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Chapter 166: Xue Lin Was Slightly Mad

Chapter 166: Xue Lin Was Slightly Mad

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Inside the CEO office.

Xue Lin was gorgeous with her porcelain skin and eyes like pools of water. But now, her eyes were filled with anger.

There was a sketch of Qingfeng on her table which she had just drawn. She took sketching classes in school and was highly skilled. She even won a first prize in a competition.

"Bastard, bastard. How dare you not return home last night. I’ll stab you to death." Xue Lin took out a pen and stabbed towards the sketch.

She stabbed continuously for dozens of times. Qingfeng’s sketch was soon filled with dozens of holes and looked tragic.

Knock knock knock!

Xue Lin’s face filled with anger and was just getting into it when a knocking sound came from the door. She furrowed her brows and said, "Come in."

Qingfeng pushed open the door when he heard Xue Lin’s words. At first glance, he saw his sketch on the table. Qingfeng broke out in cold sweat when he saw the dozens of holes on his sketch. The wife was mad and the consequences were severe. He did not want to turn out like the sketch with dozens of holes in his head. Would he still be alive?

"Wife, you are so beautiful today. You’re even prettier than yesterday." Qingfeng praised as he walked to Xue Lin’s side.

It was important to praise an angry woman. This was a way to make them happy.

"Wipe that grin off your face. Let me ask you. Why didn’t you go home to sleep last night?" Xue Lin glared at Qingfeng with anger on her face.

How could her husband not return home to sleep? How outrageous! Xue Lin was furious.

"Wife, I went to my friend’s house last night." Qingfeng made up an excuse that he went to his friend’s house.

"You really went to your friend’s house?"

"Yes, I really went to my friend’s house."

"Okay, tell me. Which friend’s house did you go to?"

"Wife, my friend’s name is Xuanji Lu. He is a priest. Are you suspecting that I am having an affair with a priest? Your husband is not gay, nowhere close," Qingfeng replied ruefully.

Xuanji Lu was a priest and his friend. But he was a member of the Wolf Fang team and was currently in the Wolf Continent, not Huaxia.

When Xue Lin heard Qingfeng’s logical words, Xue Li muttered in her heart, "Could my husband be telling the truth?" However, she was still somewhat suspicious.

"Husband, give me Xuanji Lu’s phone number. I’ll give him a call." Xue Lin was not ready to let Qingfeng go. She wanted to call and confirm.

"Wife, do you really think a priest will have a cellphone?" Qingfeng said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, a priest would not have a phone." Xue Lin nodded and started to believe Qingfeng’s words.

"Rest assured, wife. I will invite Xuanji Lu to our house sometime and introduce him to you." Qingfeng said.

After that, Qingfeng used his skills to make a woman happy. He first praised Xue Lin’s beauty then gave her a massage and finally managed to make her happy.

"Husband, it’s time for work. Go to work!" Xue Lin said with a smile as she pushed Qingfeng out of the office.

Qingfeng had told her a joke which cracked her up.

The general idea of the joke was that: there was a pregnant woman who gave birth to a baby. After birth, the baby laughed loudly. Everyone was surprised and did not understand why the baby was laughing.

The nurse opened the baby’s fist and found a birth control pill. The baby laughed and said, "M*therfcker, there is no way you can kill me."

Qingfeng’s joke cracked Xue Lin up. Of course, it was only a joke.

Qingfeng left the office and walked towards the Sales Department. He was met with a warm welcoming just as he walked into the Department.

After he sang during the New Year Party, he had gained the admiration of many people. Many employees within the company became his fans.

"Brother Li, please give me your autograph. I am your fan." A girl with short-haired came to Qingfeng’s side. There were had stars of admiration in her eyes.

"Big brother Li, please give me an autograph too."

"Me too, Big brother Li."

In a moment, Qingfeng was surrounded by many people who wanted his autograph. So this is what it is like to be a celebrity?

Previously, his coworkers of the Sales Department looked down upon him but they were not sucking up to him.

To obtain another person’s respect, one had to have skills.

Qingfeng did not turn anyone down and signed an autograph for everyone around him.

Suddenly, Xiaoyue Zhang’s voice could be heard, "Big brother Li, you are so popular."

Xiaoyue Zhang’s face was innocent. Her black eyes sparkled like jewels and she wore a light blue business outfit which hugged her assets.

What big breasts. Qingfeng stared at Xiaoyue Zhang’s chest with a heated gaze. He wanted to grope it. Unfortunately, he did not dare to because they were in the office and many people were watching them.

Xiaoyue Zhang became flustered after being watched by Qingfeng’s heated gaze. She was shy and embarrassed. She felt like her breasts had been groped by Qingfeng.

"Sister Xiaoyue, you have become bigger again," Qingfeng said with a smile while staring at Xiaoyue Zhang’s breasts.

"Pervert, don’t look." Xiaoyue Zhang glared playfully at Qingfeng as she covered her breasts.

"Sister Xiaoyue, whoever becomes your boyfriend is so lucky. He can eat them every day," Qingfeng said flirtatiously. He could not resist flirting with Xiaoyue Zhang whenever he saw her.

"Li, you are a pervert and always making fun of me. I’m not talking with you anymore." Xiaoyue Zhang smiled coolly and walked away.

Xiaoyue Zhang did not talk to Qingfeng the entire morning since she was angry with him. Even when Qingfeng talked to her, she refused to answer.

Xiaoyue Zhang did not speak to Qingfeng even after they were done work. Qingfeng was speechless and gloomy. He thought, "All I did was flirt with you. Why are you so angry?"

"Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li, follow me. I will treat you guys to dinner."

Wanqiu Xia stopped the three of them and wanted to treat them to dinner.

Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li were the ones who represented the Sales Department during the New Year Party and won first place. Wanqiu Xia naturally had to keep her promise and treat them to dinner.

Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang were not talking, Wanqiu Xia was a little confused, "Xiaoyue, why are you not talking to Qingfeng?"

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