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Chapter 182: Cupid“s Arrow Cocktail

Chapter 182: Cupid's Arrow Cocktail

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"Hmph, what kind of bartender are you? What a loser. You should just go home instead of embarrassing yourself here," The red-haired young man insulted Meng Ling.

The red-haired young man was furious to be let down in front of his girlfriend. He lashed out at Meng Ling. His words were very harsh.
Meng Ling turned pale when she heard the insults of the red-haired young man. Tears appeared in her eyes and she was close to crying.

"Sir, the Cupid’s Arrow on the cocktail can only be sustained for 30 seconds. Please don’t insult me," Meng Ling said in a low voice as she clenched her teeth.

Bartending was not only her job. It was also her hobby and pride. Meng Ling was very angry and sad that someone said that she was a poor bartender.

"Don’t try to find excuses. I’ve seen a video where a bartender from England could make a Cupid’s arrow which lasted for 3 minutes. You should just go home instead." The red-haired young man looked at her in disdain.

The surrounding people gathered around and looked upon the scene interestedly when they heard the commotion around the bar.


Faced with the insults of the red-haired young man and the looks of the spectators, Meng Ling could not withhold her tears any longer and burst into tears.

Meng Ling was extremely sad but she could not rebut his words because she could not make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasted for 3 minutes. The red-haired young man was such a bully.

"Darling, let’s go. The bartenders in this bar are all losers. Let’s go somewhere else," The red-haired young man said to his girlfriend.

"Stop! Apologize to Meng Ling," Jiaojiao Liu suddenly stood before the couple. Her seductive face was icily cold.

Meng Ling was her best friend and the best bartender in the bar. There was no way the red-haired young man could just leave after insulting Meng Ling.

"What a beautiful girl!" The red-haired young man’s eyes became heated when he saw the beautiful girl ahead. But he became uneasy when he remembered that she demanded that he apologize to Meng Ling.

"Apologize? Why should we apologize? She can’t even make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasts 3 minutes. We are not even going to pay."

The lady in red next to the red-haired young man said loudly. She was angry that her boyfriend was drooling over Jiaojiao Liu.
The lady in red was about twenty years old. She was average looking and had heavy make-up which made her seem coquettish.

She was clearly not a good person.

Jiaojiao Liu’s face became red when she heard the lady’s words. She was angry but could not say anything because she could not make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasts for 3 minutes either.

"Sigh, it seems like it’s time for me to show my skills." Qingfeng initially did not want to take part but he had to act when he saw that Jiaojiao Liu was insulted.

After all, Jiaojiao Liu was his sister-in-law. He did not want her to be in an awkward position. Furthermore, the couple’s insults towards Meng Ling angered him.

"What do we need to do for you to apologize and pay up?" Qingfeng asked the lady in red as he placed his cocktail down.

"If you guys can make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasts more than 3 minutes, we will apologize," the lady in red said haughtily.
She purposely made it difficult for them. Only a world-class bartender could make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasted more than 3 minutes. It would be difficult to find a bartender who could make one even in Eastern Sea City.

"Well then, I will make you a Cupid’s Bow which lasts 3 minutes," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He decided to make a cocktail for them.

"Brother-in-law, do you really know how to make a cocktail?" Jiaojiao Liu’s seductive face was filled with suspicion. A bartender needed to have years of practice to make a good cocktail.

Meng Ling also looked suspiciously at Qingfeng. She knew that it was a difficult task to make a Cupid’s arrow that could last for 3 minutes. Could Qingfeng really do it?

"Rest assured, Jiaojiao. It is an easy task," Qingfeng said with a confident smile.

He walked to the bar and took out two wine glasses. He then poured in 30ml of vodka, 30ml of peach mignon, 60 ml of pineapple juice and 60ml of cranberry juice. he added ice and all the ingredients into the wine glass. Then, he shook the mixer.

Qingfeng’s shook the container heavily and even tossed the mixer into the air. He shook the mixer for close to 5 minutes before stopping.

A beautiful Cupid’s Arrow appeared in the middle of the cocktail.
"This is the cupid’s arrow that you ordered," Qingfeng smiled lightly and placed the Cupid’s Arrow cocktail in front of the red-haired young man.

The red-haired young man stared intently at the Cupid’s Arrow in the middle of the cocktail. The surrounding people also stared at the Cupid’s Arrow. Everyone wanted to know how long the Cupid’s arrow could be sustained for.

30 seconds…1 minute…2 minute…3 minute.

The Cupid’s arrow was sustained for an entire 3 minutes. The entire bar was hyped. Everyone’s faces were filled with disbelief.
The couple’s mouth was also wide agape. They were stunned. Clearly, this was not the result that they had expected.

"Qingfeng really made a Cupid’s arrow cocktail, and it even lasted 3 minutes." Meng Ling’s beautiful eyes were wide with disbelief. She covered her mouth with her small hand.

At the moment, Meng Ling finally realized that Qingfeng was highly skilled in bartending. He was at least better than her. Qingfeng was not kidding when he said that the cocktail she made tasted mediocre.

"Qingfeng, thank you." Meng Ling was filled with gratitude towards Qingfeng. She was also slightly sorry.

She was grateful that Qingfeng helped her defeat the red-haired young man. But she regretted reprimanding Qingfeng. She finally realized that Qingfeng was being a gentleman when he did not refute her words.

What a good man. He was not only handsome but also a gentleman who doted on women. A flash of light appeared in Meng Ling’s eyes.
"The Cupid’s arrow was sustained for 3 minutes. Apologize to Meng Ling and pay up," Qingfeng said to the red-haired young man with his hands behind his back.

The red-haired young man became very upset when he heard Qingfeng’s words. But he could only admit defeat as they were watched upon by many.

"I’m sorry. This is the money for the cocktail."

The red-haired young man apologized to Meng Ling and placed down the 500 Yuan. He quickly ran away. It was too embarrassing to remain at the bar.


Jiaojiao Liu tiptoed and gave Qingfeng a kiss. She said admiringly,
"Brother-in-law, you are so awesome! You made a Cupid’s arrow which lasted 3 minutes."