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Chapter 172: Poor Kids

Chapter 172: Poor Kids

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"Yao, I totally agree on what you said. These bastards should go to hell," Qingfeng said while nodding his head.

Qingfeng became furious when she saw the kids in the room. Among these kids, the oldest one was around ten years old, and the youngest was only 5~6 years old. However, they were all severely injured.

Kids were supposed to be the future and the hope of the nation. They were now, though, being trafficked, and a few kids' arms were even cruelly broken by those bastards.

There were more than twenty guys in the room who were all tall and tough. Some of them even carried guns with them.

Mengyao knew that they only thing they could do now was use their intelligence instead of force. Otherwise, they would put the kids in danger. Making sure the kids were safe was the primary goal at the moment.

"Qingfeng, what should we do," Mengyao asked quietly while shivering her lips.

She knew only Qingfeng could figure out a way in this type of dangerous situations since she was saved by him when she was kidnapped by the robbers at the bank last time.

In her opinion, even though Qingfeng was a giant douchebag and liked to tease and take advantage of her, he was undoubtedly powerful.

"Yao, it’s quite simple. We could knock out those four jerks first and take their outfits. We then can walk in with their outfits on," Qingfeng smiled, as he had brought up a perfect strategy.

In fact, it wouldn’t be hard at all for Qingfeng to knock out these people. What he was scared of was that they might freak out and hurt the kids. That was why he didn’t hit them.

Of course, a reason was that he didn’t want to expose his secret either.

When Qingfeng and Mengyao were discussing how to save the kids while squatting under the window, a loud noise suddenly came from the Brickyard. The locked metal door was kicked open by someone from the outside.

"F*ck, who kicked open the metal door," Qingfeng swore as he saw the door was kicked open.

He knew that the four gangsters and the other men in the room must be alerted once they heard the loud noise.

As predicted, four gangsters and the tough dudes all woke up. They were frightened and grabbed their weapons immediately.

Once the door was open, four police cars came in. Later, more than ten police officers walked out from the cars. The leading policeman was a tall, tough young man with thick brows, big eyes and a high-bridged nose, which was somehow handsome.

His name was Feng Zhang, who was the vice leader of the Criminal Police Team in Eastern Sea City. He brought his co-workers since he knew Mengyao had come to the Brickyard.

Feng Zhang was immediately pleasantly surprised when he saw four gangsters standing right at front of the door once he kicked open the door.

He knew there must be something weird in this brickyard since gangsters normally wouldn’t hide here.

"Brother Qiang, we were caught by the police. What should we do now," A tough guy asked the middle-aged man with a gun.

The middle-aged man had a tough figure which was surrounded by a sense of fierceness. His name was Qiang Chen, and he was the head of this group of people.

"What else you think we can do now? Take the kids as our hostages and get away from here," Qiang Chen said while glaring at the tough guy.

He knew that it wouldn’t work out if they fought with force since they were surrounded. They could only escape from here using the kids as hostages.

"Qingfeng, what should we do? They are going to take the kids as their hostages," Mengyao asked worriedly while changing her face.

She was completely mad at the stupid actions of Feng Zhang at the moment. Why the heck would you kick open the door? Don’t you know you should investigate the situation before making any decisions first?

"What else can we do, huh? Of course, we need to save the kids," Qingfeng said with disdain.


Qingfeng smashed the window with his right fist and rushed into the room like lightning.


Qingfeng threw dozens of rocks he prepared in advance at e gangsters


Those gangsters were all screaming and fell to the ground as they were being pelted by the rocks.

This secret skill was called "Hidden Weapon" which was barely used by Qingfeng. This was one of his trump cards, though he had to use it to save the kids today.

While seeing the dozens of his minions beside him were all knocked down onto the ground, Qiang Chen freaked out as his face scrunched up in fear.

What a powerful hidden weapon skill. He had never seen one like this even though he had been in this field for decades. It was said that only people in the Tang Sect in wuxia novels would know how to use this type of trick and be able to beat someone to the ground with a little flying rock.

"Don’t you come closer, or I’ll fire the gun."

Qiang Chen started to threaten Qingfeng while pointed the gun at him.

However, Qingfeng just sneered in the face of that threat. He slightly moved his body and arrived right in front of Qiang Chen in a flash. He took Qiang Chen’s gun while he was still shocked and smashed the gun into pieces.


Qingfeng sent Qiang Chen flying away by kicking his stomach. Qiang Chen then hit on the wall and dropped to the ground, unconscious.

As the head of this gangsters, this poor guy was actually powerful, but he was just a piece of trash when fighting with someone like the Wolf King, Qingfeng Li.

"He’s so powerful."

While watching Qingfeng finish up this group of people in a second, Mengyao slightly changed her face with surprise.

She could feel that Qingfeng was a strongest she had ever seen. He was even stronger than the instructors at the Police Institution.

It could be said that Qingfeng’s power had exceeded the perception of Mengyao. Maybe the only one who could fight against him was the rumored Solder King in the military.

Qingfeng glanced at Qiang Chen with disdain as if he felt ashamed for this guy, who thought a gun could threaten him. Honestly, a gun was nothing in front of him.

"Raise your arms and kneel down. Give in right now."

A harsh sound suddenly came from a distance when Qingfeng was about to open the cage and set the kids free.

It was Feng Zhang. He was pointing his gun at Qingfeng with ten more cops behind him. They ran into the room after setting down the four gangsters at the door outside and thought Qingfeng was a part of them.

Qingfeng went furious when he saw this stupid Feng Zhang. He just kicked the door open and alerted the gangsters. The kids might have become hostages and get even more hurt if Qingfeng wasn’t there.

"Are you blind that you didn’t see me saving people? Why you are pointing your gun at me," Qingfeng asked madly while glaring at Feng Zhang.

He was so furious that Feng Zhang not only didn’t thank him for saving the kids, but he was even pointing his gun at him. What the heck!