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Chapter 180: Revenge of the Sister-In-Law

Chapter 180: Revenge of the Sister-In-Law

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"Jiaojiao, what are you saying. How am I naughty?" Qingfeng quickly rebutted when he heard her words.

Jiaojiao Liu rolled her eyes and said happily, "Brother-in-law, you saw my body. You even groped my breasts in the bathroom. What do you think would happen if I tell my sister what you did?"

Even though she was beautiful with a seductive smile, her words were like an arrow which pierced Qingfeng’s heart. Qingfeng was speechless and gloomy.

"Jiaojiao, you must not tell your sister what happened." Qingfeng said guiltily as he rubbed the cold sweat off his forehead.

How could he not be guilty? Ruyan Liu heavily doted on her sister. If she knew that he had touched her sister, she would kill him.

Of course, it was all a misunderstanding. But she would probably not believe him.

"Brother-in-law, I won’t tell my sister but you have to promise me three things," she said with a seductive smile. However, she was like a small fox who was plotting against the man ahead.

"Tell me, what do you want me to do?" Qingfeng could only agree to stop Jiaojiao LIu from reporting his actions to Ruyan Liu.

"After dinner, I want to go to the bar. You have to come with me," Jiaojiao Liu said lightly with a smile.

Qingfeng agreed to her terms and said, "Okay. If you don’t tell your sister what happened in the bathroom, I will go to the bar with you later."

It was not a big deal to go to the bar with Jiaojiao Liu as long as she did not tell Ruyan Liu what happened in the bathroom.

"Why are you guys standing here? Bring the dishes to the table," Ruyan Liu asked confusedly when she saw the two of them chatting in the kitchen.

The instincts of a woman were very accurate. For some reason, Ruyan Liu felt that Qingfeng and her sister have already met. The two of them had a peculiar relationship and a strange feeling was in the air.

"Okay, I’ll bring the dish over right now." Qingfeng smiled lightly and brought the Steamed Fish and Spicy sour potato to the living room.

The four dishes and one soup were placed on the table. The food looked very appetizing and made one very hungry.

"Ruyan, try the Kung Pao Chicken. It tastes really good." Qingfeng picked up a piece of chicken and placed it in Ruyan Liu’s bowl. His face was tender with love.

Ruyan Liu took a bite and her eyes were instantly curved. She smiled and said, "It tastes so so good. It tastes even better than the one a chef of a restaurant makes."

She was speaking the truth. There were many restaurants under the Liu Corporation. She had eaten Kung Pao Chicken at the restaurants but none of them tasted as good as the one Qingfeng made.

"Jiaojiao, try it too. It tastes really good." Ruyan Liu said dotingly as she picked up a piece of chicken and placed it in Jiaojiao Liu’s bowl.

Jiaojiao Liu furrowed her brows and placed the chicken at the side. She said, "I’m on a diet. I don’t want to eat meat. I want to eat vegetarian dishes."

She picked up some spicy sour shredded potatoes and placed it in her mouth. The shredded potato was crispy, sour and spicy. It tasted so good. Her eyes also closed with pleasure.

"Wow, brother-in-law cooks pretty well," Jiaojiao Liu praised in her heart and looked at Qingfeng in surprise.

There was a substantial amount of food but the food was so delicious that it was finished by the three of them really quickly.

"I’m so full," Ruyan Liu said while patting her full stomach. She was so satisfied. The meal today was the best meal she has ever had.

"That is good. I will cook you next time." Qingfeng was very happy to see how satisfied Ruyan Liu was.

"Nah. It is delicious but I can’t eat too much or I will become fat," Ruyan Liu said bitterly while rubbing her belly.

Even though women loved to eat, they also had to restrict their diet to maintain a slim figure.

"Ruyan, it is already eight o’clock. I’m going to head back," Qingfeng said after looking at his watch.

To be honest, he wanted to stay for a longer but Xue Lin was his wife so he needed to go home. Furthermore, he did not go home last night which made Xue Lin upset. He had to go home tonight.

"Okay, remember to come and see me tomorrow too," Ruyan Liu said with a seductive smile.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Yes, I will come tomorrow night."

Since the beauty had invited him, he naturally had to come. He only hoped that the third wheel, Jiaojiao Liu, would not be here tomorrow.

"Brother-in-law, it is already late. I’ll walk you to the door." Jiaojiao Liu volunteered. Of course, her motive was to go to the bar.

Jiaojiao Liu and Qingfeng left the mansion and walked out. Within the mansion, Ruyan Liu was filled with confusion. She felt that her sister seemed to care too much about Qingfeng.

Just as they stepped out of the mansion, Jiaojiao Liu held onto Qingfeng’s arm and happily said, "Brother-in-law, let us go to the bar."

"Let go of my hand. It will be bad if your sister sees this."

"It is okay, brother-in-law. We are already outside. The door is shut. She won’t be able to see anything."

"But what if she saw. I’m your brother-in-law. Let go."

"Brother-in-law, stop it. You tell me to let go but you must be very happy in your heart. I know how guys think."

Jiaojiao Liu glanced at Qingfeng with disdain but did not let go of his arm as they walked out.

Even though she was only seventeen, she often watched romantic television shows and read romance novels. She had a deep understanding of a man’s nature. Men were all perverted and insatiably greedy.

It was described in a romance novel that a man fantasized about their sister-in-law. Qingfeng was a normal man. There was no way he would let her go.

The two stopped a taxi on the road and headed towards the Dream Bar. The Dream Bar was one of the most famous bar in Eastern Sea City. It was the favorite bar among many young people.

30 minutes later, the two arrived at Dream Bar on Xin Hua Road.

"This bar is pretty good!" Qingfeng exclaimed when they arrived at the entrance of the Dream Bar.

The Dream Bar lived up to its reputation. It was so exquisite. There were white marble tiles carved with crystals. The tiles shone and reflected brightly which gave the Dream Bar its name.

There were numerous fancy cars parked outside the bar. There were cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Cadillac.

Qingfeng knew that only rich people could come to Dream Bar. Of course, there were also some thugs who frequented the bar…

The interior area of Dream Bar was huge and reached 1000 square meters. The bar was luxuriously decorated with crystals of all colors. It looked especially romantic under the dim yellow light.

Dream Bar was divided into four sections: bar, karaoke, dance floor and pool.

There were many young people within Dream bar, they were drinking, singing, dancing and flirting with the nearby beauties.

"Brother-in-Law, let’s go. I will buy you a drink." Jiaojiao LIu held onto Qingfeng’s arm and walked towards the bar. She wanted to buy Qingfeng a drink.

Her motives were very simple. She wanted to make Qingfeng drunk so that she could sleep with him and steal him away from her sister.