiness on his face, and his eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

"Ruyan, one month is too short. How about adding more time." Qingfeng Li held her little hand and said, grinning.

"No. Just a month. Within this one month, I want to be in a relationship with you." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said in a gentle voice.

In fact, she would love to be Qingfeng Li’s girlfriend forever, and even marry him. But she knew it couldn’t work. A month later, she will leave Eastern Sea City and return to the Jing Capital, marrying that Shaoyang Wang who she didn’t like.

"Since you are my girlfriend now, should I get some benefit?"

"What benefits do you want?"

"Kissing you of course. "

Ruyan Liu turned her eyes, speechless. It was at the mountaintop now, and people around were watching. She felt embarrassed to let Qingfeng Li kiss her.


Qingfeng Li pulled Ruyan Liu’s slim waist and kissed her. The kiss was sweet and fragrant and he did it with extra effort. Ruyan Liu murmured a bit and fell to Qingfeng Li’s arms. Her beautiful face turned red, like red wine. She gradually sank into it, feeling dizzy and fatigued.

"Damn, showing off their love in broad daylight. How are we singles supposed to live."

"Right. So many people are looking. They are not ashamed at all."

"Show love, die fast, I suffered 10,000 points of damage."

People on the mountaintop were abuzz. The looks towards Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were full of jealousy and the words they said were out of envy. In fact they wanted to kiss too, the key was that they didn’t have such a beautiful girlfriend.

So sweet. I’ll give you a five-point positive review. Qingfeng Li’s lips still had a hint of lingering sweetness, and gave Ruyan Liu’s little mouth a full score. What, a five-point positive review? You think I’m like the stuff on Amazon?

Ruyan Liu’s rolled her beautiful eyes, feeling speechless at Qingfeng Li’s comments. When the two were heating up, there came tens of gangsters to the mountaintop. These gangsters dyed their hair blonde, with tattoos on the back of their hand, wearing ear nails and grotesque clothes.

The gangsters circled around, surrounding Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu. The gangsters' leader was a 1.8-meter big guy with blonde dyed hair, muscles sticking out and looked full of strength.

His name was Chenyu Liu, the head gangster of the tourism area who made a living by asking for protection fees, blackmailing tourists and picking fights.

There stood tall and skinny gangsters besides Chenyu Liu. These two were the gangsters recently beaten by Qingfeng Li. It was them who gathered these tens of gangsters.

Seeing these gangsters, the tourists around were sacred, their faces turning pale. They quickly packed up and hurried down the mountain. They couldn’t afford to offend this group of gangsters.

"Brother Yu, look at how beautiful that girl is." the tall gangster pointed at Ruyan Liu and said to their head.

He knew that he was not the opponent of Qingfeng Li, but still wanted to get Ruyan Liu. So he called the head of the group, Brother Yu.

Chenyu Liu’s cast a look on Ruyan Liu. Only with one glance, he was amazed, showing the look of a pig on his fat face.

This beauty was too beautiful. Her face was charming, like a delicate rose. Her skin was snow-white, like the snow on the mountain. Her eyes were watery, as if they were stars in the sky. Her figure was even graceful and matchless, delicate and exquisite.

Beautiful. She was too beautiful. Chenyu Liu even drooled. His eyes flashed with lustful lights. He had been around in the tourism area for so long, but had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Just now when the tall gangster told him that there was a peerless beauty on the mountain, he did not believe it. Seeing Ruyan Liu, he did. She was the best of her kind.

Chenyu Liu was excited, thrilled, and happy. He swore that he would get this beauty.

"Brother Yu, we have to play with this beauty later. And let her eat bananas." The tall gangster pointed at Ruyan Liu and showed an obscene smile.

"Hehe, of course. You guys can play after me."

Chenyu Liu stared at Ruyan Liu’s pretty face, his eyes showed a hint of obscene light.

"Beauty, drink with brother down the mountain. I will be good to you."

Chenyu Liu smiled cunningly and walked towards Ruyan Liu, his eyes full of unfriendly intentions. Seeing the obscene look in the eyes of their leader, Qingfeng Li frowned a bit, his face gloomy. Bastard, you dared to flirt with my woman. You have a death wish. Qingfeng Li felt a burst of fury in his heart, and his eyes showed a chilly aura.

"Chenyu Liu, your mouth stinks. Did you eat s**t?" Qingfeng Li protected Ruyan Liu behind him, and scolded Chenyu Liu.

He had to make sure Ruyan Liu was safe first, then he would punish this group of gangsters.

"Boy, how dare you scold me. Are you are asking for death. I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the beauty beside you, then kneel down and beg. Or I will break your legs." Chenyu Liu smiled coldly and said in a cold voice.

To be sure, he was the bully in the tourism area, the head of this group of gangsters, and had been doing whatever he wanted in the area, bullying the weak. No one dared to speak with him like this.

"Big brother Yu, this guy has got some power. Be careful." The tall gangster reminded him in a low voice.

He knew Qingfeng Li was quite powerful and could flip him over with one kick. Qingfeng Li must not be an average person.

However, the tall gangster had confidence in Brother Yu. After all, brother Yu was a master in Taekwondo, with extremely strong power. It was not a matter at all to beat three or five big guys for him.

"Hehe, I’ll not only break his legs, but also play with the beauty in front of him." Chenyu Liu smiled coldly. What he said was extremely vicious.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that when he said those words, he was already sentenced to death by Qingfeng Li in his heart.