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Chapter 186: A Little Excitement for Xue Lin

Chapter 186: A Little Excitement for Xue Lin

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Qingfeng found a lot of people were gathering in the company when he arrived. He only saw a big cluster of employees.

He found it a bit weird while frowning since he had never seen such a big group of people in the Sales Department, especially during the working hours. What are these people doing here?

"Huh? Qingfeng is there," Someone spotted him and yelled.

Everyone suddenly looked in the same direction at Qingfeng after the first person called out.

"Why are you all looking at me? Do I have something on my face?" Qingfeng asked curiously while touching his face.

He started to become suspicious about what has happened while being stared at by so many people.

Xue Lin tried to signal Qingfeng by blinking her eyes once he stepped into the Sales Department. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t since Mengyao was right next to her.

"Why is my darling blinking at me?" Qingfeng became confused when he saw Xue Lin.

Xue Lin, in fact, was trying to tell Qingfeng the police officers were here and he better run if he got into trouble with them, which was what Xue Lin worried about. In Xue Lin’s mind, her husband matters the most, everything else was secondary.

"Qingfeng, you are finally here," Mengyao brightened her eyes contently after he arrived.

She was pleased since she had been waiting a while for him in the office.

"Little…" while Qingfeng was about to say "Yao Yao". He stopped immediately since he just realized Xue Lin was right beside her.

He knew that Xue Lin would definitely question him once she heard him calling Mengyao like that. He paused on time with his fast reactions.


"Officer, are you looking for me?" Qingfeng pretended he was not familiar with Mengyao and addressed her officially in case their intimate relationship was caught.

Their relationship was somehow complicated. It was better to pretend they didn’t know each other while being surrounded by others since they knew each other from numerous drastic situations.

However, Mengyao was a bit shocked and disappointed when she heard Qingfeng call her officer.

She knew that he was always calling her "Little Yao Yao", she felt a bit distant with the title Qingfeng addressed her.

Mengyao was so weird. She tended to be mad if Qingfeng called her "Little Yao Yao" in the past, but now that he didn’t call her that way anymore, she started to feel down.

Women would be women. They were all inconsistent in that they would want something while refusing, since most of them were shy and conservative.

However, Mengyao thought it might be a good thing too. It would be awkward for a Criminal Police Head to be called that in front of many people.

"Qingfeng Li, this is the flag for an "Excellent Citizen". I am granting this honor and would reward 100,000 Yuan to you on the behalf of the Criminal Police team in the Eastern Sea City."

Mengyao walked up to Qingfeng and handed the flag and the money to him while covering her disappointment.

The flag was a meter long colored with sharp red. It was marked "Excellent Citizen Qingfeng Li" on top and a stamp of the Criminal Police Station the bottom with the time and date on the right.

"This police officer is coming here to reward my husband! I thought she was going to arrest him," Xue Lin finally relaxed while patting her chest.

"What did Qingfeng do to get the flag of "Excellent Citizen" from the Criminal Police Station?"

"Right? Not everyone could receive this kind of treatment though, and it was even rewarded by the Head Leader in person."

"Didn’t you see that it wasn’t only the flag, but they gave him 100,000 Yuan, too!"

People around kept discussing and all looked at Qingfeng with confusion. They all wondered what he did to receive such a reward from the Head of the Criminal Police team in person.

Xue Lin also frowned like everyone else. She was curious that what Qingfeng has done to have such a huge honor.

After all, only individuals who has made a significant contribution would receive the flag of "Excellent Citizen" and the $100,000.

"Mrs. Xu, I wonder what Qingfeng has done to receive such a big reward?" Xue Lin asked while smiling.

Certainly, she asked what everyone else was also curious about.

"President Lin, Qingfeng has rescued more than a dozen children from a child trafficking syndicate last night. Nobody would know what would happen to them if they weren’t saved by Qingfeng," Mengyao briefly explained the situation while smiling.

Xue Lin suddenly realized that such a thing did happen after hearing what Mengyao said. She had listened to Qingfeng's explanation for why he didn’t come back home the night before the last night.

She felt a bit embarrassed since she forgot Qingfeng was there to save children. Actually, Xue Lin knew Qingfeng had saved the children. She was just too stressed about the arrival of the officers for him and completely forgot about it.

"President Lin! I would like to thank the Ice Snow Corporation for training such a brilliant individual. This flag of "Excellent Corporation" is also a reward granted by the Criminal Police team."

Mengyao handed the flag with "Excellent Corporation" written on it to Xue Lin while smiling.

Xue Lin was a bit thrilled while holding the flag with her little-shaking hands. This flag of "Excellent Corporation" was a flag of honor!

Honestly, there were lots of other companies that were bigger than the Ice Snow Corporation in the Eastern Sea City such as the Liu Corporation, Chen Corporation and Wang Corporation. Every year, the title of "Excellent Corporation" was always granted to them instead of Xue Lin’s corporation.

But now, Ice Snow Corporation had finally received such a title since Qingfeng rescued more than ten children from human trafficking. Thank you, my husband. Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng with gratitude.

Besides Xue Lin, everyone in the office also looked at Qingfeng with excitement and approval. It was the biggest honor for a company to be granted the flag of an "Excellent Corporation"!

"One more thing, Qingfeng. The director of the Criminal Police team will have a banquet in the Green Restaurant tonight. Please come to the dinner," Mengyao said to Qingfeng while smiling.

The director had told Mengyao to invite Qingfeng to the feast tonight before she left. He must see what this young man, who managed to find the children as well as defeat the criminals, looked like.

"Oh my god, the Criminal Police Director invited Qingfeng for dinner? What an honor!"

"Holy moly, this is legit!"

"Criminal Police Director invitation for dinner? I haven’t even seen what he looks like yet!"

Everyone started to discuss in the office and looked at Qingfeng with envy and jealousy.

Indeed, the Criminal Police Director was a man who had one of the largest authorities in Eastern Sea City. Everyone would definitely become envious of Qingfeng when he could get invited to dinner by him.