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Chapter 181: The Beautiful Bartender

Chapter 181: The Beautiful Bartender

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Qingfeng naturally did not know Jiaojiao Liu wanted to sleep with him. After all, he was her brother-in-law. How could her thoughts be so filthy?

The bar table was ten meters long. It was a transparent silvery white and there were many types of alcohol placed on the table. There was brandy, whisky, vodka and rum.

There was a beauty sitting at the bar who was in her twenties or thirties. She was gorgeous with snow-white skin, a pointed nose and she wore a white uniform which hugged her curves.

Her name was Meng Ling and she was a bartender at the Dream Bar. Even though she was young, the drinks she made were very good.

Meng Ling broke into a smile when she saw Jiaojiao Liu. She said,

"Jiao Jiao, it has been a while. Did you miss me?"

Meng Ling and Jiaojiao Liu knew each other and were good friends so they spoke casually.

"Sister Meng Ling, you made me a drink just two days ago. It hasn’t been that long,"Jiaojiao Liu replied with a playful glare.

Meng Ling’s eyes lit up when she saw Qingfeng who was next to Jiaojiao Liu. What a handsome man! He was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

There were stars in her eyes as she swooned and said, "Jiaojiao, who is this handsome man. Introduce us."

"Sister Meng Ling, you are swooning again. Don’t get any ideas. He is my brother-in-law, Qingfeng Li." Jiaojiao Liu said cautiously like a mother hen watching her baby chicks.

She knew that Meng Ling loved handsome men. Her brother-in-law was her target and a man she wanted to sleep with. How could she let anyone else get to him? It did not matter if Meng Ling was her best friend.

Meng Ling smiled when she saw the caution in Jiaojiao Liu’s eyes. She said, "Jiaojiao, you are so worried. Don’t worry, since he is your brother-in-law, I won’t do anything."

Even though Meng Ling words were carefree, her eyes secretly darted towards Qingfeng. Clearly, she still had some intentions in her heart.

Jiaojiao Liu knew that her friend had not given up when she saw Meng Ling looking at Qingfeng. Meng Ling was not one to give up easily. She suddenly regretted her decision to come to this bar. She should not have come to this bar.

But since she was already here, she could only drink here. If she left now, it would upset Meng-Ling.

"Jiaojiao, Qingfeng. What would you guys like to drink?" Meng-Ling asked with a smile.

"Could you make two cocktails?" Jiaojiao Liu replied with a smile.

Meng Ling had worked at Dream Bar for three years. She was the best bartender at the bar. Jiaojiao Liu came to the bar frequently for a drink. Thus, the two became best friends.

"Okay, please wait for a moment." Meng Ling smiled slightly and took out two wine glasses. She then poured in 30ml of vodka, 30ml of peach mignon, 60 ml of pineapple juice and 60ml of cranberry juice. She added ice and all the ingredients into the wine glass. Then, she shook the mixer.

Her actions were highly skilled. Clearly, she was experienced. Her movements when shaking the wine was very elegant. Five minutes later, two cocktails were made.

"Try my cocktail," Meng Ling said as she proudly placed the two glasses of cocktail in front of them.

"Its taste is a little off," Qingfeng casually said after taking a sip.

Even though Meng Ling followed the recipe correctly, she did not shake the cocktail long enough or hard enough. Thus, the cocktail she made was slightly too pungent instead of sweet.

Qingfeng used to be known as a master of bartending. Everybody fought to have a taste of his cocktails. Even the Princess Consort of Denmark praised the cocktail he made.

A flicker of displeasure appeared on Meng Ling’s face. She said unhappily, "What do you mean that it doesn’t taste that good. I make the best cocktail at this bar."

She loved to bartend. She was proud of the cocktails she made. It was her greatest happiness to make cocktails for the customers to sample.

Qingfeng was only handsome, and she thought he didn’t know how to bartend. Who was he to criticize her?

Meng Ling had a favorable impression of Qingfeng just now. She even wanted to date him. But her favorable impression of him was gone and had turned to anger.

"Okay, I’m wrong. The cocktail you made is delicious."

Qingfeng apologized to Meng Ling with a smile. Qingfeng knew that even though he was a master of bartending, he could not ask for everyone to be as skilled as he was.

Furthermore, it was already an accomplishment that Meng Ling could make the cocktail that was ranked #8 in the world. Qingfeng did not need to start a fight with her.

After all, Meng Ling was Jiaojiao Liu’s good friend. He should consider his sister-in-law’s feelings as well.

"Sister Meng Ling, my brother-in-law does not know how to bartend. Please don’t take his words to heart. Please accept his apology," Jiaojiao Liu encouraged when she saw that Meng Ling was still angry.

Meng Ling was Jiaojiao Liu’s best friend. She did not want to see her friend angry over her brother-in-law.

"Alright, Jiaojiao. I will forgive him because of you." Meng Ling said as she lifted her chin slightly and glanced at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng touched his nose speechlessly. I was trying to be a gentleman to not argue but you are quite arrogant eh.


Suddenly, a couple placed the cocktail on the table and shouted at Meng Ling, "What kind of cocktail is this? I ordered a Cupid’s arrow."

"Isn’t this The Cupid’s Arrow?" Meng Ling said to the couple as she pointed to the cocktail.

"Where is the cupid’s arrow? Look at it," The red-haired young man replied angrily while pointing at the cocktail.

The couple was very loud and attracted the attention of the surrounding people. Meng Ling’s blushed heavily. It was very embarrassing to be criticized in public.

"I’m sorry. I will make you another Cupid’s arrow."

Meng Ling’s small face was red. She took out a wine glass and made another Cupid’s arrow for the couple.

A gorgeous red Cupid’s arrow floated in the middle of the cocktail.

"This is the Cupid’s arrow that you ordered," Meng Ling said as she placed the cocktail in front of the couple.

However, the red-haired young man started to cause trouble again after 30 seconds.

"Look at the cocktail you made. The Cupid’s arrow is gone. What are you doing?"

The red-haired young man furrowed his brows and looked at Meng Ling angrily. He wanted to gift his girlfriend a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail. But the Cupid’s Arrow disappeared very quickly.

"Sir, the Cupid’s Arrow on the cocktail can only be sustained for 30 seconds. It is not permanent," Meng Ling explained with a smile.

Meng Ling finally understood why the red-haired young man was angry. They were unhappy that the Cupid’s Arrow only lasted for 30 seconds.

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