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Chapter 190: The Malicious Ting Chen

Chapter 190: The Malicious Ting Chen

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"Young Master Zhang, I’m here to resolve a matter," Qingfeng said with a slight smile.

He almost forgot that Young Master Zhang lived in Oak Bay Community. Young Master Zhang lived on the third floor of unit number 1. Qingfeng had visited his home to heal him.
What? Young Master Zhang referred to Qingfeng as ‘Brother Li’? Xue Lin was stunned and confused.

Without a doubt, Xue Lin has heard of Young Master Zhang. He was one of the four young masters of Eastern Sea City. He came from the Zhang family which was one of the four big families of Eastern Sea City. He was a true second-generation of the rich.

The second generation of the rich big families were all prideful and did not respect ordinary people. But now, the Young Master of one of the four big families referred to Qingfeng as ‘Brother Li’. His attitude was so warm as well. If Xue Lin did not personally hear his words, she would not have believed it.

"Brother Li, I am very familiar with the Oak Bay Community since I live here. If you have any matters, you can tell me. I will help you," Young Master Zhang said proudly as he patted his chest.

He felt guilty that he had always asked for Brother Li’s help but had not been of much help. Now that he could help Qingfeng, he must help him. He deeply respected Qingfeng from the bottom of his heart.

Qingfeng’s eyes brightened at Young Master Zhang’s words. He still did not know who lived in the first floor of the number 1 unit. Since Young Master Zhang lived in the area, maybe he would know who lived in the unit.

It would make things easier if they knew the identity of the woman who bought the jewelry. Xue Lin’s problems were his problems. Naturally, he needed to consider things for his wife.

At that thought, Qingfeng smiled faintly and asked," Young Master Zhang, do you know who lives in the first floor of number 1 unit?"
The first floor of unit number 1?

Young Master Zhang frowned and said, "Brother Li, Young Master Chen used to live there but he moved out a few days ago. I don’t know who lives there now."

"You’re saying that Young Master Chen used to live on the first floor? The one who is one of the four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City?"

"Yes, Brother Li. The guy you met at the Banquet."

"What a Young Master Chen. I did not think that it would be you," Qingfeng smiled coldly. A flash of coldness crossed his eyes.
Qingfeng had a deep impression of Young Master Chen. This fellow had tried to court Xue Lin but he later taught him a lesson at the Charity Banquet.

Qingfeng initially thought that this was a conspiracy. Now that he heard that Young Master Chen used to live here, he was even more certain that this was a conspiracy.

The reason was simple. Young Master Chen resented Xue Lin and him. He wanted revenge against Xue Lin and Ice Snow Corporation. He must have instructed the woman who bought the jewelry.
Xue Lin was very clever as well and also realized that this must be a conspiracy.

But even if it was a conspiracy, she still needed to meet this woman and see who she was.

"Let’s go and meet this woman," Xue Lin said as she led the way towards the first floor of the number one unit.

Young Master Zhang was Qingfeng’s lackey so he naturally followed behind them to see if there was anything he could help with. One had to admit that the design of Oak Bay Community was very luxurious. Within the community, there were lots of grass, a fountain, a fake mountain and even an outdoor pool.

After a while, they arrived on the first floor of the number one unit.
Xue Lin was about to knock on the door when she was stopped by Qingfeng. He said, "President, as for hard work like knocking, let me do it instead."

Knock Knock Knock~

Qingfeng reached out his right hand and knocked on the golden door three times.


The door opened and a woman in a green dress walked out. The woman was pretty with snow-white skin and a sexy body. She was quite attractive but could not be compared to Xue Lin. The biggest fear of a beautiful woman was to meet another beautiful woman. All woman would look plain when they stood next to Xue Lin. Of course, Ruyan Liu was an exception. Ruyan Liu was as beautiful as Xue Lin.

The woman in the room was none other than Young Master Chen’s young sister, Ting Chen.

"It is you?" Ting Chen’s expression changed when she saw Qingfeng.
Ting Chen greatly despised Qingfeng because he called her a dinosaur and slapped her at the Charity Banquet. He embarrassed her greatly.

After that, Qingfeng became her enemy. She has been trying to find a way to seek revenge on Qingfeng.

She knew that Qingfeng was highly skilled in combat and she was no match for him. Thus, she could only secretly seek revenge.
Ting Chen reached out her right hand and prepared to shut the door in their faces. But Qingfeng quickly saw her motive.

He blocked the door with his right leg so that Ting Chen could not shut the door. He then lightly said, "Miss Ting Chen, since we are already here, why don’t you invite us in?"

Ting Chen was so angry that she laughed when she heard Qingfeng’s words. She coldly said, "Qingfeng, we are enemies. Why would I let you into my home?"

"Okay, we won’t enter your home. But let me ask you, you must be the one who bought the fake jewelry. I hope that you can withdraw the lawsuit against the company."

He had no interest in entering Ting Chen’s home. He was more concerned that she withdrew the lawsuit against the company. Everything else was secondary.

"Withdraw the lawsuit? You can forget about it. Your company sold fake jewelry. I am going to sue you until the reputation of the company is trash and the company goes bankrupt. I want you to become penniless."

Even though she was quite attractive, her words were extremely malicious. She not only wanted Ice Snow Corporation to become bankrupt, she also wanted Qingfeng to become penniless.
Qingfeng, Xue Lin, Xiaoyue Zhang and even Young Master Zhang’s faces were filled with anger when they heard Ting Chen’s malicious words.


Xue Lin took a deep breath and repressed the anger in her heart. She said coldly, "Ms. Ting Chen, let me ask you. How much did you buy the jewelry for?"

"President Lin, I bought it for 50,000 Yuan," Ting Chen said lightly. She clearly recognized Xue Lin but did not care.

"Ms. Ting Chen, if you withdraw the suit, I will give you double the amount that you paid. I will give you 1,000,000 Yuan as compensation."

"1,000,000 Yuan. CEO Lin, do you think I am a beggar?"

"If you think that is too little, I can increase the amount to 2,000,000 Yuan. That is quadruple the amount that you had paid"

"No, I will not withdraw the suit. You can give up trying to convince me," Ting Chen smiled coldly with disdain.

This was not a matter of money. Her motive was to destroy the Ice Snow Corporation and to seek revenge on Qingfeng and Xue Lin.
If the Ice Snow Corporation became bankrupt and Qingfeng ended up on the streets, Ting Chen could walk up to him and humiliate him.