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Chapter 188: Killing Mosquito with Lips

Chapter 188: Killing Mosquito with Lips

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"Director Xia, why are you here? Why didn’t you knock before entering?" Qingfeng reacted quickly and instantly recovered from his panic. He retorted and questioned Wanqiu Xia why she didn't knock before entering.

Xue Lin was right next to him so he dared not refer to Wanqiu Xia as ‘Sister Xia’. He could only call her Director Xia.

"I knocked, but the two of you did not hear me. Qingfeng, what did you do to the CEO? I didn’t expect you to be a pervert who would harass the CEO," Wanqiu Xia said in defense. She then glared at Qingfeng and accused him of harassing the CEO.

She did not realize that her tone held a lace of jealousy; it was as if she thought that Qingfeng’s should be kissing her instead of Xue Lin.
Qingfeng’s expression changed when he heard Wanqiu Xia’s words.
He could not bear the accusations of harassing the CEO.

Furthermore, no one in the company must know that he had kissed Xue Lin or the situation would become difficult. Xue Lin’s expression also changed slightly. She had also realized the severity of the situation. They must not allow Wanqiu Xia to tell anyone what she had seen.

"Director Xia, there was a mosquito on the CEO’s lips. I used my lips to help her kill the mosquito," Qingfeng said righteously after thinking of an excuse.

His excuse was so lousy that Wanqiu Xia’s lips twitched. She was speechless. Do you take me for a fool? You can kill a mosquito with a mosquito swatter. Why would you use your lips?

Xue Lin was so speechless when she heard Qingfeng’s excuse that she wanted to kick him. They were in an office with air-conditioning.

Where would the mosquito come from? Even if there was a mosquito, it would be the big perverted mosquito Qingfeng.
But since Qingfeng had found an excuse, Xue Lin had to follow the excuse no matter how lousy it was. Their fates were tied together.
"Director Xia, there was a mosquito on my lips just now. Qingfeng used his lips to help me kills the mosquito. I don’t want anyone except the three of us to know this matter. Do you understand?" Xue Lin said lightly with a smile.

Wanqiu Xia’s lips twitched again when she heard the CEO’s words. She started to question her view on the world. Qingfeng was sprouting nonsense but how could the CEO sprout nonsense as well? Who would kill a mosquito with their lips?

But Xue Lin was the CEO of the company and Wanqiu Xia’s direct supervisor. Xue Lin was correct even if she said 1 + 1 =1.
There was nothing she could do. To continue to grow within the company, one had to remember that the supervisor’s words were always correct.

But truthfully, 1+1 could equal 1. For example, one flock of sheep plus one flock of sheep would equal to a bigger flock of sheep. Wanqiu Xia could only console herself in her heart that Qingfeng might be really using his lips to kill the mosquito on Xue Lin’s lips.
"President, you can rest assured. I will not mention anything to anyone," Wanqiu Xia assured with a nod.

It did not matter what the truth was as long as she listened to the CEO’s words. Wanqiu Xia became the Director of the Sales Department because she had a high IQ and EQ.

"Oh yeah, Director Xia, why did you run into the office in such a hurry? What happened?" Xue Lin asked with a frown.

She saw Wanqiu Xia ran into the office in an anxious manner. As the Director of the Sales Department, Wanqiu Xia was always dignified. Xue Lin had never seen her so anxious.

"CEO, a serious matter has happened." Wanqiu Xia frowned and regained her anxious demeanor.

"What happened? Speak slowly." Xue Lin gestured for Wanqiu Xia to sit down and ask her to speak slowly.

But Wanqiu Xia did not sit down. Instead, she looked at Qingfeng. The matter concerned the company secrets so she was unsure whether Qingfeng should be privy to it.

Even though she was close to Qingfeng and highly admired him, she was the Director of the company and needed to put the matters for the company first. Xue Lin quickly understood Wanqiu Xia’s concerns. She smiled and said," Qingfeng is not an outsider. You can speak. He won’t tell anyone."

Wanqiu Xia did not hesitate any longer after obtaining Xue Lin’s assurance. She said, "President, I just received news that a woman is accusing our company of selling fake jewelry. She wants to sue the company."

"What? Someone bought fake jewelry from our company and wants to sue the company?" Xue Lin’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Wanqiu Xia’s words and she stood up from her chair.
The most important thing for a company was its reputation. Now that someone had bought fake jewelry from the company, it could severely affect the company’s reputation.

Furthermore, the person wanted to sue the company. This would make everyone aware of the matter and would ruin the company.

"Director Xia, who sold the jewelry. Is it really fake?" Xue Lin quickly asked.

"President, the jade bracelet was sold by Xiaoyue Zhang last month. Xiaoyue Zhang told me that the jewelry she sold was an authentic product from the company. It could not be a fake,"Wanqiu Xia replied.

Xiaoyue Zhang sold it? Xue Lin was dazed for a moment. She had a faint impression of Xiaoyue Zhang. She seemed to be the girl that Qingfeng recommended to be the Sales team leader.

"Director Xia, we must first talk to the woman and come to an agreement with her. We must not let her sue the company or the reputation of the company would be ruined. You can offer her a compensation of double the original price."

Xue Lin thought for a moment and came up with a solution. No matter if the jewelry was real or fake, they must not allow the woman to sue the company. This matter would severely damage the reputation of the company if the matter was not resolved well.
"President, I have already contacted the woman. But she said that she does not want any compensation. She wants to sue the company," Wanqiu Xia said bitterly.

As the Director of the Sales Department, she naturally knew the severity of the situation. She thought of compensating the woman at the first is instant. She even offered to pay double the amount but the woman refused to accept the offer. Thus, she could only come and speak to the CEO.

"No, we cannot allow the woman to sue the company. Do you know the address of that woman? I will meet her personally," Xue Lin said as she furrowed her brows.

"President, she lives in Unit 1 of the first floor on Guang Wu Road in the Oak Bay Community." Wanqiu Xia revealed the address of the woman.

Guang Wu Road, Oak Bay Community?
Xue Lin’s frowned slightly when she heard the address. Oak Bay community was an affluent area where only rich people lived in. The woman who bought the jewelry must be rich.