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Chapter 185: Little Xue Xue is Angry

Chapter 185: Little Xue Xue is Angry

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Xue Lin opened her eyes wide with shyness and a slight tinge of anger while being kissed.

Seriously, how can he kiss me like this? Xue Lin blushed from merely thinking of this.

Qingfeng would definitely not let this chance go if they were already kissing. He pressed his lips against Xue Lin’s greedily and was enjoying the sweetness and fragrance of the act.

Stupid husband, teasing me is the only thing you know how to do. Xue Lin tried to say something to resist, but since she had no energy at the moment, and was surrounded with the masculine smell from Qingfeng's body, she gave in eventually and enjoyed herself in the kiss.

Indeed, kissing was quite pleasing. So much so that both of them started to drown in this kiss. For those who have never tried, they would never know how amazing it was.

"Honey, you have such sweet lips," Qingfeng moved away his lips from Xue Lin’s while smiling after a long while when he realized she was almost out of breath.

Xue Lin’s lips were as sweet as honey. He wanted to kiss for a bit longer but since Xue Lin was still sick, he left her alone due to pity.

"Husband, it’s 12 am right now. Bring me to my room on the second floor, I still have work tomorrow," Xue Lin said while her face blushed and her heart was beating fast.

Qingfeng checked the time and realized it was indeed midnight. Since he knew that Xue Lin would need to be busy for the whole day and deal with different business errands as the boss, he decided to let her go while bringing her to her room on the second floor.
Xue Lin’s room was white and plain, as cold as she was as a person.
In addition to the plain color, the room was barely decorated. There were only a nightstand, a closet and a shoe shelf beside a bed. Nothing else.

Also, there were several items beside her bed, including books about business management, economics, and fashion, jewelry, etc. It seemed like Xue Lin really liked to study and tended to read before bed every night.

It was only about several meters from the first floor to the second floor, but Xue Lin still fell asleep before reaching her room since she was exhausted.

Qingfeng felt sorry for Xue Lin. He knew that she has been sacrificing too much time and effort for the company which was given by her grandpa, for whom she promised to make the company famous. Qingfeng gently put down Xue Lin on her bed and moved the covers onto her.

Xue Lin was, indeed, beautiful even though she was asleep. Her fair and blushed cheeks looked as soft as water without any blemishes. Her nose was straight and high, and her lips were as red as delicious cherries.

In terms of her body, it was even more stunning. Her nipples were partially covered by her pajamas, her waist was slim and slender and her legs were fitter than a model's. Qingfeng was aroused and almost couldn’t control his drive to have a great time with Xue Lin in the bed, in the kitchen, and on the desk.

But he knew he shouldn’t since Xue Lin was sick now. He couldn’t do this while she was vulnerable. Even if he does, he has to wait until she was conscious and it was under consent. Qingfeng adored and respected Xue Lin so much even though they were already married. Qingfeng left while closing the door lightly. However, he didn’t realize that Xue Lin was smiling before he left. She dreamed about him in her dream.

In fact, Qingfeng didn’t know he was already really important to Xue Lin. Xue Lin held him as preciously as her mother and her grandpa. That’s why she was willing to wait for him until midnight.
A woman would only wait for a man before bed when she has fallen in love with him.

Since it was already past 12 am, Qingfeng felt drowsy too and had to go back to his room on the first floor. He was thinking about contacting the Wolf Fang Clan and getting to know the situation on the Wolf Continent. After all, the clan might have issues since Qingfeng’s absence, since he was the strongest force in the Clan.
However, without even touching his computer, Qingfeng fell asleep on the bed right after he went back to his room since he was exhausted.

The next day, the sun has arisen. It was a beautiful day.
Qingfeng got up early and walked into the living room. He found a slice of toast and a glass of milk were prepared on the table with a paper note.

The toast and milk were prepared by Xue Lin. She had already left for work. Xue Lin was always diligent and devoted to her job. Even though she had a cold and stay up late last night, she still got up early and went to work this morning.

Success was definitely not because of luck. Her hard work and persistence were the major reasons she was able to bring the company from almost bankruptcy to a net worth of hundreds of millions of Yuan. She worked harder than anyone else.

After Qingfeng finished his breakfast, he left the villa and headed to the Ice Snow Corporation.

Ice Snow Corporation, Sales Department.

"What are these cops doing here. No one in our department did anything wrong, right?"

"That woman cop looks so pretty, though. She said she was looking for Qingfeng. Did he do something wrong?"

"Maybe not, he doesn’t seem like someone who would cause trouble."

People started to discuss around in the office, and obviously, they were talking about the pretty woman police officer and Qingfeng.
Everyone kept staring at the woman police officer since she looked so pretty. Yet, Xue Lin was standing right beside her.

Xue Lin was confused while frowning. She was wondering why she asked to meet with Qingfeng while bringing two police officers after she just arrived for a second.

"President Lin, let me introduce myself first, my name is Mengyao Xu, the head leader of the Criminal Police Team. I am coming for Qingfeng Li this time."

"Mrs. Xu, Qingfeng hasn’t come to the office yet, you can let me know what happened," Xue Lin said calmly while being on alert.
She had no clue why Mengyao came for Qingfeng. If she came for catching him because he did something wrong, Xue Lin would definitely not tell her where he was. Qingfeng was her husband, she had to protect him.

"Mrs. Lin, why not we just wait until Qingfeng arrives," Mengyao smiled and said nothing else. While making Xue Lin suspicious.
Everyone around kept discussing. Some said Qingfeng must have made trouble while others denied, which made Xue Lin feeling more panicky and frustrated.

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