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Chapter 171: Time is Life

Chapter 171: Time is Life

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"What evidence do you have that the children are at Lone Hill?" Mengyao Xu frowned and asked Qingfeng.

She felt that Qingfeng was too rash. Why did he say that the children were in the brick factory at Lone Hill? What if they went there and could not find the kids? That would be a waste of time.

"Little Yao Yao, if I said the kids are there, they have to be there," he said confidently.

He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent who had led the Wolf Fang Team which dominated the underworld. He was more familiar in investigation and dodging investigations than anybody.

"I still don’t believe that the kids are in Lone Hill?" Mengyao Xu shook her head. She still felt that Qingfeng’s words were not reliable.

"Little Yao Yao, why don’t we make a bet?"

"What bet? Let me hear it."

"If those children are in the brick factory at Lone Hill, you will allow me to help you develop your breasts. If they are not, I will listen to your orders from now on."

Qingfeng said as he glanced at Mengyao Xu’s chest.

To be honest, it was a pity that such a beautiful woman was as flat as an airport. He needed to help this beauty develop her breasts.

Mengyao Xu’s charming face became angry when she heard Qingfeng’s words. But she thought of his words and was slightly moved. If he lost, he would have to listen to her words from now on.

"Okay, I will make a bet with you. If the children are in the brick factory at Lone Hill, I will let you develop my chest. If they are not, you must listen to my orders. If I ask you to jump into the river, you need to jump into that river," she said fiercely.

"Little Yao Yao, you don’t have to be so merciless. You want me to jump into the river?" Qingfeng asked bitterly.

The saying that "Women have the most poisonous hearts" was indeed true. After he won the bet, he shall ‘punish’ her fiercely and develop her chest.


The car drove towards the brick factory at the bottom of Lone Hill.

Mengyao Xu did not forget to contact her subordinates and informed them that she was heading towards the brick factory under Lone Hill.

She originally only wanted to report her coordinates, but she was overheard by the vice-team leader, Feng Zhang. Feng Zheng thought that she had a lead so he also headed towards Lone Hill with his men.

30 minutes later, Mengyao Xu and Qingfeng arrived at the brick factory at the bottom of Lone Hill.

She parked her car in a faraway location to prevent it from being discovered by anyone. The two of them then got off the car and walked along a small road towards the brick factory.

It was a large brick factory with tall walls built around it. The walls were two meters high and there were some red bricks placed close to the walls. The metal gate was tightly locked and impossible to enter.

An ordinary person would not be able to enter, but it was not a difficult task for Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu.

Mengyao Xu had graduated from the police school and was skilled in combat. Qingfeng was the Wolf King. A two-meter wall was like flat ground for him.

Woosh Woosh~

Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu both ran up and jumped over the wall.

After they had jumped over the wall, the two discovered that there were not many bricks inside the courtyard. There were only some red bricks close to the metal gate, the remaining area was empty. Some parts of the courtyard were even covered with tall weeds.

There was an abandoned three-floor building 500 meters away from them. Four men guarded the small building.

All of the men had dyed blonde hair and tattoos on their bodies. They were all fierce-looking and each had a club in hand.

"Is there something wrong with this brick factory?" Mengyao Xu was stunned when she saw the men.

An ordinary brick factory would not have thugs at the door. They did not look like ordinary men.

Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu crouched and carefully headed towards them. They walked slowly with light steps to avoid being discovered by the four guards.

When they walked past a bunch of weeds, Mengyao Xu accidentally stepped on a plastic bottle which made a cracking sound.

The four thugs all looked towards the sound when they heard the sound. Qingfeng quickly pushed Mengyao Xu to the ground. They lied in the shrub.

Thankfully this was a weed shrub which was around a meter tall. It was very dense and overgrown so the thugs did not discover anything when they looked towards it.

The thugs did not find anything but Mengyao Xu felt extremely comfortable. Her body was pressed down by Qingfeng. Their bodies were extremely close together.

Their bodies were pressed together and Qingfeng’s hands were on Mengyao Xu’s breasts. Her breasts were soft. He even fondled them to anger Mengyao Xu.

Mengyao Xu’s was flustered and wanted to kick Qingfeng. But she repressed that thought since there were four thugs close to them. They would be in trouble if they were discovered by the thugs.

"Little Yao Yao, let me give you a full body massage."

Within the shrub, Qingfeng’s hands first fondled Mengyao Xu’s chest. His hands moved along her body and massaged her entire body.

"Bastard, get up," said Mengyao Xu softly as she repressed the tickling sensations in her body.

Her entire body has been touched by Qingfeng. She was extremely embarrassed. But she dared not speak loudly since they were in the shrub.

"Little Yao Yao, we can’t get up now. If the four thugs discover us, we will be in trouble. Let’s wait a minute," Qingfeng said with a smile as he stayed on the ground.

Qingfeng would never let such a good opportunity go to waste. His palms kept moving and he took full advantage of Mengyao Xu’s body.

"Sigh, Little Yao Yao has such a good body. It’s a pity she’s flat," he exclaimed. Mengyao Xu was further agitated by his words.

After five minutes, when Qingfeng felt that the four thugs were no longer paying attention to their direction, he slowly got up. Of course, he did not stand up directly. Instead, he crouched on the ground.

"There are four thugs at the entrance. What should we do now?" Mengyao Xu glared at Qingfeng while adjusting her messy clothes.

"We can’t enter through the front entrance. Let’s go in from the back window." Qingfeng held onto Mengyao Xu’s hand and headed towards the other direction.

Qingfeng and Mengyao Xu arrived at the back window. They tip-toed and looked through the window.

There were four or five metal cages within the spacious room. A dozen kids were locked up in the cages and there were collars on the neck of the children.

The poor children were not only kidnapped but were mistreated.

"These scumbags. How dare they treat the children this inhumanely. They deserve to die," Mengyao Xu’s charming face was filled with anger.

The fire in her heart was ignited by the sight of the poor children in the room.