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Chapter 192: Honey, Don“t Worry

Chapter 192: Honey, Don't Worry

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Xue Lin, Qingfeng and Xiaoyue Zhang’s faces were all upset when they left Ting Chen’s house. The matter concerned the reputation of the company and affected all of them.

"Brother Feng, I have a friend who is a member of the Antique Association. Should I ask him for help?" Young Master Zhang said to Qingfeng.

From Ting Chen’s words, he has understood that Ting Chen wanted Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation to be destroyed. Her intentions were very malicious. Since Brother Feng was an employee of the company, he naturally had to consider things for him.

"It’s okay. I can handle this problem. I’m going to go. See you later," Qingfeng waved his hand and indicated that he did not need Young Master Zhang’s help.

He sat in the driver’s seat, stepped on the accelerator, steered the wheel and drove Xue Lin and Xiaoyue Zhang back to the Ice Snow Corporation.

When they were back at Ice Snow Corporation, Qingfeng asked Xiaoyue Zhang to go to back to work. As for himself, he followed Xue Lin to her office.

CEO office.

Xue Lin’s face was ghastly pace and her eyes were dull. Clearly, she was worried about the Antique Competition tomorrow. However, there was nothing she could do.

"Wife, don’t worry," Qingfeng said with a comforting smile.

When there was no one around, he referred to Xue Lin as his wife. He would only call her "President" when there was somebody around.

Xue Lin smiled bitterly when she heard Qingfeng’s words and said, "How can I not be worried. Ting Chen must have switched the jewelry we sold to her. She is going to bring a fake piece to the Antique Competition and embarrass the company. She wants to ruin the reputation of the company."

Qingfeng naturally knew of Xue Lin’s worries. He said with a light smile, "Wife, did you forget who the President of the Antique Association is?"

President of the Antique Association?

Xue Lin frowned and suddenly slapped her forehead. Her eyes were bright with realization and she said, "How could I forget? The President of the Antique Association is Yunchang Xu. He just became an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation."

Xue Lin’s face was filled with excitement when she thought of Yunchang Xu. She was so worried about the Antique Competition tomorrow that she had forgotten about the President of the Antique Association. He had just been invited by Qingfeng to Ice Snow Corporation.

"Dear, you’re the best. Call President Xu quickly. I will ask him how we should solve this problem," Xue Lin said excitedly as the blood returned to face.

She knew that Yunchang Xu was the judge of the Antique Competition. As long as they had him, there would still be hope for Ice Snow Corporation.

"Rest assured, wife. I will call President Xu right now." Qingfeng smiled slightly as he turned to find Yunchang Xu.

After a while, Yunchang Xu was brought by Qingfeng to the CEO’s office.

Even though his hair was white, his eyes were bright with vigor. He looked to be healthy and in fine spirits.

"Please have a seat, President Xu." Xue Lin nervously stood and gave up her seat when she saw Yunchang Xu.

She knew that Yunchang Xu did not agree to become a designer of Ice Snow Corporation because of her. It was because of Qingfeng.

Xue Lin deeply respected Yunchang Xu. She did not dare to put her status on the table in front of him. Furthermore, she had a favor to ask so she had to have a good attitude.

Yunchang Xu smiled faintly and sat on the seat. He asked, "President Lin, what is the matter?"

"President Xu, it’s like this, we sold a piece of jewelry to Ting Chen. She said that the jewelry is fake and submitted it to the Antique Association. She requested for it to be authenticated at the Antique Competition tomorrow…" Xue Lin poured Yunchang Xu a cup of tea as she narrated the happenings.

Yunchang Xu furrowed his brows after he heard Xue Lin’s words. He said, "President Lin, I believe that the jewelry that your companies sell is authentic. However, the jewelry might have been meddled with by Ting Chen. Now that the jewelry is at the Antique Association, there is nothing I can do."

"President Xu, you are the President of the Antique Association. Is there really nothing you can do?"

"President Lin, I am only the honorary President of the Antique Association. Because of my age, I have already retired a while ago. Everything is now managed by the Vice-President, Shuqing Song. The jewelry is also kept by him."

He had retired from the Antique Association a month ago. He was only the honorary President and no longer held any internal responsibilities within the Association.

Qingfeng frowned when he heard Shuqing Song’s name. He knew it was the same man who had gifted Yunchang Xu with the fake bamboo teapot and caused Yunchang Xu to be deeply ill.

Even though Qingfeng had never met Shuqing Song, but he instinctively did not trust him.

"President Xu, what should we do then?" Xue Lin’s expression changed when she realized the difficulty of the situation.

She initially thought that the problem would be solved after inviting Yunchang Xu. But it seemed like things were not so simple. The person who managed the affairs of the Antique Association turned out to be the Vice-President Shuqing Song.

Yunchang Xu stroked his beard and said lightly, "There is another way to resolve this issue."

"President Xu, what solution?" Xue Lin said anxiously.

"The solution is very simple. You can find someone to participate in the Antique Competition."

"President Xu, one needs to have highly specialized knowledge to authenticate antiques. There is no one with those talents in the company."

"He He…President Lin, you have someone with those talents by your side. You have just not discovered them."

"I really don't know who you are referring to. Could you tell me?"

"He is right in front of you," Yunchang Xu said with a smile as he glanced at Qingfeng.

Xue Lin followed Yunchang Xu’s gaze and immediately saw Qingfeng. She said in surprise, "Director Xu, the genius you are talking about is Qingfeng?"

"Yes, it is Qingfeng. He is highly knowledgeable about antiques. He is a true genius," Yunchang Xu praised.

It was apparent from his tone that he highly regarded Qingfeng.

Qingfeng has surprised Yunchang Xu three times. The first was when Qingfeng discovered the Phoenix Jade pendant during the Charity Banquet. The second time was at the jade marketplace where he discovered the Emperor Jade. The third time was when he discovered that the bamboo teapot was a fake at Yunchang Xu’s home.

The bamboo teapot was a gift for his nephew’s marriage proposal gift to Xiuling Xu from Shuqing Song. Even Yunchang Xu did not recognize that it was fake. But Qingfeng could tell that the teapot was fake. Thus, Yunchang Xu highly regarded Qingfeng.

To be honest, Xue Lin was skeptical when she heard that Qingfeng was an antique genius.

She believed that Qingfeng was highly skilled in combat, medical skills, and cooking.

But to be knowledgeable about antiques, one had to have technical knowledge and years of learning. Qingfeng was only an ordinary employee. How would he know so much?

But since Yunchang Xu said that Qingfeng was an antique genius, Xue Lin decided to believe him this time.