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Chapter 175: What a Jerk

Chapter 175: What a Jerk

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"Don’t… Don’t come near me," Mengyao seemed a bit scared and kept blinking her eyes while looking at Qingfeng’s perverted face.

"Yao Yao, keep your word and let me massage it for for you," Qingfeng reached out his hands while smiling and put them on Mengyao’ chest suddenly, surprising her.

Qingfeng kept moving and rubbing his hands on Mengyao’ chest. Meanwhile, Mengyao was sweating and flushing and felt like she couldn’t stand well.

Asshole. What a jerk! Mengyao's face flushed red like a tomato and she felt like she wanted to crawl into a hole and die out of embarrassment. She was cursing Qingfeng for doing such a thing to her in the washroom.

Honestly, Mengyao was still a virgin that didn’t even think such a thing could happen to her. Yet, her body had totally taken advantage of by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng finally removed his hands from Mengyao’s chest after half an hour. Meanwhile, she had lied down on the floor with all the sweat on her body while breathing slowly.

"Yao Yao, your boobs will grow soon after my massage," Qingfeng said to Mengyao while smiling.

The massage Qingfeng did just now for Mengyao wasn’t a regular massage but one that could help the chest grow better. He just pressed some acupuncture points on her chest that could activate and dredge her chest channels.

"Asshole, teasing me is the only thing you do," Mengyao blamed Qingfeng while glaring at him.

She felt like she had always been taken advantage of since she met Qingfeng for the first time.

First, she remembered clearly that her first kiss was snatched by him when she arrested him at that Spa place. Then, her body was exposed entirely and she was even spanked by him even though he saved her when she encountered the gangsters in the bar; thirdly and fourthly...

All in all, Mengyao would always be driven crazy when she met Qingfeng every time. She felt like this dude in front of him was definitely a curse.

"Let’s go, it’s bright outside. We should leave," Qingfeng walked out of the washroom with Mengyao while smiling.

Actually, Qingfeng still wanted to punish Mengyao. Oops, no, maybe it’s taking advantage of her instead of punishing her. However, he had to leave since it was bright outside and it wouldn’t be good for either of them once they were caught by others.

When both Qingfeng and Mengyao finally returned to the police office, the overnight officer stared at them surprisingly and asked, "Captain, where have you been. I tried to find you."

The overnight officer spent a long time looking for Mengyao before. He was quite confused since he remembered that Captain was just at the police station. How could she disappear in a flash?

"What’s going on?" Mengyao pretended to be majestic and asked while covering her shyness.

She definitely had to look like a leader in front of her subordinate, so that they would respect her.

"Captain, this is the information on the kids. We need to bring them home today."

The overnight officer said while handing a file about the kids that he had put together overnight to Mengyao.

"Good job. Let’s drop these kids home separately when everyone comes back," Mengyao nodded to the overnight officer while checking the file. She was really pleased by his devotion.

"Little Yao Yao, it’s bright now and I have to go back to work. I’ll see you," Qingfeng turned his back and left while waving his hand.

He eventually would have to leave for working since he doesn’t work in the police station.

However, he was shocked when he walked to the door. He saw those kids were standing there and looked at him quietly.

"Big brother, thanks for saving our lives. We’ll miss you so much," the kids were all bowing to Qingfeng with gratitude.

They were trafficked and had been abused severely by those gangs. If it wasn’t Qingfeng, they might have continued to suffer from pain and fear.

They knew the big brother in front of them was a good person even though they were still really young. Therefore, they all came to say goodbye to him at the door when they heard he was going to leave.

Looking at those innocent and sincere eyes, Qingfeng started to get emotional.

"Little ones, I’m leaving now. Remember to listen to your mom after going back home. Don’t be kidnapped again, alright?" Qingfeng said to those kids.

"We got it, big brother!" said loudly those kids.

Right before Qingfeng was about to leave. He felt so heartbroken since he realized these kids were all in rags and most of them looked so pale and poorly nourished.

Qingfeng was abandoned by his family and was also kidnapped once. By that time, he was poor and often suffered from starvation, once to the point where he almost died. He finally escaped since he met a nice person who gave him money and food.

He suddenly turned back and walked up to Mengyao, "Yao Yao, do you know where all these kids come from?"

"Most of them are from the rural mountains. But why?" Mengyao didn’t know why Qingfeng asked this ahs she looked at him curiously while frowning.

Qingfeng frowned after he heard what Mengyao said. He finally knew the reason why all these kids looked so pale and unnourished was because they came from poor families from the countryside.

"This is 200,000 Yuan, could you give 10,000 Yuan to each family as a little gift from me to the kids after you send them home?" Qingfeng said quietly while handed a 200,000 Yuan check to Mengyao.

What he said could only be heard by Mengyao and himself. He didn’t want to let the kids know that he gave them money.

Qingfeng thought Mengyao could help him give the money since she was going to send the kids home

In fact, Qingfeng also wanted to give more money to the kids, but he knew it would not necessarily be a good thing. Instead, it might even harm them.

The kids could live a slightly better life with this 10,000 Yuan for each family. They could have better food and wear better clothes, and if they worked harder in the future, they might even be able to change their own fate.

"You are a nice person," Mengyao slightly shivered her lips and praised Qingfeng.

This guy not only saved the kids but also sent money to improve the quality of their lives. It was so rare to find such a nice person in the world nowadays.

"Of course, I am," Qingfeng turned back and tried to leave while smiling.

But when he was turning back, he grabbed Mengyao’s butt with his right hand. It was soft and bouncy, which was so comfortable to touch.

Yao Yao indeed had a good body that was always comfortable to touch. He was thinking in his mind.

"Asshole, I shouldn’t have praised you," Mengyao was suddenly enraged and started biting her lips.

She didn’t expect that Qingfeng would tease her when she complimented him. What a pest!