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Chapter 167: Dining with Beauty

Chapter 167: Dining with Beauty

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"Sister Xia, he is a pervert. I don’t want to talk to him," Xiaoyue Zhang said while glaring at Qingfeng. Her cheeks were puffed and she was still slightly mad.

In the morning, Qingfeng had said that he wanted to eat out her boobs. Xiaoyue Zhang could not withstand his flirtatious words.

At work, the employees of the Sales Department called Wanqiu Xia "Director Xia". When they were off work, those who were close to Wanqiu Xia usually called her "Sister Xia".

"Qingfeng, what did you do to Xiaoyue?" Wanqiu Xia asked while blinking confusedly.

She knew that Xiaoyue Zhang and Qingfeng were extremely close. Why were they not talking to each other?

"Sister Xia, you wronged me. I want to talk to Sister Xiaoyue but she thinks I’m too ugly and refuses to talk to me," Qingfeng said bitterly.

Wanqiu Xia chuckled when she heard Qingfeng’s words. Qingfeng was too much. He was so handsome. How could he be ugly? If he was ugly, there would not be a good-looking man in the Sales Department.

Of course, she knew that Qingfeng was only joking, but she could not help but laugh. Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li also burst out laughing.

"Xiaoyue, did you actually refuse to talk to Qingfeng because he is ugly?" Wanqiu Xia asked Xiaoyue Zhang after suppressing her laughter.

"Sister Xia, don’t listen to his nonsense. How can I refuse to talk to him because he is ugly?" Xiaoyue Zhang replied with a smile.

"Sister Xiaoyue. You refused to talk to me because I am ugly." Qingfeng looked at Xiaoyue Zhang bitterly. His acting was extremely realistic.

"Okay, big brother Li, you are not ugly. I will talk to you again." Xiaoyue Zhang said with a chuckle. Qingfeng was too funny. He could always make people break into a smile.

The four of them walked towards the River Scene Restaurant amidst laughter. The restaurant was and very close to the company.

The receptionist at the restaurant was a woman in her twenties. She had thin lips, wore heavy makeup and looked mean.

"I made a reservation for room number 80 this morning. Can you bring us over?" Wanqiu Xia said charmingly with a smile towards the woman with heavy makeup.

The woman with heavy makeup said with a frown, "You are Wanqiu Xia right? You reserved room number 80 this morning."

"Yes, I am Wanqiu Xia."

"You guys are late. Room number 80 is already taken."

"Are there any other empty rooms then?"

"No...you should go somewhere else to eat."

The woman with heavy makeup said unhappily.

River Scene Restaurant was the best restaurant in the area. Not only did the employees of the Ice Snow corporation come here to eat, the employees of other companies dined here as well. Thus, the restaurant was always bustling and there would often not be enough rooms for everyone.

A flash of disappointment appeared in Wanqiu Xia’s eyes when she heard the woman’s words. She wanted to treat everyone to a good meal that was not going to happen if there were no rooms in the restaurant.

Of course, Wanqiu Xia could also treat them to dinner at a small restaurant nearby but she felt that the restaurants were not up to standard. She wanted to treat everyone to a good meal.

"Sister Xia, since the room you reserved has been taken, let’s go to another restaurant."

Qingfeng smiled faintly. He was not picky about where they ate. It did not matter if they ate in a big restaurant or a small restaurant, as long as they could eat a filling meal.

"Okay, since there are no seats here, let us go somewhere else." Wanqiu Xia said with a light smile.

Just when Qingfeng and the others were prepared to leave, a fat man with his arm around a beauty walked towards them.

The fat man was in his forties and wore expensive clothes. He wore a gold watch and it was obvious that he was rich. The beautiful woman by his side was in her twenties. It was obvious the young woman was a mistress.

"Are there still rooms in the restaurant?" The fat man asked the receptionist with his arm around the beautiful woman.

"Of course there is, Boss Wang. After you called an hour ago, I specially reserved room number 80 for you." The receptionist said flatteringly.

Wanqiu Xia’s expression changed when she heard the conversation between the fat man and the receptionist. She asked, "Miss, didn’t you say that room number 80 which I had reserved was taken? Why is it still empty?"

Faced with Wanqiu Xia’s questioning, the receptionist smiled coldly and replied, "The rooms belong to the restaurant. I can give it to whoever I want, it is none of your business."

Wanqiu Xia was angered by the receptionist’s words. Once a restaurant accepted the customer’s reservation, it should reserve a room for the customer.

Wanqiu Xia had called at 8am to reserve the room but the receptionist had given the room to a someone who called an hour ago. She was angry and felt that the receptionist was looking down at them.

"Why are you guys still standing here? Hurry and leave." The receptionist waved her hands and shooed Qingfeng and the others away.

Qingfeng was also angered by the poor attitude of the receptionist. He frowned and said, "We booked room number 80 first. How can you give it to someone else?"

"Why are you so irritating. Hurry and leave!" The receptionist said irritably.

This boss Wang is a big client with a net worth over ten millions, he usually ate at this place and sometimes will give this receptionist big tips, so naturally she wanted to suck up to him.

"What if I don’t leave?"

"Let me tell you, River Scene Restaurant belongs to Liu Corporation. Liu Corporation is a hundred million company. You don’t want to mess with Liu Corporation."

"Oh, so the restaurant belongs to Liu Corporation."

Qingfeng’s eyes lit up at the receptionist’s words. Since River Scene Restaurant belonged to the Liu Corporation, the receptionist must be an employee of the company.

Qingfeng had the five star platinum card which Ruyan Liu gave him. The card the most important card of the Liu Corporation; the cardholder could enjoy discounts and privileges at all of the company’s establishments.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and brought out the five-star platinum card. He showed it to the receptionist and said, "Give us room number 80."

"I already told you guys to leave. I am giving room number 80 to Boss Wang." The receptionist became angry and her attitude was extremely poor.

What? This woman did not know the five-star platinum card? Qingfeng was speechless.

"This is five-star platinum card of the Liu Corporation. It is the most important card of the Liu Corporation. The cardholder could enjoy discounts and privileges at the company’s establishments. Do you not recognize it?" Qingfeng said while waving the platinum card in his hand.