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Chapter 178: Ruyan“s Younger Sister

Chapter 178: Ruyan's Younger Sister

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The girl covered her snow-white skin with a towel. She glared at Qingfeng and angrily said, "Pervert, how did you get in?"

Her name was Jiaojiao Liu and she was Ruyan Liu’s sister. She was taking a nice hot shower in the bathroom when she was suddenly hugged by a man from the back. He not only hugged her but groped her breasts. What the heck?!

Breasts were the most sacred body part for a woman. She was embarrassed and angry that she was groped by a man.

Jiaojiao Liu felt that the fellow ahead must be her nemesis. Her entire body was touched by him already.

She was a virgin did not have a boyfriend or even held hands with a man yet. How could this bastard take advantage of her?

Jiaojiao Liu wanted to kick Qingfeng but she only had a towel covering her body. It would be bad if the towel fell off when she kicked him.

"This is not your house. Why can’t I come in?" Qingfeng shook his head. He was slightly speechless.

This was Ruyan Liu’s house. Why would there be a girl here?

"I asked you how did you come in here?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"If you refuse to tell me. I’ll scream and say that you raped me."

Jiaojiao Liu smiled coldly. Her words were dauntless. To threaten the man ahead, she was willing to smear her innocence.

"Alright. To be honest, I came in from the front door," Qingfeng said lightly as he furrowed his brows.

"You’re lying. There are only two sets of keys for the Villa. Ruyan Liu has a set and I have a set. How did you get in without the key?" Jiaojiao Liu shook her head in disbelief.

She knew that there were only two sets of keys for the Villa. Her set of keys were in her clothes whereas Ruyan Liu had just left to get something.

"Maybe I have the third set?"

"That’s impossible. Are you a thief?"

"Look, here is the third set of keys."

Qingfeng did not want to be mistaken as a thief. He lightly smiled and took out his key.

Jiaojiao Liu’s lips parted slightly when she saw the keys. The keys looked exactly like her keys. It was truly a set of keys to the Villa.

"How did you get the keys to the Villa?" Jiaojiao Liu asked in disbelief.

"Ruyan gave it to me," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Jiaojiao Liu thought unhappily, "What? Ruyan gave it to you? Ruyan? Who are you to call her Ruyan instead of her full name? Are you her husband?"

"Oh, I remember now. Ruyan Liu has a gan-brother. Are you her gan-brother?" Jiaojiao Liu suddenly remembered that Ruyan Liu recently found a gan-brother. It would not be strange if he had the key.

But Jiaojiao Liu knew that Ruyan Liu did not like men. Why would she give a man the keys to the house? It seemed like their relationship was not ordinary.

A seductive voice came from behind them. "Jiaojiao, Qingfeng, why are you guys here?"

Qingfeng shivered when he heard the seductive voice. He turned and saw that it was Ruyan Liu. Ruyan Liu held onto a set of lingerie and stockings. She had just bought them.

Qingfeng frowned and asked, "Uh, uh..Ruyan, why is there a girl in your house?"

He had been to Ruyan Liu’s house for a few times but had never seen this girl.

"Jiaojiao is my sister." Ruyan Liu said while pointing at Jiaojiao Liu.

What? She’s you sister? Qingfeng was speechless. The relationship was so complicated. He carefully examined the girl and realized that she indeed resembled Ruyan LIu. They were both beauties with seductive faces and watery eyes.

"We’re not that close. I am not your sister," Jiaojiao Liu said unhappily as she twitched her lips.

"You foolish girl. How can you not be my sister? We have the same father," Ruyan Liu said dotingly.

"Hmph," Jiaojiao Liu scowled as she shut the bathroom door. She had just taken a shower and was naked. Naturally, she could not be seen by them.

"Let’s go to the living room." Ruyan Liu smiled slightly and brought Qingfeng to the living room.

She had just bought a set of lingerie and stockings that she wanted to wear for Qingfeng. But the attitude of her sister made her sad.

"Ruyan, what’s going on? Can you tell me? Is Jiaojiao Liu your sister?" Qingfeng asked confusedly.

"Of course she is my sister. But we only share the same father and have different mothers. My mother kicked them out of the family in the past so she refuses to call me 'sister'," she said bitterly.

"Ruyan, all these resentments are between her mother and your mother. If she is displeased with you, why would she come to your home?" Qingfeng asked confusedly as he furrowed his brows.

"I am redeeming the damage done by my mother. Her mother passed away soon after my mother kicked her out. That’s why she blames the death of her mother on my mum and me."

"Jiaojiao is alone with no one to rely on. She is still my sister so I have to take care of her," Ruyan Liu said.

Qingfeng praised, "Ruyan, you are so kind."

He did not interact much with Ruyan Liu in the past. He only discovered now that she was not only beautiful but had a kind heart. Even though she knew that her sister did not like her, she was still kind to her sister and brought her into her house.

"Well, let’s not talk about Jiaojiao. She is still a kid and only seventeen. Please bear with her if she does anything wrong." Ruyan Liu smiled apologetically at Qingfeng and hoped that he would not be offended.

"It’s fine. She is your sister. I won’t be offended," He said guiltily while touching his nose.

Why was he guilty? He had not only seen her body but groped her breasts.

Logically, since Ruyan Liu was Qingfeng’s woman, Jiaojiao Liu was her sister-in-law. He had touched his sister-in-law’s body. It just didn’t seem right.

Of course, Qingfeng could not be blamed. He did not know that there would be another person in the Villa who was Ruyan Liu’s younger sister. It was all a coincidence.