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Chapter 169: I Will Help You Develop

Chapter 169: I Will Help You Develop

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To suck up to Qingfeng, after bringing them to booth number 80, Tao Liu ordered a whole table of dishes. Each dish was a specialty of the restaurant and extremely expensive. In total, the dishes cost more than ten thousand Yuan.

Tao Liu had splurged and the meal cost more than ten thousand Yuan. He was the manager but he acted as a server and poured Qingfeng tea and wine.

Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li were all stunned. They also benefitted from the service. Tao Liu thought that the beauties were all connected to Qingfeng so he poured tea and wine for them as well.

Of course, Tao Liu poured red wine for the beauties and Mao-Tai for Qingfeng.

The beauties also experienced VIP treatment as the manager of the restaurant personally served them.

The dishes on the table were all scrumptious. There was jumbo shrimp, crab, bird's nest and shark fin soup, abalone and sea cucumber.

Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li all loved seafood and devoured the food. For Qingfeng, it was a pleasure to watch the beauties eat.

After the filling meal, Qingfeng and the others left the restaurant.

"Big brother Li, how do you have the five-star platinum card of the Liu Corporation?" Xiaoyue Zhang asked while looking at Qingfeng admiringly.

"Ruyan Liu gifted it to me."

"I don’t believe it. The five-star platinum card is so precious. Why would Ruyan Liu gift it to you?"

"Because she is my girlfriend."

"You’re boasting. Ruyan Liu is the CEO of a billion Yuan company. How can she be your girlfriend?"

Xiaoyue Zhang shook her head in disbelief. She thought that Qingfeng was lying.

Wanqiu Xia and Li Li also had looks of disbelief on their faces. They also thought that Qingfeng was lying.

Ruyan Liu was extremely famous in Eastern Sea City. After all, she was the number one seductive goddess and a rich woman. She was the idol of all women and goddess of all men.

No one believed that Ruyan Liu was Qingfeng’s girlfriend. They thought the joke was not funny and would not be true unless the sun rose from the west.

Qingfeng was slightly speechless when he saw the looks of disbelief in Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia ‘s eyes. He discovered that no one believed him when he spoke the truth. But everyone believed him when he lied.

Everyone in the group lived in a different neighborhood so they parted their ways. Wanqiu Xia headed towards the West, Xiaoyue Zhang and Li Li headed towards the South while Qingfeng headed towards the East.

But Qingfeng was dazed when he got into the taxi. The driver of the taxi was a beautiful woman. Furthermore, he knew the beauty.

The beauty in the taxi was no one other than the team leader of the Police Force, Mengyao Xu.

What the heck! Why would Mengyao Xu be driving a taxi?

"Little Yao Yao, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Ever since Qingfeng had rescued Mengyao Xu from the robbers’ hands, Mengyao Xu had become much nicer towards him. She no longer pulled out her gun like she had seen her enemy whenever she met him.

"Yeah, I saw you so I picked you up," Mengyao Xu said while glancing at Qingfeng.

She was on a mission where she had to disguise as a taxi driver and follow he car ahead. When she followed the car to Scene River Restaurant, she saw Qingfeng who was waiting for a taxi so she picked him up.

"Little Yao Yao, you’re on a mission?"

"How did you know?"

"That’s easy. Why would a team leader of the Police Force wear a taxi driver’s uniform? The only explanation would be if you were on a mission."

Qingfeng said lightly with a smile. He not only knew that Mengyao Xu was on a mission, he also knew that she was trailing the van


"I guess you aren’t dumb. It’s good that I picked you up," Mengyao Xu praised Qingfeng with a smile.

"Little Yao Yao, why would you bring me along if you’re working on a case? I still need to go home and sleep," Qingfeng said unhappily. He was slightly gloomy that Mengyao Xu had picked him up.

Why did you have to drag me into your mission?

"Qingfeng, help me solve a case," Mengyao Xu said lightly.

What? Help you solve a case?

Qingfeng was stunned and quickly shook his head, "No way. It is the police’s responsibility to solve the case. Why are you asking for my help?"

He was the Wolf King. He did not want to reveal his strength in front of the police. He hated interacting with the police and criminals.

"Qingfeng, you helped me solve the bank robbery case and killed the robbers. Help me out this time too," Mengyao Xu said to Qingfeng while fluttering her lashes.

"I can help you. But you have to agree to one condition."

"What condition?"

"You must allow me to help you develop your breasts. Your flat chest will become as big as a mountain,"

Qingfeng said righteously while looking at Mengyao Xu’s flat chest.

Mengyao Xu was a beautiful woman with a charming face and snow-white skin. She was cool and tall with a great body and face.

However, Mengyao Xu had a single flaw. Her chest was as flat as an airport. He had to help this beauty develop her breasts.

Qingfeng was a good man. It was every man’s responsibility to help a beautiful woman develop her breasts.

"I’m going to stick a banana up your hole!" Mengyao Xu swore. She was angered by Qingfeng’s shameless words.

After the bank robbery, Mengyao Xu was deeply grateful towards Qingfeng. She did not expect Qingfeng to start flirting and making fun of her again.

Help her develop her breasts? He would have to grope her breasts. She knew this bastard was up to no good. Mengyao Xu was extremely angry.