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Chapter 176: Xue Lin“s Neck Hurts a Little

Chapter 176: Xue Lin's Neck Hurts a Little

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In the CEO office of the Ice Snow Corporation, Xue Lin’s face was ice cold. Her chest raised up and down seductively but it was proof that she was very angry.

Xue Lin was very very angry. She had discovered that her husband, Qingfeng, did not sleep at home last night again. This made her furious.

This was not the first time that Qingfeng did not sleep at home. He said that he had slept over at his friend Xuanji Lu’s place last time.

Truthfully, when a woman got mad at a man, it proved that she cared about him. She would not be mad if she did not care about him.

"President, you called me?" Wanqiu Xia was confused when she saw the angry Xue Lin.

She felt that CEO was behaving weirdly today. Ever since she stepped into the company, every employee could tell that she was angry.

"Director Xia, ask Qingfeng to report to my office immediately when he arrives," Xue Lin said coldly.

"Yes, President." Wanqiu Xia nodded and left.

She was a little confused, "Why does the CEO want to see Qingfeng? What is her relationship with him? Was she angry because of Qingfeng?"

At that moment, Qingfeng had just arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation. He did not enter the company immediately. Instead, he first bought a few buns and a cup of soymilk from a stall by the roadside. He then ate his breakfast as he walked towards the company. By the time he arrived at the Sales Department, he had finished his breakfast just in time.

"Qingfeng, come out for a moment." Just as Qingfeng arrived at his desk, he was called by Wanqiu Xia.

"Sister Xia, what’s the matter?" He asked.

He referred to Wanqiu Xia as "Director Xia" when they were surrounded by others. When they were alone, he called her "Sister Xia".

"The President asked you to report to her office immediately," Wanqiu Xia said.

What? Report to the CEO office? Qingfeng was slightly gloomy. Did Xue Lin find out that he did not go home last night? She was angry again.

When did wife start caring about me so much? Qingfeng was both puzzled and touched.

"Sister Xia, do you know why the CEO is looking for me?"

"That, I don’t know. But you should go quickly. She looks extremely angry."

"Thank you, sister Xia. I will head over there right now."

Qingfeng waved and walked towards the CEO’s office.

Knock knock knock!

Qingfeng arrived at the CEO’s office and knocked the door three times with his right hand.

"Come in." Xue Lin’s angry voice could be heard from the office.

Qingfeng pushed open the door and locked it from the inside. Xue Lin was beautiful today. She had on some light makeup. She wore eyeliner and some lipstick on her lips. Her skin was white like jade and her eyes were like jewels. She was truly beautiful.

She wore a black office suit and a pair of black heels. Her chest protruded slightly. Her long thin legs were covered by an office skirt. The black suit contrasted with her pale skin seductively.

"Honey, you were looking for me?" Qingfeng usually called Xue Lin "honey" when no one was around. It was a way to improve their relationship.

"Hmph, you still know that I’m your wife?" Xue Lin snorted angrily.

"Of course you are my wife. Who made you angry? Tell me, I’ll take care of them," Qingfeng said with a smile as he walked towards her.

"You made me angry."

"I didn’t do anything."

"Let me ask you, why did you not go home last night?"

Xue Lin became angry when she thought of how her husband did not return home last night. Other than anger, she was also worried.

She had read in that if a man did not sleep at home, he must have a mistress outside.

Xue Lin was very worried that Qingfeng would be seduced by another woman. Thus, she was very sensitive to him not returning home at night.

"I did a good deed yesterday. I saved a dozen children who were kidnapped," he explained with a smile.

When a man and woman met a problem or misunderstanding, they needed to communicate instead of quarrel.

Xue Lin asked, "Really? You are not lying to me?"

"Of course it is real. I can call the police station right now. You can ask them." Qingfeng smiled lightly and called Mengyao Xu’s phone number.

Mengyao Xu confirmed to Xue Lin that Qingfeng had rescued a dozen children last night. She also said that the police would arrive at Ice Snow shortly and give Qingfeng an award for being a good Samaritan.

"Dear, I’m sorry. I misunderstood you," Xue Lin said apologetically. She thought that Qingfeng went to see another woman last night.

Truthfully, Xue Lin instincts were very accurate. Qingfeng did plan to visit Ruyan Liu yesterday but his plans were interrupted by Mengyao Xu.

Of course, Qingfeng would never tell Xue Lin that he was going to visit Ruyan Liu. The two women were rivals.

Now, Xue Lin was his legal wife while Ruyan Liu was Qingfeng’s first women in Eastern Sea City. The complicated relationship made Qingfeng’s head hurt when he thought of it.

Qingfeng asked, "I see that you keep moving your neck. Does your neck hurt?"

He discovered that Xue Lin liked to rotate her neck when she worked. It seemed like she was in discomfort.

"Yes, it hurts a little bit." Xue Lin looked surprised at Qingfeng. How did this fellow know her neck hurts?

"You have cervical spondylosis from poor circulation and spinal muscle fatigue as a result of looking down too much at work. Let me give you a massage to relax your muscles."

Qingfeng smiled and walked behind Xue Lin. He placed his hands on her shoulders.

He found the right pressure points. Then he massaged the points with his right hands to improve the circulation along the pathway.

Xue Lin initially wanted to decline his offer. But she felt extremely comfortable after Qingfeng massage so she allowed him to give her a massage.

Xue Lin had a fragrant scent on her body. The scent was not from a perfume. Rather it was a virgin scent. Xue Lin was still a virgin. Qingfeng’s blood began to boil after massaging Xue Lin for a few minutes.

His hands began to move towards her chest. Her snow-white cleavage deeply attracted him.