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Chapter 173: Treating the Kids

Chapter 173: Treating the Kids

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"Raise your hands up. You are one of the gangsters and these kids were injured by you," Feng Zhang said to Qingfeng while sneering.

He realized all the kids in the cage had been injured severely once he walked in. Not only were they trapped, but they were also leashed and and had their arms broken.

Feng Zhang pointed the gun at Qingfeng since he thought it was done by him.

"You’re not only blind but also a retard. Don’t you know you almost killed his kids when you just rushed in like that," Qingfeng was so angry once he was reminded this guy in front of him had kicked the doors open.

Thank god that Qingfeng was powerful enough and utilized his hidden weapon skills. Otherwise, these kids would definitely have become hostages and gotten more injured.

And now, the guy in front of him even started to blame him for this. What a dipshit.

"Dude, are you insulting me? I have the right to arrest you," Feng Zhang changed his face. He was walking toward Qingfeng while pointing his gun in one hand and handcuffs in the other.

F*ck off!

Qingfeng suddenly yelled and kicked Feng Zhang on his stomach when he walked up to him. Feng Zhang was then kicked away and hit the wall hard. He fell on the ground with some blood emerging out from his mouth. Obviously, he was injured.

"What are you watching? Shoot him," Feng Zhang yelled to the minions behind him while spitting out some blood.

Those minions pointed their guns at Qingfeng once they received the command. The situation now was serious and dangerous.

"Stop! Put your guns down," Mengyao said to those police officers while jumping out of the window.

Qingfeng moved too fast for Mengyao to realize what happened a second ago, so now, she rushed up to stop those minions in case they hurt Qingfeng.

"Captain, why are you here," Those policemen asked while changing their face when they saw Mengyao.

They definitely recognized Mengyao since she was the head of the Criminal Police Team as well as their boss. However, they were all confused when she told them to put down their gun. Didn’t captain see the young man just hit the vice leader?

"These kids were all saved by Qingfeng, and the people on the ground were also put down by him," Mengyao said calmly while pointing at those unconscious gangsters on the ground.

Mengyao certainly knew how strong Qingfeng was. If he got angry, her dozen men wouldn’t even be a threat to him.

Guns might be intimidating to normal people, but it was not anyhow different than a toy to Qingfeng.

Those police officers all looked at the ground when they heard what Mengyao said. They just realized there were dozens of big guys lying on the ground. Most of them had dyed their hair blonde and had tattoos, which couldn’t make them look any more like gangsters.

They put away the gun embarrassedly once they realized the situation. They were ashamed that they mistreated a hero as a criminal.

"Feng Zhang, since you almost harmed the kids for your inadequate leadership, I decided to remove your position as the vice leader temporarily. You better self-reflect yourself after going back," Mengyao said coldly while glancing at Feng Zhang.

She was pissed off by Feng Zhang’s recklessness, too. Therefore, she decided to punish him by retracting his position and asking him to write a self-criticism essay.

Feng Zhang opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something after he heard Mengyao’s order, but he ended up dealing with it since he realized he did make a mistake. He lowered his head down and looked discouraged.

"Oh my god, we have to help the poor kids," Mengyao opened the cage and tried to set the kids out while looking at them heartbrokenly.

Women carried with their maternal instinct since birth. She felt upset when she saw the kids were suffering.

Most of these kids were beaten so hard by those gangsters that their faces and shoulders were all bruised and swollen.

This was a severe children-trafficking case. These gangsters were a crime syndicate that kidnapped children. They broke their shoulders and forced them to beg for money. The younger ones were then sold to rural places.

Since Mengyao was a justice-driven police officer, when she thought of how terrible these gangsters were to those kids, she went up and kicked them furiously to release her anger.

Since some kids were severely injured, they couldn’t walk out of the cage and started to cry mournfully, which was heartbreaking.

It was eleven o’clock at night right now. There would be no doctors in the hospital, and it would take more than an hour even if they requested emergency services, which would be too long for these kids.

It would cause more harm and even lead to permanent injury for these kids if they delayed that long.

Mengyao had called the hospital and the ambulance. But she still had to wait since it took a while for them to come.

"Little Yao Yao, let me treat these kids, we can’t wait anymore," Qingfeng said while walking beside Mengyao.

What the heck? Little Yao Yao? Did this dude just call our captain Yao Yao?

All the police officers were shocked and thought they heard something wrong.

Who was Mengyao? She was the leader of the Criminal Police Station in Eastern Sea City, the most beautiful but violent woman police boss. She had snapped someone’s penis because she was teased by him before.

However, she didn’t even get mad when she was being called "Little Yao Yao" by this young man in front of her. Was it really happening?

Everyone was staring at Mengyao oddly and started to start making rumors in their mind. Did Captain just compromise to this young dude? If so, it would be big news!

"What are you staring at? Work! Get those jerks," Mengyao yelled at her minions as she switched her face instantly.

These little assholes, what are those eyes?! Your captain is still a virgin, okay? How could I mess around with this dude.

All the cops shivered once Mengyao started yelling at them. They were definitely familiar with her anger. Once their captain got mad, they would have no meals and would even have to do hundreds of push-ups.

The ten cops started handcuffing the unconscious gangsters and carried them into the car.

"Don’t call me Little Yao Yao, it’s not good for my reputation," Mengyao said to Qingfeng while blushing.

Mengyao was always cold and indifferent to her minions, yet, she felt shy in front of Qingfeng.

"Um, if not Yao Yao, I can call you honey. How about that, huh?"

"Never mind, just call me Yao Yao then. You just said you can treat these kids, right?"

"Yes, I can treat them."

Qingfeng said calmly while nodding. It shouldn’t be hard to treat these kids since he was the King of Doctors.