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Chapter 164: Ravaging Ruiyan Liu

Chapter 164: Ravaging Ruiyan Liu

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Chenyu Liu roared deeply. He leapt off the floor with his right foot and dashed forward, wanting to kick at Qingfeng Li. He had gathered immense power as he moved forward and a deafening sound followed.

He used one of the basic front kick techniques of Taekwondo. It carried a great amount of power. If it landed on a person, it would be enough to break their rib cage.

His kick was ruthless and he aimed to inflict serious damage on Qingfeng Li. As can be seen, he was a normally lawlessness man.

"You've picked the wrong guy to compete with on leg skills." Qingfeng Li coldly smiled at Chenyu Liu who was kicking at him.

And with a flash - biu - Qingfeng Li's right leg flew out in a flash and kicked directly at Chenyu Liu's leg. Qingfeng’s right leg kicked out like lightning, transforming into a strong wind. The speed was extremely quick and it landed brutally onto Chenyu Liu’s leg.


Chenyu Liu's leg connected with Qingfeng Li's and under a mountain-like pressure, his leg broke, exposing the pale white bones underneath.

Ah! Chenyu Liu horrifically screamed. As he felt his leg break, his face turned pale and cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

"What are you guys waiting for. Go and get him." Chenyu Liu attempted to endure the pain as he shouted towards his gang behind him.

"Brothers, we have to avenge Brother Yu."

Dozens of gangsters shouted out, surrounding Qingfeng Li and aiming their fists and feet at Qingfeng Li.

"Be careful." Ruyan Liu turned pale and shouted at Qingfeng Li.

She knew that the dozens of gangsters were all ferocious people, and just the sheer amount made her scared that Qingfeng Li was not going to survive.

"Don't worry, they're all weaklings." Qingfeng Li reassuring smiled at Ruyan Liu not caring about the thugs surrounding him.

To him, even a hundred of the same-level thugs were no opponent for him.


He moved forward, as fast as a cheetah, and was immediately in between the thugs.

A kick came out and one of the gangsters was flung back, several of his bones breaking in the process. Also as he was flung back, he collided with several people behind him, knocking over several people.

Bang Bang Bang.

Qingfeng Li's footwork was as swift as a hurricane, For not too long, the dozens of thugs were all sprawled on the floor, all with broken legs and arms. Their screams were ear-piercing.

Devil, he was a devil. They all look at Qingfeng Li with fear in their eyes.

His abilities were way beyond what they had expected. They couldn't even touch his clothing before being knocked down by him.

They were not on the same level as him. If Qingfeng Li was a lion, they were like a herd of sheep, perhaps not even.

"What, what, what do you want?" When he saw Qingfeng Li walk towards him, Chenyu Liu asked out in a terrified tone.

"Of course, I want to kill you." He had an air that said he wanted to kill.

The bastard in front of him dared to insult Ruyan Liu, he wanted to taint her. She was his woman and the man in front of him needs to die for daring such a thing.

"I am part of the Ferocious Tiger Clan, you can't..."

Before he could even finish his sentence, his neck was gripped by Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li slightly exerted pressure on his right hand and crushed his throat. The light in Chenyu Liu's eyes slowly dimmed as life evaporated from him.

Chenyu Liu was furious and frustrated. He had major regrets. He already said that he was from the Ferocious Tiger Clan but his opponent still dared to try and kill him.

The Ferocious Tiger Clan was one of the biggest players underground in Eastern Sea City. How can his opponent not be scared?

Qingfeng Li knew of the clan a little, that it was the biggest one in Eastern Sea City. But so what? If they dared anger him, they would face death.

With a toss, he threw Chenyu Liu's body onto the ground and walked towards the thugs still maintaining his deathly aura.

"Don't kill me, please don't kill me." The little gangsters were scared senseless, their faces pale. They were on the floor, groveling and begging not to be killed.

The youngster in front of them was too scary. He didn't even flinch at taking human life. Their boss was directly killed by him.

"Qingfeng Li, stop. Don't kill anymore." Ruyan Liu's pretty face changed as she clasped her hands around his elbow.

She knew that taking a human life was no small matter. She must stop him. Even though the thugs were despicable, they didn't deserve to die.

Even though Chenyu Liu died, Ruyan Liu would be able suppress the negative impact to Qingfeng with her connections. But if dozens of people die, she would not be able to help much.

When Qingfeng Li saw her worried face, his killing intent slowly dissipated.

Sigh, his battlefield syndrome happened again, he bitterly smiled. He was so angry that all he wanted to do was kill. It was so intense that it was almost uncontrollable for him.

When he was on the Wolf Continent, he had killed a lot of people. Every time he entered a tribe, he would kill the people in the hundreds. But of course, the people he killed there were all bad people. For example, the tribes he killed were all cannibalistic people.

"Don't worry, I won't kill them. I'm only going to give them a small punishment." He patted Ruyan Liu's small flushed hands and smiled.

With an air of strength, he walked towards the gang of people, lifted his right feet, and to their horror, stepped on them and broke all of their legs.

They were exempted from the death penalty but hardly from punishment. Breaking both of their legs was the biggest punishment for them.


Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Red Butterfly Yip.

"Red Butterfly Yip, somebody died on Green Peak Mountain. There are also a few dozen thugs with broken legs. Please take care of it." Qingfeng Li spoke into the phone.

Red Butterfly Yip was the team leader of the Dragon Fang Team in Eastern Sea City. She had huge power in her hands, capable of taking care of such cases easily. If the police got involved, it would be more problematic.

"Ruyan, let's go." He took her petite hands and walked down the mountain.

There were people along the mountain path, all horrifically avoiding them as they had witnessed Qingfeng Li's demonic side. Nobody wanted to annoy him.

"Are you sure we can just leave like this?" Color had returned onto her face but she still had a little bit of worry.

"Don't worry, let's go. Nobody would bother us." He smiled at her as if it wasn’t a big deal.

He was the King of the underworld. And plus, that thug deserved to die. Nobody would trouble the Wolf King for a dead person.

"Thank you. The snow makes it very pretty today." She leaned into Qingfeng Li's arms and smiled back.

"As long as you're happy." Qingfeng Li hugged her lean waist, it felt smooth and soft, making him wanting to hold on to it forever.

The two walked down the mountain and drove towards Noble Palace in a Maserati.

Villa Number 14.

Inside the living room, her face flushed seductively. She had largely watery eyes with long eyelashes that fluttered like curtains.

She was wearing a black lace sleeping attire, it complemented her body very well. And with a pair of black pantyhose, it expelled an air of seductiveness, it made Qingfeng Li very hot.

"Idiot, bring me to bed." Ruyan Liu spoke out flirtatiously.

"No, I want to go to the kitchen." Qingfeng Li picked her up and walked towards the kitchen.

He loved excitement. The bed was too boring. He wanted the kitchen, the washroom, the balcony, everywhere. He wanted to ravage Ruyan Liu.

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