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Chapter 174: Little Yao Yao, I“m Coming

Chapter 174: Little Yao Yao, I'm Coming

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"Alright, I’ll let you have a go," Mengyao decide to trust Qingfeng when she saw his confident face.

Although this young man in front of him was a massive douchebag and liked to tease her, she still thought he knew what he was doing in this situation.

"Little girl, your shoulder was broken. Can I connect it together? It might hurt a bit."

Qingfeng said to a six-year-old girl while smiling.

This little girl looked so pale and weak, she definitely didn’t eat well and get enough nutrients. Her shoulders were also a little dislocated from the beating by those gangsters.

"It hurts so much. Could you really heal it," The little girl asked tragically with tears in her eyes.

"Don’t worry, you won’t feel the pain once I heal it," Qingfeng smiled and started to comfort the little girl.

What a group of bastards that would even hit such a lovely little girl.

He reached his hand to and tried to find the spot where the little girl had twisted her shoulder, he then firmly snapped the joint. The little girl’s shoulder was re-connected.

Although the little girl screamed tragically at the moment when her joints were connected, she could move her arms freely without any pain like a normal human being.

"Yeah! It really doesn’t hurt anymore! Thank you so much," The little girl said gratefully while waving her arms.

"I didn’t know you really knew medical techniques," Mengyao kept blinking surprisingly when she saw the little girl’s shoulder was connected by Qingfeng.

In fact, this bone connecting technique wasn’t as simple as it looked. It was mostly used by experienced senior doctors around the age of sixty or seventy. Most young doctors didn’t even know how to do it.

However, as a young man in his early twenties, Qingfeng actually knew how to apply this technique.

How many secrets did this guy have? Not only was he strong, he even knew medical techniques

She didn’t know the fact that when a woman started to be curious about a man, she would easily fall for him.

Other kids were also coming to Qingfeng and asked him to treat them when they saw he treated the little girl well. They trusted Qingfeng so much after the little girl's shoulder was fixed.

Undoubtedly, Qingfeng didn’t let them down and healed all of them eventually.

However, although these kids were all treated, they still needed to be looked after and have someone to take take care of. Some of those who were severe injured were still sent to the hospital and those with light injuries then all followed Mengyao to the police station to look for their families.

Since Qingfeng had treated these kids, they all liked him a lot and started to cry when he tried to leave.

Qingfeng, therefore, could only stay in the hospital and the police station while taking care of them.

The kids finally fell asleep until four in the morning. Qingfeng didn’t know how to react when he checked the time.

He told Ruyan he would pick her up after work yesterday yet there were so many things going on afterwards. First, he went to have dinner with Wanqiu after work, then when he was about to take a taxi and leave, he encountered Mengyao.

Then it turned out that Mengyao came to investigate a case and hoped that he could help. When everything finished, it was already four in the morning.

"Damn, I’m going to die. I leave Ruyan alone there and didn’t sleep at home, Xue Lin wouldn’t let me go, either," Qingfeng was a bit frustrated while sighing.

However, he still felt so happy for having saved those kids. It was worth it even if he would get misunderstood again by his wife.

Mengyao felt a bit touched when she saw Qingfeng kept being busy around taking care of these kids. It was four in the morning and he hadn’t had a single break or even drank a sip of water.

She didn’t expect this guy to have such a great sense of justice. Mengyao complimented Qingfeng while glancing at him.

"Qingfeng, here is your tea. You did such a good job on the children trafficking’s case this time," Mengyao poured a cup of tea and handed to Qingfeng while smiling.

"Little Yao Yao, you are so nice to me," Qingfeng held Mengyao’s hands when he received the cup. Her hands were so small and tender, which were comfortable to hold.

"Asshole, let go," Mengyao suddenly said angrily. She changed her face and frowned when her hands were held by Qingfeng.

She was just complimenting him as a man with a strong sense of justice and started to have good feelings toward him, and then this dude started being a playboy the next second. She was totally pissed off.

I knew I shouldn’t have praised you. Couldn’t you just be a nice guy once? Mengyao was so discouraged while staring at Qingfeng.

"Little Yao Yao, your hands smells so nice and they are soft like cotton candy. I want to touch them more," Qingfeng kept holding her little hands.

This chick had such great hands! They were as soft and smooth as cotton candy, which looked way better than those from old men.

No wonder people all said women were made out of water. It was so fitting!

"Little Yao Yao, you and I have made a bet that you would let me help grow your boobs if I saved the kids, right?" Qingfeng smiled while staring at Mengyao’s chest.

Mengyao slightly changed her face after hearing what Qingfeng said. She felt like her chest was grabbed and were continuously being rubbed by two big filthy hands under the gaze of Qingfeng.

"Little Yao Yao, you’re the team captain aren’t you going to keep your words?" Qingfeng started to complain when he saw Meng Yao was silent.

"Qingfeng, we are in the police station and a lot of people are watching. I’ll show you when there is nobody, okay?" Mengyao said while flushing.

Even though she hated others touching her body, she always kept her promise. She had no choice and had to let Qingfeng help her grow her chest since she had lost her bet. It wouldn’t be a big deal. Just see him as a piggy, a slightly more handsome piggy.

"Little Yao Yao, no worries. We can go to the washroom," Qingfeng smiled and headed to the washroom while holding Mengyao’s hand.

It was four in the morning and everyone had fallen asleep, including those kids. Only Qingfeng, Mengyao and the overnight officer hadn’t slept yet.

Qingfeng skipped the room of the overnight officer and went into the washroom while still holding Mengyao’s hand.

In the washroom.

Mengyao was leaning at the wall, her face flushed and her heart was beating rapidly. She kept her eyes on the floor since she felt embarrassed to look straight at Qingfeng.

"I’m coming, Little Yao Yao," Qingfeng walked up to Mengyao with a filthy smile while staring at her boobs.