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Chapter 179: I Will Cook Dinner Tonight

Chapter 179: I Will Cook Dinner Tonight

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"Why don’t you stay for dinner tonight?" Ruyan Liu said lightly with a seductive smile.

She would be leaving Eastern Sea City in less than a month. She treasured every moment she spent with Qingfeng because Qingfeng was her first man. Qingfeng could not say no after seeing the yearning look in Ruyan Liu’s eyes.

He replied, "Alright, I will eat here tonight."

"Do you know how to cook?" Ruyan Liu asked since she did not know how to cook.

"Yes I do. Let me make dinner tonight," Qingfeng said confidently with a smile. He was very skilled in cooking.

Qingfeng walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were many ingredients in the fridge such as chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, tomatoes and potatoes. Since there was only three of them, Qingfeng planned to make two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes and one soup. As for the rice, he planned to make a porridge with the pot.

Qingfeng took out the chicken and sliced it. He sprinkled some salt and cooking wine then he started to clean up the fish. After chopping the onions and slicing the ginger, he placed the onions and ginger into the fish stomach and gills.

The two meat dishes he planned to make were Kung Pao Chicken and Steamed Fish. The two dishes were all delicious but difficult to make.

After he placed the fish in the steamer, he started to wash the tomatoes, potatoes, and vegetables. The two vegetarian dishes he planned to make were Spicy Sour Potatoes and Stir-Fry vegetables. He wanted to make a tomato egg soup with the tomatoes.

Qingfeng worked busily in the kitchen while Ruyan Liu stood behind him and watched him lovingly. A man was most handsome when he was focused. In her eyes, Qingfeng was the most handsome man right now. Qingfeng’s cooking skills were very good. His cooking was pleasant to the eyes no matter if he made a meat dish or vegetarian dish.

"Have you cooked before? Why are you so skilled?" Ruyan Liu asked when she saw how at ease Qingfeng was.

She knew that not many men would cook in modern society. Cooking was mostly a task for women. It was surprising for her that Qingfeng knew how to cook and seemed highly skilled.

"Oh, I started cooking since I was eight," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

"Eight? Why would you be cooking at such a young age? Shouldn’t you be eating your parent's cooking?" Ruyan Liu’s face was filled with confusion.

She clearly remembered that when she was eight, she lied in her parent's arms. Her mother even fed her during meals sometimes.

"My parents disappeared when I was very young. Some say they died, others said they didn’t. I don’t know either. No one cared about me back then. If I didn’t cook, I would have starved to death."

Qingfeng was nonchalant when speaking about his childhood. It was as if he was talking about someone else.

Even though he said it as if he did not care, there was a lonely tone in this voice. An eight-year-old was still a kid who should be spoiled by his parents. Qingfeng had never felt the love from his parents.

The rest of the Li Family were a bunch of parasites who bullied and mocked him when they saw that his parents were gone.

Thankfully, he followed his teacher to the Wolf Continent and learned many skills. He not only dominated the Wolf Continent but also became the King of the underworld. He did not want to recall the past memories. They were too painful.

"It’s okay. I will take care of you from now on." Ruyan Liu suddenly hugged Qingfeng from behind. Her charming face was filled with love.

She knew that the man ahead was very strong in both combat and medicine. She did not expect him to have such a hard childhood. At least she had loving parents when she was growing up.

Qingfeng froze when Ruyan Liu hugged him. He was touched. This was the first time he had opened his heart to a woman. Ruyan Liu was the first woman who said she would dote on him. He felt loved.

"What are you guys doing?" A stunned voice was heard.

Jiaojiao Liu had just finished dressing. She looked around but could not find the two of them so she went to the kitchen. She did not expect to see the two of them hugging.

Even though she did not like Ruyan Liu, she knew that Ruyan Liu had high self-respect. She had never hugged a man. Qingfeng was the first man Ruyan Liu had hugged so she was very shocked.

"Jiaojiao, why are you here?" Ruyan Liu’s face reddened when she saw Jiaojiao Liu. She quickly separated from Qingfeng. She did not expect Jiaojiao Liu to see them together.

She was slightly embarrassed to be hugging a man in front of her sister.

"Ruyan Liu, who is this fellow to you?" Jiaojiao Liu asked mischievously.

Ruyan Liu was silent when faced with her sister’s questioning. She didn’t know how to answer.

"He is my boyfriend," Ruyan Liu said with a frown. She chose to say that Qingfeng was her boyfriend. After all, the two were not yet married.

"Oh, boyfriend. He must be my brother-in-law then?" Jiaojiao Liu said while rolling her eyes mischievously.

Ruyan Liu was delighted to hear Jiaojiao Liu referring to Qingfeng as her brother-in-law. It meant that she acknowledged her as her sister.

"Jiaojiao, he is your brother-in-law from now on. Listen to him okay." Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

"Hmph, why should I listen to him. No way." Jiaojiao Liu smiled proudly and looked at Qingfeng knowingly.

"Alright. Ruyan, dinner is ready. Let’s eat," Qingfeng interrupted the quarrel between the two sisters as he finished making the soup.

"Let’s set the table and eat," Ruyan Liu smiled and said. She picked up the Kung Pao Chicken and stir-fried vegetables and walked towards the living room.

Qingfeng picked up the steamed fish and spicy sour potatoes. Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Jiaojiao Liu.

"Jiaojiao, why did you stop me?" Qingfeng said guiltily as he looked at her charming face.

The pretty girl was her sister-in-law but he had seen her body and groped her chest. How could he not be guilty?

"Brother-in-law, you are so naughty," Jiaojiao Liu said bashfully while touching her chest.