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Chapter 170: Little Yao Yao, What Happened?

Chapter 170: Little Yao Yao, What Happened?

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"Little Yao Yao, what did you say? Say it again," Qingfeng asked Mengyao Xu with a chuckle.

"I said, I’m going to stick a banana up your hole." Mengyao Xu was furious.

She had enough of Qingfeng’s shameless words. She felt that Qingfeng was her destined foe. Every time she saw him, she would become furious.

Why would she be angry? Because this fellow always played her.

He liked to poke fun at the beautiful police officer whenever he saw her. It had already become a form of entertainment.

Life was already stressful, if he didn’t find something to make him happy, he’ll be bored to death.

"Bastard, where are you putting your hand?" Mengyao Xu was furious when she saw Qingfeng’s hand creeping towards her chest.

This bastard. I’m driving a car right now. Where are you touching? If anyone sees it, I’ll rather die. What a bastard.

"Little Yao Yao, I’m helping you develop your chest," Qingfeng said with a chuckle. He groped the area and Mengyao Xu immediately turned red. She was so mad.

But she felt a comfortable sensation in her chest at the same time. It was slightly numb and tingly.

"Little Yao Yao, you’ve become bigger," Qingfeng suddenly said. His words made Mengyao Xu even more flustered.

He discovered that with his help, Mengyao Xu’s chest had become better.

This proved that Qingfeng’s massage was effective. He decided to massage her chest more in the future. It was every man’s responsibility to help a beauty develop.

"Oh, the van in front of us has parked." Mengyao Xu expression changed when she discovered that the van had stopped.

"Come on, let’s go and take a look." Mengyao Xu glared fiercely at Qingfeng and got off the taxi.

Mengyao Xu’s face changed when she arrived at the van. She discovered that there was only a man in the van. The man was smoking and there was no sign of any children.

How could there be no kid in the van? Mengyao Xu furrowed her brows in confusion.

She was investigating a big kidnapping case. There were more than a dozen children who had been kidnapped by the same group. This van was most suspicious. They believed that the kidnapped children were in the van.

Mengyao Xu was responsible for disguising as a taxi driver and following the van. To her surprise, there were no children on the van.

At that moment, Mengyao Xu received messages from her subordinates that there were no children on the vans they followed either.

The group had moved the children. Mengyao Xu was shocked. She knew that the group must have moved the children, and the vans that she and her subordinates had followed were just cover-ups.

This crime group was not an ordinary one. They were a strong group which was good at counter-reconnaissance.

"Miss, what are you looking for?" The driver of the van asked when he saw Mengyao Xu looking at his van. He was a skinny young man.

"Where are the people inside?" Mengyao Xu asked as she pointed towards the van.

"Miss, I don’t understand what you are saying?"

"There were kidnapped children in your van. Where are the children now? I am a police officer. If you don’t tell me the location of the children, I will arrest you."

"Miss, even if you are the police, you cannot accuse me with no evidence. Do you have evidence? If you don’t, I can sue you for defamation."

The skinny young man said to Mengyao Xu with a cold smile. He was not afraid of her in the slightest.

A police officer had to have evidence before making an arrest. There were no children within the van so he was not afraid of Mengyao Xu at all.

Mengyao Xu was furious beyond belief when she heard the words of the skinny young man. She knew that the children had been moved by the group.

Qingfeng did not listen to the fight between Mengyao Xu and the skinny young man. He stared intently at the van ahead. It was an ordinary van which could be seen everywhere on the streets. There was nothing special about it but Qingfeng found something odd on the tires of the van.

Qingfeng walked next to the tires and discovered that there was yellow mud on the tracks of the tires. The yellow mud was no ordinary mud. It was a mud used to make bricks and had a faint burnt scent.

Qingfeng speculated that the van must have gone to a brick factory. The mud on the tires was still fresh which meant that it has not been a long time since the van left the factory.

"Little Yao Yao, let’s go since there are no children on the van," Qingfeng said as he walked to Mengyao Xu’s side.

"We have not found the children. How can we go?" Mengyao Xu did not want to leave. The van was a lead.

"Let’s go. There are no children in the van," Qingfeng smiled lightly and pulled Mengyao Xu away.

Mengyao Xu did not want to go but Qingfeng’s grip was too strong. She could only be pulled back into their car.

"Scoundrel. Why did you pull me away? We still haven’t found the children." Inside the car, Mengyao Xu’s face was filled with anger. She was slightly angry and displeased.

"Little Yao Yao, don’t worry. I’ll help you solve the case." Qingfeng smiled confidently.

After his observations, he was already confident and had a lead.

"How are you going to solve the case?"

"Let me ask you. Is there a brick factory nearby?"

"Why are you asking about this?"

"You only need to tell me if there is a brick factory nearby."

"Wait a second. I’ll ask my subordinates to investigate."

Even though Mengyao Xu did not know why Qingfeng asked about brick factories, she still chose to believe him. She pulled out her phone and called her subordinate.

In a moment, her subordinate sent over the information.

Mengyao Xu placed her phone aside and said, "There are three brick factories nearby. There is one under the Lone Hill, one in the countryside and another one close to Sky River Road."

"Let me ask you, which factory among these three is the newest?" Qingfeng asked as he furrowed his brows.

"The one under the Lone Hill is the newest factory. It just opened last month."

"Great, let’s go to the brick factory under the Lone Hill right now."

"Why are we going to the brick factory under the Lone Hill?"

"It is very simple. The kidnapped children are in the brick factory under Lone Hill,"

Qingfeng said with a confident smile.