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Chapter 187: What Went Down In the Office

Chapter 187: What Went Down In the Office

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When Mengyao Xu said that the Director of Public safety would like to invite him to dinner, Qingfeng did not immediately agree. He looked at Xue Lin and asked for her opinion.

Xue Lin was not only Qingfeng’s wife, she was also the CEO of the company. No matter what, it would be best to ask for her opinion before deciding.

Of course, Qingfeng could make a decision by himself. But, he asked for Xue Lin’s opinion so that she could feel respected, which would play a role to improve their relationship.

Mengyao Xu expression changed. She saw that Qingfeng was looking at Xue Lin and realized that other than Qingfeng, the other important person was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation, Xue Lin.

"President Lin, Qingfeng is your employee. Is it okay if the Director invites him to dinner?" Mengyao Xu asked Xue Lin with a charming smile.

"Of course. He will definitely be there." Xue Lin replied excitedly.

Xue Lin thought that the Director of the Criminal Police was a very important person. She would like Qingfeng to meet these influential people who would be beneficial for his growth. Unconsciously, she had already started to care about Qingfeng.

Mengyao Xu turned around and asked, "Qingfeng, your CEO has already agreed. What about you?"

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Since the CEO has agreed, I definitely will be at the Green Restaurant tonight."

"Oh yeah, officer. I am not going to accept the 100,000 Yuan reward. Please donate it to the families of the kidnapped children." Qingfeng said as he passed over the reward to Mengyao Xu.

He did not need the 100,000 Yuan, the money was more important to the children who lived in the mountain areas.

Under Qingfeng’s insistence, Mengyao Xu finally accepted the 100,000 Yuan and promised to deliver the money to the families of the kidnapped children.

Qingfeng’s actions not only won the favor of Mengyao Xu and the two officers, he also gathered looks of admirations from the surrounding employees.

100,000 Yuan was a year of salary for Qingfeng, but he donated it to the kidnapped children without any hesitation.

"Qingfeng, this is my cellphone number, 137…The Director will see see you at Green Restaurant at 7pm tonight." Mengyao Xu left her cellphone number and left the company.

She was a head of a criminal police team. She had to work on many cases every day and could not stay at the company for a long time.

After Mengyao Xu left, the surrounding people gathered around Qingfeng. They praised and complimented him. Some employees even tried to please him.

How could they not try to please him? The man in front of them was someone who could dine with the Director of Public Safety. But they did not know that for Qingfeng, a dinner with the Director was nothing. He had already dined with the President of Wolf Continent, the Queen of England, and the Princess Consort of Denmark.

"Qingfeng, come to my office." After Mengyao Xu left, Xue Lin asked Qingfeng to go to her office.

Qingfeng placed the silk banner on the table and followed Xue Lin to her office. The surrounding people all had looks of admiration.

Everyone was envious. Qingfeng was such a lucky fellow. Not only did the Director invite him to dinner, the CEO also asked for him personally.

In the office, Xue Lin walked to the water dispenser and personally poured Qingfeng a cup of tea. She said with a smile, "Dear, I personally poured you this cup of tea to reward you. Thank you for your contributions to the company."

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "I don’t want this reward, I want another reward."

Qingfeng’s eyes looked towards Xue Lin’s delicate lips when he said "reward". His looked like a big bad wolf who was anxious to pounce on a rabbit.

"Dear, this is the office. Everyone is at work. Why don’t we wait until tonight?" Xue Lin naturally knew what Qingfeng wanted to kiss her. But she was worried since they were in the office.

"No. It is more exciting in the office. I want it here," Qingfeng said with a smile as he held onto Xue Lin’s waist and pulled her towards him. Her waist was soft and comfortable.

"You... Not here..." Xue Lin’s face was red and she slightly resisted his actions. She was the CEO of the company. It would be so embarrassing if anyone was to see them.

Qingfeng did not care where they were. The office was his favorite location. It was even better that it was with the beautiful Xue Lin who was the CEO of the company. Just the thought made him excited.

Qingfeng moved his head and kissed Xue Lin’s cherry lips. Her lips were soft and sweet like honey. It was delicious.

Wuwu…bad husband. He only knows how to bully me. Xue Lin made sounds of resistance but could not do anything.


The door was suddenly opened just as the two were deepening their kiss. Wanqiu Xia walked into the room in a flurried manner.

Wanqiu Xia had knocked thrice before entering the room. But Xue Lin and Qingfeng were too absorbed in the kiss and did not hear the knock. Wanqiu Xia had an urgent matter so she walked into the office directly.

The scene ahead stunned her. What did she see? She saw Qingfeng kissing with CEO Xue Lin.

Are my eyes okay? Am I hallucinating?

Wanqiu Xia rubbed her eyes and when she looked again, she discovered that her eyes were alright. Qingfeng was kissing Xue Lin with his arms around her waist.

"Li, Li, Qingfeng Li, what are you doing with the CEO?" Wanqiu Xia asked while stuttering. Her beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

Xue Lin was the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation and the number one icy beauty of Eastern Sea City. She was the goddess of all men. If anyone knew that the number one beauty was kissed by Qingfeng, he would become the public enemy of all men.

Qingfeng was shocked when he heard Wanqiu Xia’s voice. He quickly released Xue Lin. He was so absorbed in the kiss that he did not hear her. They were discovered by Wanqiu Xia.

After she was released, Xue Lin took deep breaths. She was clearly out of breath because of the kiss. However, she became panicked when she saw Wanqiu Xia’s stunned expression.

Shoot, they were discovered by Wanqiu Xia. Xue Lin was most afraid of anyone seeing them kissing but they were still discovered by Wanqiu Xia.

What to do, what to do, what should I do. Xue Lin’s mind whirled as she tried to find a solution.

She could not let the people of the company know about her relationship with Qingfeng. She needed to maintain her icy and mysterious persona so that the employees continued to fear her.

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