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Chapter 184: Xue Lin“s Little Stubborness

Chapter 184: Xue Lin's Little Stubborness

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"Brother-in-law, I don’t want to go back yet," Jiaojiao said as she put up an unwilling act while pursing up her lips when she heard Qingfeng was going to send her back home.

"No way, listen to me and go back home. If not, then I won’t bring you to the bar next time." Qingfeng used his trump card in order to send Jiaojiao back home.

He had to send Jiaojiao back home safely since he got her from Ruyan. Otherwise, he would have trouble explaining to Ruyan.

"Alright, I’ll go back home then," Jiaojiao pursed her lips and finally decided to go back home when she saw Qingfeng was a bit mad.
Qingfeng then caught a taxi with Jiaojiao and headed to the Noble Palace.

Half an hour later, he sent Jiaojiao back home safely. He didn’t feel like sleeping with Ruyan since the third wheel, Jiaojiao, was here. He then just left after he greeted Ruyan.

It was 11 pm at the moment and only a few lights were still on in the villas within Noble Place, which meant almost everyone had fallen asleep. Yet, Villa 13 was still bright inside.

"Hadn’t Xue Lin gone to sleep yet?" Qingfeng slightly changed his face and frowned when he saw the light was still on in the house.
It was extremely cold during a winter's night and the temperature had dropped below 0ºC at 11 pm now. Why hadn’t Xue Lin slept yet? Was she waiting for him?

While thinking that Xue Lin might be waiting for him, Qingfeng felt a bit guilty. He then walked to the villa with a faster pace.
Qingfeng put his key in key hole and opened the door. When he pushed the door and walked in, he saw the light and the TV was still on and Xue Lin had actually fallen asleep on the couch.
Xue Lin was only wearing her pajamas and was waiting for Qingfeng while watching TV. Since it’s been a while, she decided to watch TV while waiting for him. Now, she has fallen asleep with nothing covering her body.

Qingfeng found a blanket in a room and put it on Xue Lin since he was worried that she would get cold. Yet, Qingfeng’s action woke Xue Lin up.

She opened her drowsy eyes while looking at Qingfeng, said surprisingly, "Darling, you’re back?"

She seemed really happy since Qingfeng was back.


Xue Lin suddenly opened her mouth and sneezed. She must have got a cold since from sleeping on a couch with only a thin layer of pajamas on during the winter.

"Honey, you can rest earlier next time, there's no need to wait for me," Qingfeng said heartbrokenly while looking at Xue Lin.

"No, it’s fine. You’re my husband, I won’t sleep if you haven’t come back," Xue Lin insisted and said while pursing her lips.

She kept her persistence. As Qingfeng’s wife, she wouldn’t sleep until her husband was back.

Qingfeng sniffed and almost let out some tears out when he heard Xue Lin. He could tell her affection to him based on her voice since he has never heard any women said they would wait for him before going to bed.

"Honey, you are sick now, I am going to make some ginger and brown sugar tea for you," Qingfeng smiled and said while holding his emotion.

He knew a folk prescription to help Xue Lin. Ginger and brown sugar tea worked very well for treating a cold.

Qingfeng went to the kitchen. He first cut the ginger into pieces and boiled it in the pot, later on, he put some brown sugar and kept the pot boiling. After a while, a bowl of steamy ginger and brown sugar tea was ready.

"Honey, here is the tea. You would feel way better after you drink it and sleep for a night," Qingfeng said while handing the bowl to Xue Lin.

"Darling, I don’t feel like moving, feed me."Xue Lin asked Qingfeng to feed her since she didn’t have any strength at all because of the cold.

Qingfeng nodded, he then took a spoon and started to feed Xue Lin like a feeding a baby.

After finishing the ginger tea, Xue Lin felt her body was getting warmer yet still felt no energy. Although the ginger and brown sugar tea treated flu and cold very well, it still took an hour to show the effect.

While seeing Xue Lin being so weak and light-headed, Qingfeng felt really bad since he knew she got a cold because she was waiting for him at night.

Speaking of that, Qingfeng should also be responsible for her sickness since Xue Lin could have taken a rest and wouldn’t have gotten the cold if he has come back home earlier.

"Honey, if you don’t feel like moving, I can carry you to your bed," Qingfeng said while smiling.

"Alright," Xue Lin smiled, as she seemed a bit shy.
Honestly, Xue Lin used to hate men since she was germaphobic, but she was starting to lost that mindset and started to accept Qingfeng after interacting with him.

Although she didn’t hate Qingfeng anymore, it still seemed not possible to sleep with Qingfeng.

Since they were married, it had always been that Xue Lin lived on the second floor while Qingfeng lived on the first floor. He had never been into Xue Lin’s room. Now, Qingfeng would have a chance to go to her room since he had to bring her to bed.
Xue Lin was still debating in her mind since she didn’t want Qingfeng to enter her room. However, she would have no choice since she wanted to sleep yet she didn’t feel like she had any strength to move.

Xue Lin eventually allowed Qingfeng bring her into her room. After all, he was her husband now. She tried to gradually accept him since she had a high opinion of him. She would let him down if she rejected him.

Qingfeng seemed a bit thrilled when Xue Lin let him bring her into her room. This would be the first time that he had a chance to go to the room on the second floor.

Qingfeng reached out his arms over Xue Lin’s waist and held her up while walking up to the second floor.

Xue Lin had a good body figure. She had a sharp collarbone, her skin was as smooth as jade, her chest was big, her hips were firm and her legs were straight and long. Also, her whole body was as fair as Deluxe Milk.

Qingfeng was enjoying his interaction with Xue Lin’s body while carrying her up to her room.

A subtle virgin scent mingling around Xue Lin flew into Qingfeng’s nose which made him excited.

Xue Lin carried a natural virgin fragrance since she was still a virgin. She closed her eyes tight and her cheeks flushed like a red apple, showing how shy she was at the moment.

She ducked her head into Qingfeng’s arms since she was too embarrassed to look at him. Qingfeng was slightly turned on by her shyness.

Qingfeng wasn’t really familiar with the second floor since he had never been up there. When he tried to turn, he suddenly missed one step and accidentally tilt his whole body to one side. Xue Lin that was still in his arms and was about to drop to the floor.

"Damn! I can’t drop Xue Lin onto the floor." Qingfeng tilted and balanced his body while grabbing Xue Lin towards him.
However, Qingfeng also tilted his head forward since he moved too widely. His lips accidentally pressed against Xue Lin’s soft, red lips.
They were kissing!