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Chapter 191: Xue Lin is Furious

Chapter 191: Xue Lin is Furious

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Xue Lin was furious at Ting Chen’s words. A flash of anger appeared on her beautiful face. She knew that this woman was intentionally targeting the Ice Snow Corporation. Especially, Qingfeng and herself.

Since Ting Chen refused the compensation, Xue Lin could only try and think of another solution. She could not stand aside and watch the reputation of the company be ruined.

"Ms. Chen, since you claim that the jade bracelet you bought from the company is fake, please take it out. I need to see if it is really fake," Xue Lin said with a smile.

Xue Lin’s words hit the nail on the head. Since you claimed that you bought fake jewelry from our company, you need to show us the jewelry. Ting Chen frowned when she heard Xue Lin’s words. She coldly replied, "How can I show it to you when the jade bracelet is not with me?"

Ting Chen and her brother had already predicted that Xue Lin would visit them to investigate the bracelet. Thus, they had already moved the bracelet to another location.

Xue Lin smiled coldly. She was deeply angered by Ting Chen’s shameless actions. She realized that Ting Chen was determined to bring them down. She had already thought of countermove.

"Ms. Ting Chen, if you cannot show us the bracelet, I can only say that you are guilty. Perhaps the company sold an authentic piece and you replaced it with a fake piece to frame the company. I can sue you for defamation," Xue Lin said coldly with a smile.

Xue Lin’s reputation as the Queen of Business was well deserved. She became the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation because of her skills and competence. If Ting Chen could not provide the bracelet, there would be no evidence to establish the case. She could sue Ting Chen for defamation.

"Truthfully, the jade bracelet is not with me. I have already submitted it to the Antique Association. The Antique Association is organizing the "Antique King Competition". The jade bracelet I bought will be one of the pieces authenticated," Ting Chen said lightly.

Her words were light but they were a shock to Xue Lin. Her face became instantly pale. Ting Chen was so wicked! How could she submit the jade bracelet to the Antique King Competition? Xue Lin glared coldly at Ting Chen. She was tempted to slap her.

"President, what is this competition?" Qingfeng asked when he saw Xue Lin’s pale face.

He had just arrived at Eastern Sea City so he was not very familiar with the events of the City.

Xue Lin smiled bitterly and said, "The Eastern Sea City Antique Association organizes an "Antique King Competition’ every year. All the elites and public figures will attend the event. During the competition, the person who authenticates the most amount of antiques and jewelry will be named the ‘King of Antiques."

Qingfeng finally understood the competition after Xue Lin’s explanation. To put it plainly, it was a competition where some antiques and jewelry would be authenticated in front of high officials, CEOs, and public figures.

Qingfeng finally understood the maliciousness of Ting Chen. She submitted the jewelry she bought from Ice Snow Corporation to the Antique Competition. If the people at the competition determined that the jewelry was fake, everyone in Eastern Sea City would believe that the Ice Snow Corporation sold fake jewelry. The company would be abandoned by its customers.

Qingfeng believed that the jewelry the company sold were authentic. However, Ting Chen must have switched the authentic jewelry for a fake piece before submitting it to the Antique Competition. The reputation of the company would be ruined if things went with her plans.

Young Master Chen and Ting Chen were so malicious. They truly wanted to ruin the company.

Xue Lin’s face was ghastly pale. Her body swayed and she almost fell when she thought of the disaster awaiting the company. Thankfully, Qingfeng held her in time.

"President, since the jade bracelet is not here, let’s go." Qingfeng’s heart ached slightly when he saw Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s mind of in a daze. She nodded and said, "Yes, let’s go. It seems like Ting Chen is determined to screw us over."

Xue Lin naturally knew of Ting Chen. She was the Young Mistress of the Chen Corporation. Chen Corporation was one of the four big families of Eastern Sea City. The multi-billion company was much bigger than the Ice Snow Corporation. It was very easy for them to screw over the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Tsk, tsk. You can’t even take such a small hit. Let me tell you, your company will be utterly discredited at the competition tomorrow," Ting Chen said excitedly after she saw Xue Lin’s pale face.


Qingfeng slapped Ting Chen heavily. Her face became swollen and there was a clear handprint on her face.

"Qingfeng, you bastard! How dare you hit me?" Ting Chen said furiously as she held onto her swollen face.

Her face was hit by Qingfeng again. She hated Qingfeng.


Qingfeng slapped her again after hearing her insults. Ting Chen was dazed and dizzy.

This woman almost made his wife, Xue Lin, pass out from anger. She deserved to be hit. Naturally, Qingfeng would not hold back.

Ting Chen looked darkly at Qingfeng but dared not insult him again. She knew that Qingfeng would slap her again if she insulted him.

"Let’s go, President," Qingfeng held onto Xue Lin and left with Xiaoyue Zhang and Young Master Zhang.

"Qingfeng, you will die a horrible death," Ting Chen said maliciously as she looked at Qingfeng.

She closed the door and angrily said, "Come out. How long do you plan on hiding?"

A handsome young man walked out from the bedroom. He had a high nose bridge and deep cut features. He wore an Armani suit and a Vancheron Constantin watch. The young man was none other than Young Master Chen. He was hiding in the bedroom just now.

"Big brother, why didn’t you come out and teach Qingfeng a lesson just now? He just slapped me," Ting Chen asked angrily as she held onto her swollen face.

She was very upset with her brother. He must have heard that she was hit by Qingfeng but continued to hide in the bedroom. He did not try to help her.

"Little sister Ting, you already know that that fellow is very strong. I suffered a beating from him at the Charity Banquet. I already told you that we cannot win him in combat. However, we can frame him, like what we did this time," Young Master Chen said lightly as he shook his head.

Faced with his sister’s anger, Young Master Chen was not angry at all; he seemed uncaring.

Ting Chen knew that her brother was right. Even if he came out, he would only have been slapped by Qingfeng. But she was still upset.

"Little sister Ting, don’t be upset. After the Antique Competition tomorrow, the Ice Snow Corporation will be utterly discredited. They will become bankrupt and Qingfeng will be an outcast," Young Master Chen said comfortingly while patting her shoulder.

"Hmph. Brother, I want you to find someone to break all his limbs. I want him to wish he was dead," Ting Chen said maliciously.

"Alright. I hate that fellow too. I will find someone to teach him a lesson and break his limbs." Young Master Chen frowned and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

Truthfully, Young Master Chen planned to find someone to teach Qingfeng a lesson after the Charity Banquet but he was stopped by the Tiger King and Panther King. They said that no one was a match for Qingfeng.

The Tiger King and the Panther King were the Kings of Tiger Continent and Panther Continent respectively. Young Master Chen dared not disobey their commands. But this time, Young Master Chen decided to secretly hire someone to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

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