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Chapter 165: Little Ruyan Turned Naughty

Chapter 165: Little Ruyan Turned Naughty

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"Let’s go to the kitchen? Actually, let’s go back to the bed." Ruyan Liu became flustered when she heard Qingfeng’s words.

The man ahead was so wicked. He always thought of different ways to torment her. Even though she resisted his actions, internally, she enjoyed it.

Women were all shy. When they say no, sometimes they really meant yes.

"No, let us go to the kitchen, then the washroom, and finally the balcony." Qingfeng said with a wicked smile.

He lifted Ruyan Liu and walked towards the kitchen amidst her exclamations.

"You’re so naughty." Ruyan Liu glared playfully at him. Her seductive manner was so charming.

"Hehe, I can be even naughtier." Qingfeng chuckled and looked at Ruyan Liu who was in front of him. She was so seductive and beautiful that it made him full of excitement.

This minx. What a charming minx.

Qingfeng carefully placed Ruyan Liu’s body on the kitchen table. Ruyan Liu was flustered and excited. Both of them were already in the mood and started to tear apart the other’s clothes.

Their clothes flew off and the kitchen was filled with romance.

The acts of the two were very intense. They moved from the kitchen, to the washroom, then to the balcony.

The second day, sun rays shone into the bedroom warmly.

Qingfeng stretched and sat up on the bad. Ruyan Liu was still sleeping. She was too tired from last night.

Qingfeng got up and made breakfast. The breakfast he made was very simple and consisted of two fried eggs, two glasses of milk and two sandwiches.

The fried eggs were easy to make. He only needed to add oil to the pan, beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt. It only took a minute to make the eggs. The milk and sandwiches were already premade.

When he brought the food to the bedroom, he discovered that Ruyan Liu was already awake but she was still lying on the bed. Ruyan Liu was not only tired, her body was also very sore that she couldn’t get up.

"Bastard, aren’t you tired?" Ruyan Liu glanced seductively at Qingfeng.

She was charming even when she was angry. She was like a rose which gave off a seductive scent. Ruyan Liu became flustered when she recalled the crazy night. This man was as strong as a bull.

"I’m a man who can do it seven times in one night. Of course, I am not tired," Qingfeng smiled narcissistically and caused Ruyan Liu to become flustered again.

Since Ruyan Liu could not leave the bed, Qingfeng fed her the breakfast. Of course, during this process he touched her entire body and took advantage of her. This angered Ruyan Liu but there was nothing she could do. Just as Qingfeng finished feeding Ruyan Liu her breakfast, his phone rang. He took out his phone and discovered that it was Xue Lin. He was stunned for a moment and felt slightly guilty.

He was guilty since he did not return home last night and even spent a crazy night with Ruyan Liu.

"Who called?" Ruyan Liu asked when she saw that Qingfeng did not pick up the phone.

"It is the company. They want me to go to work." Qingfeng made up an excuse.

He did not mention that it was a phone call from Xue Lin. He knew that Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin did not get along. If they knew of each other’s existence, there would be so much trouble. Ruyan Liu did not question Qingfeng’s words. Even though she was a genius with an IQ of 180, but she was in love. A woman in love would sometimes have an IQ close to zero and would believe in anything the man says.

"Since it’s the company, you should hurry to work." Ruyan Liu said with a seductive smile.

"Ruyan, why don’t I take a day off and stay with you." Qingfeng was too embarrassed to leave her right after spending the night together.

"Work is more important. Hurry and go. Remember to keep me company tonight." Ruyan Liu told Qingfeng to leave quickly while waving her hand.

"Okay, I will see you tonight," he chuckled then kissed her lips and waved goodbye.

"My quarrelsome lover. You’re my quarrelsome lover." Ruyan Liu’s was flustered and shy like a little girl who had just fallen in love.

Her heart was beating wildly. She muttered in her heart, "Little Ruiyan, you are in love."

Qingfeng walked out of villa #14 and stopped a taxi. He then headed towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

After a while, he arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation. When he arrived at the Sales Department, he was stopped by Wanqiu Xia.

Wanqiu Xia’s skin was bright and she wore a light lipstick on her lips. She wore a business outfit which made her beautiful body even more charming. Her assets almost spilled out of her clothes.

"Qingfeng, you finally came to work." Wanqiu stopped Qingfeng with a bitter look in her eyes.

She was bitter towards the man ahead who had stopped talking to her after kissing her. She had been thinking about him every day.

"Sister Xia, what is the matter?" Qingfeng asked awkwardly.

He was grateful towards the beauty ahead. He even respected her. She was the one who had recruited him to the sales department, she had helped him when he needed it most.

But Qingfeng felt awkward talking to her after he had pretended to be Wanqiu Xia’s boyfriend the dining room and kissed her.

"I’m treating everyone to dinner tonight at the River Scene Restuarant. Remember to come after work." Wanqiu Xia said with slight bitterness.

"Sister Xia, why are you treating us to dinner?" Qingfeng asked confusedly.

To be honest, he did not want to go for dinner. He had already promised Ruyan Liu to accompany her after work.

Wanqiu Xia replied unhappily, "Qingfeng, did you forget? I promised you guys during the New Year Party that if we win, I will treat you guys to dinner."

How could Qingfeng forget such an important thing? She was a beauty. How could he forget she was treating him to dinner?

"I’m sorry Sister Xia. I’ll come eat dinner with you after work today," Qingfeng quickly said when he saw that Wanqiu Xia was unhappy.

He had a soft spot for Wanqiu Xia and did not want her to be angry.

Qingfeng had already decided to first accompany Wanqiu Xia to dinner, then spend time with Ruyan Liu.

"Oh yeah, Qingfeng, the CEO asked you to report to her office when you come to work," Wanqiu Xia said as she suddenly recalled Xue Lin’s orders.

Report to the CEO’s office? Qingfeng became uneasy when he heard Wanqiu Xia’s words.

"I will go right now, Sister Xia." Qingfeng nodded and walked guiltily towards the CEO office.