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Chapter 177: The Pretty Girl In the Bathroom

Chapter 177: The Pretty Girl In the Bathroom

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Qingfeng’s hands did not stop moving and finally arrived at Xue Lin’s chest. He caressed her chest; it felt soft and comfortable.

Xue Lin’s figure was really good. Her skin was silky smooth without a single flaw. Her breasts were really big, attractive and amazing to the touch.

"Scoundrel, I asked you to massage my neck. Not my chest," she said angrily. Her face had become flustered.

Her husband was so naughty. How could he touch her breasts in broad daylight? What if someone saw him?

"Wife, I’m helping to develop your breasts. It’s good for your health." Qingfeng ignored Xue Lin’s protest and continued to take advantage of her.

WuWu~ Xue Lin moaned lightly and a thin layer of sweat broke out on her forehead. It was as if she had been soaked in water. She lied on the chair weakly and could not resist Qingfeng’s actions.

Qingfeng still wanted to continue playing with Xue Lin but the phone rang. This made him very unhappy.

Xue Lin was shocked by the ringing of the phone. She recovered some of her strength and pushed Qingfeng aside. Then she sat up straight in her chair

"Dear, go get your call." Xue Lin said as she waved her hand and ushered Qingfeng to get the phone call.

Qingfeng initially did not want to leave but his expression changed when he saw the caller ID. He obeyed Xue Lin’s words and left the office.

It was Ruyan Liu that called. Qingfeng was slightly guilty. He had promised Ruyan Liu that he would accompany her last night but had broken his promise her.

No matter what the reason was, it was still wrong for Qingfeng to break his promise.

Qingfeng walked to a corner and pressed the talk button. He asked,

"Ruyan, what’s the matter?"

"Hmph, why didn’t you come last night?" Ruyan Liu said angrily.

"Ruyan, I went to rescue people last night…" Qingfeng then described last night’s events to Ruyan Liu.

"Alright, I will forgive you this time since you went to rescue people. But you must come to my house tonight. I will wait for you," she said seductively.

"Okay, I will be there." Qingfeng was filled with excitement when he heard Ruyan Liu’s voice.

He knew that this little minx was seducing him. He was prepared to have an eventful night with her.

Qingfeng hung up the phone and walked to his seat at the Sales Department. He poured himself a cup of water but his mind was elsewhere.

The entire day, all that Qingfeng could think about was Ruyan Liu’s seductive voice and sexy body. He could not concentrate on his work.

After the painful torture, it was finally time to get off work.

"Yay, work is done," he exclaimed. He quickly cleaned up his desk and speedily headed towards Ruyan Liu’s home.

He had not seen Ruyan Liu for a day and night. He missed her terribly. After all, she was his first woman in Eastern Sea City. Furthermore, she was so seductive and beautiful.

Qingfeng stopped a taxi and arrived at mansion #14 shortly.

For Qingfeng’s convenience, Ruyan Liu specially gave him a key to the mansion. Qingfeng opened the door and walked into the mansion. The dimly lit living room looked slightly red. Qingfeng looked through the entire living room but could not find Ruyan Liu.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh~

Qingfeng head the whooshing sound coming from the bathroom.

Was Ruyan Liu taking a shower? Qingfeng was filled with excitement at the thought. They had made love on the bed, kitchen, balcony and washroom. But they have not tried it in the bathroom.

Qingfeng walked towards the bathroom and as expected, there was someone showering. The lighting was dim in the bathroom but he could make out that it was a woman.

The woman in the bathroom had a sexy body. He could see her huge chest, perky butt and long legs. All in all, she was a seductive creature.

"Ke Ke, Ruyan is taking a shower. Great, let me give her a surprise." Qingfeng decided to give Ruyan Liu who was in the shower, a surprise.

He suddenly opened the bathroom door and hugged the woman from behind.

The woman faced Qingfeng with her back. Her long hair had covered her features so Qingfeng could not see her face. After Qingfeng grabbed the woman, he groped his hands on her breasts. It felt so good.

The girl in Qingfeng’s arms let out a scream, "Ahh, pervert! Let me go!"

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he heard the girl’s voice. The voice did not belong to Ruyan Liu. It was some other woman.

F*ck, I grabbed the wrong woman. Qingfeng was speechless and stunned.

Qingfeng quickly let go of the girl and took a few steps. The girl turned over and he finally saw her face.

The girl was young and roughly 17 years old. She had exquisite features, a pointed nose, snow-white skin, watery eyes. She looked charming and resembled Ruyan Liu slightly. They both had carried the character of seductiveness.

However, Ruyan Liu was completely seductive whereas this woman also had a mischievous air.

Qingfeng was even more speechless after seeing the girl’s face. The girl was truly unlucky to have met Qingfeng. Her body was completely touched by him.