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Chapter 189: The Weeping Xiaoyue Zhang

Chapter 189: The Weeping Xiaoyue Zhang

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Xue Lin felt that the matter was difficult. Similar to Noble Palace, Oak Bay Community was a high-end neighborhood. Everyone who lived there was affluent and well-known. An ordinary person would not be able to enter the neighborhood.

Rich people cared deeply about their reputation. If they bought a piece of fake jewelry, they would not give in easily.

"President, why don’t I go instead," Wanqiu Xia said when she heard the Xue Lin planned to visit the woman.

She was the Sales Director of the company. It should be her responsibility to visit the woman. How could she let the CEO do it?

"No, this is a very serious matter. Furthermore, those who live in the Oak Bay Community are all very rich. They must be multimillionaires or billionaires. It would not work if you went. I need to go personally."

Xue Lin shook her head and declined Wanqiu Xia’s offer. She needed to go personally.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He felt that there was something fishy about the matter. His instinct as Wolf King told him that this was a conspiracy against the Ice Snow Corporation and Xue Lin.
"President, let me go with you. I can drive you," Qingfeng said with a slight smile.

"Alright, you can come with me. Ask Xiaoyue Zhang to come along. She is more familiar with the jewelry since she sold it." Xue Lin nodded and agreed to Qingfeng’s offer. She also asked for Xiaoyue Zhang to come along.

Qingfeng nodded and went to find Xiaoyue Zhang in the Sales Department. Meanwhile, Xue Lin packed her things and prepared to leave.

Wu Wu Wu~

Xiaoyue Zhang sobbed with her head on the table. She was extremely sad because she knew that a woman had bought fake jewelry from her and was going to sue the company. She was very upset. She knew that the jewelry she sold was authentic and manufactured by the company. It could not be fake. She was framed.

"I can’t believe Xiaoyue Zhang would sell fake jewelry."

"Have you heard? The customer who bought the fake jewelry is going to sue our company. Many people have already heard about it."

"Sigh, the reputation of our company is done then. It’s all Xiaoyue Zhang’s fault. Why did she sell fake jewelry?"

The employees of the Sales Department discussed animatedly and blamed Xiaoyue Zhang for selling fake jewelry. Xiaoyue Zhang not only represented herself, she also represented the Sales Department.
Since she sold fake jewelry and brought damages to the company, the year-end bonus of the entire Sales Department could be canceled. Her actions affected the interest of everyone. Naturally, they were all upset at Xiaoyue Zhang.

When she heard the accusations of the surrounding people, Xiaoyue Zhang sobbed even harder.

Qingfeng had just walked into the Sales Department when he heard the criticism of the other employees. He angrily said, "Shut up! Did you guys see Xiaoyue Zhang selling fake jewelry?"

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard Qingfeng’s words. But some employees were still not convinced and said, "Qingfeng, we all respect you deeply. You rescued the kidnapped children and just obtained the "Outstanding Citizen" award. But you cannot find excuses for Xiaoyue Zhang’s mistake."

The employees of the Sales Department deeply respected Qingfeng and did not want to get on his wrong side. After all, he was dining with the Director that evening.

But they were unwilling to let Xiaoyue Zhang go so easily. They were upset that their year-end bonuses, which were worth up to 10,000 Yuan, could be canceled because of her.

"Let me tell you, I don’t believe Xiaoyue Zhang would sell fake jewelry. I believe that she was framed. I will prove her innocence," Qingfeng said coldly as he looked at the employees of the Sales Department.

In his heart, Xiaoyue Zhang was a good girl. She was the second girl he met when he arrived at the company.

Xiaoyue Zhang had taught Qingfeng many things. She took care of him during work and even treated him to dinner. She treated him very well. He did not believe Xiaoyue Zhang would sell fake jewelry.
"Big brother Li, do you really believe me?" Xiaoyue Zhang nervously asked when she heard Qingfeng supporting and believing her.
Qingfeng’s heart ached when he saw Xiaoyue Zhang’s tears. He walked towards her and brushed away her tears and said, "I believe you. I believe you are a good girl who would not sell fake jewelry."
"Thank you, big brother Li," Xiaoyue Zhang said with gratitude. Li was the first person who believed that she would not sell fake jewelry.

"Sister Xiaoyue, don’t cry. I will find justice for you and prove your innocence," Qingfeng comforted her with a slight smile.
He really liked the innocent and cute Xiaoyue. Naturally, he would not allow for her to be bullied.

"Thank you, Li. Did you have any matter?"

"Sister Xiaoyue, the CEO asked me to find you. We are going to find the woman who bought the jewelry and see if she is willing to withdraw the lawsuit."

"Big brother Li, I’ve tried but the woman refuses to withdraw the lawsuit."

"Sister Xiaoyue, the CEO is waiting for us downstairs. Let’s go, we will go and meet this woman," Qingfeng said with a faint smile as he walked downstairs with Xiaoyue Zhang.

At the moment, Xue Lin stood next to the BMW and waited for their arrival.

Xiaoyue Zhang walked quickly towards Xue Lin when she saw her and said, "CEO, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. I have brought trouble to the company."

"It’s okay. This is not your fault. You sold the jewelry of the company. Even if it was fake, the fault lies with the company. Moreover, I do not believe that the company would manufacture fake jewelry," Xue Lin said while comforting her with a smile.
Xiaoyue Zhang was extremely touched when she heard the CEO’s words. She initially thought that the CEO would blame her. She did not expect the CEO to comfort her instead.

"Thank you, President," Xiaoyue Zhang thanked sincerely with a bow.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, you do not need to thank me. You are an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. I would not let my employees suffer any wrongs. Let’s go. Let’s meet the woman who bought the jewelry," Xue Lin said with a slight smile as she got onto the passenger seat.

Xue Lin was very protective of the employees of the company, which had won her the respect of all the employees.
Qingfeng opened the door and asked Xiaoyue Zhang to sit in the backseat. He stepped into the driver’s seat and drove the car.
He turned the key, stepped on the gas pedal and turned the steering wheel.


The BMW let out a roar and drove towards Oak Bay Community.
After a while, they arrived at Oak Bay Community. Qingfeng had just parked the car when he saw a familiar face. It was Young Master Zhang.

"Brother Feng, why are you here?" Young Master Zhang asked with surprise when he saw Qingfeng.

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